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Brother watches, obsesses, falls in love.

I strode over to the counter and slammed the video cassette case down on the counter.

"How much!" I demanded.

"Excuse me miss! These customers were here first!" the proprietor huffed.

The fat balding guy and his equally fat, lank-haired wife looked me up and down lasciviously.

"Nah. Let the frat chick buy her video man," the guy said.

"Hey honey; if you wanna play we are into threesomes," he nodded at the cassette cover.

"How much," I said to the clerk, a little more conciliatory this time.

"Fifteen bucks plus tax," he replied and opened a huge drawer full of tapes. Selected one and slammed it in the cover.

I ignored the fat couple and slapped a twenty on the counter and then snatched up my change and the VHS tape. I spun on my heels and walked out.

"Hey miss prissy; if you ever change your mind you know where you can find us," the fat guy called after me.

I was seething with anger as I stormed home and when I got there I slammed the tape into my VCR and hit play. I snatched my bottle of bourbon off the counter, flicked off the screw-cap and drank deeply as I fast forwarded the tape through the movie trailers and the title credits. When the name Tina Morecock scrolled up the screen I pressed play.

"Fucking bitch!" I wailed.

Halfway through the movie at the scene where Tina was being gangbanged by the bikers I couldn't watch it anymore and I froze it and curled up in a ball on the carpet, hugging the half-drunk bottle.

That was how Tina found me about half an hour later.

She looked at the screen and paled and then she looked at me. I began to sob.

"I can explain Sarah. You don't know what its like being me," she whispered.

I shook my head; tears flying from my face.

Tina turned, walked to the door and left. And that was that. Until...

A telegram arrived about three months later; about a week before my birthday.

'Regret to inform you of the passing of Amanda Grayson. Funeral will be held on the 3rd of this month with will reading next day. Please attend if you possibly can. My sympathy and love are with you at this painful time.'

There was no indication of whom it was from. Once I had recovered from the shock I figured it had to be Sloane; who else could it be?

Tina picked up the phone on the second ring.

"Amanda died," was all I could utter around my uncontrollable sobs.

Tina arrived at my apartment thirty minutes later. She let herself in and said nothing. She took me over to the bed, lay next me, and held me while I cried. I wept my heart out for the best part of an hour then I looked up at her perfect face through tear-rimmed eyes.

"I have no one else to turn to," I whimpered.

"I know babe," she stroked my forehead.

"Will you come to the funeral with me?" I begged her.

"Of course I will," she smiled at me wanly.

We flew to Austin and rented a car; on the plane we didn't say much but we did hold hands whenever I had a crying jag. The jags were becoming less frequent and I was starting to think better. I was still at a loss as to who had sent the telegram and how they knew where I was, I could only think that Sloane had somehow tracked me down. I was also now thinking about how I was going to play things when I arrived home.

It was time to tell Tina the truth. We picked up a cheap rental at Austin airport and hit the road.

"I didn't tell you everything," I whispered to Tina as we left the city and hit the freeway.

"Well yeah? As if I'm not also guilty of that," Tina gave me a genuine smile for the first time since I asked her for help.

I found that telling the truth while driving the car was easier; I didn't have to look at Tina nor could I become too emotional because I was concentrating on the road.

"My upbringing wasn't quite the flowery tale I told you. Yes I was raised as girl from the time I went to live with Amanda and Sloane but it wasn't happy families."

First I told her about my devotion to Sloane and how as we grew older Sloane became jealous and vindictive.

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