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Homeless fucks the Gothic Daughter.

He then pulled her down on to his tongue.

"You can't stop me that easily," Hannah breathed.

She dropped the padlock between his legs and by the time she had retrieved it, the cage was no longer in place. After a few seconds of being completely lost in her own thoughts, Hannah refocused and tried to push the cage over his erect cock.

She gently, but firmly pushed it into place, she was desperate lock him up before her next orgasm. It was in place, just. She was breathing harder, oh God. She slipped the padlock through and snapped it shut just in time. She threw the key across the room and into the bathroom as she collapsed down on to his legs.

Hannah rolled on to her side and slid her head between Tom's muscular thighs so that she could admire the cage from all angles.

"Nice try," she panted as she slipped the heavy steel cage into her mouth.

It was Tom's turn to moan, even inside the cage, her mouth could do amazing things.

"OK, let's go again," he breathed.

"Too late for you," Hannah replied kissing the cage.

Tom lay back and relaxed, that was fine with him, she had done more than enough for now. He thought about earlier in the cellar and a smile came across his face.

"Hannah, you must be the world's worst medieval jailer, letting your prisoner escape just because you wanted to make out with him."

Hannah wrapped her thighs around his neck and tightened.

"You're still in my custody."

"But I know your weakness, I can escape anything."

"You're very cocky for a condemned man who's lost his freedom and is about to be incarcerated in a dungeon."

"Do I get any special privileges?"

"Nope! Maximum security from here on, and the guards are pretty sadistic."

Tom smiled to himself as he kissed the inside of the woman's thighs.

"Where is the key to open these?" Tom pulled against her legs.

"No key, just the mind of a crazy woman."

"Piece of cake."

She squeezed harder, it felt nice between her legs. She was in no rush, neither was he.

Tom and Hannah ate lunch together on a picnic rug on the lawn outside the front of the house. In line with their role play, Hannah had locked his wrists, ankles and waist in high security transport restraints, with the cuffs locked a little too tightly as usual.

Tom was wearing only black silk boxers, while Hannah was in short pink cotton shorts and tight white t-shirt. Due to the restraints, Hannah pretty much had to feed him, but given that she couldn't keep her hands off him, it wasn't an onerous task.

Tom lay on his back with Hannah's head resting on his chest, looking up at the blue sky and a couple of birds that seemed to be playing together over the cliff.

"As free as a bird," Tom said as he watched.

"Mmm, just like you aren't," Hannah replied.

"They don't know what they're missing."

"You're my little bird in a cage," Hannah said as she gently bit his lip.

"Unless I escape."

"I'd like to see you try..."

Tom took the bait, rolled on to his front and struggled to his feet. Hannah sat on the rug laughing as he hobbled off as quickly as the four inch ankle chain would allow. She jumped up and quickly overtook him and stood blocking his way, her hands on her hips.

"Nice try, but I'm afraid attempted escape carried serious penalties."

Tom smiled and raised his eyebrows suggestively as Hannah unzipped his fly. However, unfortunately for Tom, she then took hold of his chastity cage and used it to lead him back to the house. Despite his stronger physique, he followed every move made by the slim five six brunette.

"Still thinking of escape?"

They looked at each other as she slowly led him back to the house and down to the basement. Hannah watched the muscular athlete hobble slowly and helplessly behind her. Tom, meanwhile, was focused on Hannah's cute butt moving in her pink shorts.

Why had he been so tired earlier? He would give anything to make love to her again right now, but he knew she wouldn't allow that.

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