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Sarah and Robin Hood's not so little John.

A razor sharp black point pushed through the smooth skin of her inward finger until a second growth joined the first.

Claws, she thought, remembering the beast that had slashed through her armor. It had claws just like this. But, that's impossible. That's...

A third claw tore through her outward finger and she gripped her left wrist to stead the hand, gasping through compressed lips against the pain. Before the third claw finished, a fourth sliced open her sideward finger.

It hit her then. The thing had infected her with something. Her earpiece was keyed to her genetic code and it began cutting out after it had cut into her. And her ship had warned her off because it didn't recognize her anymore. It was changing her. Its poison had infected her and was changing her on a genetic level.

"No," she said, out loud. "No. This can't. Nothing here can do this. They checked. They checked they checked they checked-"

A crawling sensation along the back of her hand made her look down. Small hairs pushed through her skin. Her people had trace bits of her along their shoulders and neck and sometimes their scalp but she'd never seen anything like this. They'd been effectively hairless since their recorded history. Now, as she watched silver hairs grew from the back of her hands and around her wrist. A similar sensation rolled along her back near where the creature had slashed at her and she moaned, shivering at the sensation.

H'plita leaned forward, clawed left hand digging into the cool earth. Her stomach heaved and she vomited. Her throat and chest burned but she wasn't entirely sure it was because of the vomit. Black claws burst forth from her right hand, pushing into the dark dirt. Hairs grew along the smooth flesh of her right hand and down to her wrist, thickening until the back of her hand was completely covered. She knelt and looked at herself, breathing rapidly. The dark skin around the edge of the palm of her hand darkened further into pure black. The skin cracked and puffed out away from her palm. She'd seen the same growth on private animals at the observatories on her home world. On animals.

The light in the clearing suddenly cut off and the ensuing darkness was near complete. H'plita blinked at the sudden lack of light. The ship is leaving, her mind whispered to her. Sweat poured from above her eyes and she moaned as her armor constricted around her. Her nostril flaps flared and rich scents flooded her senses. She could smell blood in her vomit and along her body. The earth gave off a pungent odor that did nothing to hide the smell of small animals. Her jaw ached. Running her long tongue along her teeth, she felt gaps near the front of her mouth. And tasted blood. She moaned at the taste of it and the sound came out deeper than it should have.

A growl.

Sharp points pressed through her gum line, pricking at her tongue. Three sharp points pushed out and, as she tested them, two more of her teeth cracked and fell out by the roots. More blood filled her mouth and she swallowed before she could stop herself. H'plita gagged at the rich, copper taste but it filled her with a sense of... something that she'd never felt before. She closed her eyes as her tongue licked around her lips, cleaning herself of the blood that had dripped from her mouth.
H'plita fell to her hands again, flexing the length of her body as her armor cut into her flesh. She leaned back and tore at the straps, pieces of hard alloy falling around her. She wore a plain black skinsuit beneath the armor. When she'd finished disengaging the armor's leg pieces, she kicked away from them.

More cracking sounds came from her jaw and the young woman turned her head to spit the teeth that had fallen out. Before she could, she swallowed again and moaned. Her hands roamed her body, clawing at the fabric holding her. She burned in the light outfit. Wisps of steam rolled from her body in the cool night air.

Something tugged at her mind.

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