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He has a threesome with cousin & sister-in-law.

When he said he would take it from anyone I decided to make a move. I pointedly rubbed my own hard cock and told him how glad I was his sister was coming over that evening, then moved my hand over and asked him what he was going to do as I squeezed the hard lump in his pants.

Roy tensed and sat straight up. At first I thought he was going to bolt for the door or take a swing at me but as I continued to squeeze his cock he leaned back on the couch and then turn slightly pointing his cock in my direction.

Staring at him I rhetorically asked how bad can it be to suck a cock, some girls seem to love it. I went on to tell him that I had tasted cum before and it wasn't bad. I could see the shocked look on his face and went on to explain that some girls love to get eaten after they are fucked and I like to do that for them. His sister loved it all the time. Roy seemed content to just lie back there and let me rub his cock at that point, enjoying the feel of my hand on his crotch.

As I pulled the zipper down on his jeans and opened the button I asked if he would like to have his cock sucked. Rather than answer he just lifted his hips, pushing his cock towards me. I open his pants and pulled his underwear down over his cock, 6" of fat meat, wet and slimy with precum slid into my hand. I really enjoyed hearing his groan as I stroked his cock and then leaned over to take the head into my mouth. He lifted his hips and drove his cock into my mouth, making me swallow most of it. I pushed his hips back down and started sucking his cock quickly. In a matter of a few minutes I could feel the head swell, the shaft grow thicker and harder and the vein start to pulse and taste his cum blast into my mouth. For the first time it was more cum than I could handle and as much as I swallowed more dripped out of my mouth and onto my beard. I kept sucking his cock until I could feel his body collapse back into the cushions.

Roy didn't move as I got up to wash the cum from my face and beard and was still laying there, eyes closed as I returned and started to wash up his cock and balls. When he finally open his eyes I asked if he was ok. He said he was great and had loved it and asked if I liked sucking his cock. I told him that yes I really liked it too and would do it again whenever he felt like it, if he felt like it. As he sat up he pointed to some cum that had dripped onto my shirt and said he would love to have me blow him again.

I stripped off my shirt and went to get another. As I returned to the living room Roy was still sitting on the couch, leafing through another magazine, pants still around his ankles, underwear pulled down and his cock out. He asked me not to put my shirt on and that I take my pants off too. Once stripped down I sat beside him as he leafed through the magazine. At first he just absently started stroking my cock slowly, rubbing his thumb over my head as he did. His own cock started to swell and jerk back to life so I started to stroke him as he stroked me. He kept reading his magazine, concentrating on pictures of men taking cocks up the ass as he did. Finally I asked if he wanted another blow job or to try something else. My heart was pounding in my chest as he asked if we could try this, showing me a picture of two guys fucking.

This was what I had wanted all along but at the same time I was worried about how badly it would hurt and if I would really enjoy it at all. I hesitated a little than told him we could try, but slowly at first and he would have to stop anytime it became to uncomfortable for me. I could feel his cock jerk hard in my hand at that and knew he was excited by the idea of fucking my ass. I then went into the bathroom and lubed my ass with vaseline then went out and greased up his hard cock. Explaining that I wanted to see his face I lay on the floor with my legs up waiting for him.

I held my legs up as Roy started to rub the head of his cock against my ass, spreading the lube out.

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