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A sequel to "Spanking Karla".

She is completely lost in this new world of pleasure, as Theo puts to practice what he had so long ago read about the art of sensual massage. By the time, he gets to her inner thighs her pleasure is already turning into pure torture. She is enjoying the massage but the ache in her pussy is now assuming a mind bending proportion, her body language is clearly insinuating that she is ready to wear her pussy over his huge erection, but Theo carries on working his sensual touch into her calves, and finally into the soles of her feet.

By now, her pussy is so wet with juice running down her swollen lips over her perineum and down the crack of her ass onto the bed linen. Her womanly essence mixes with the exotic one of the massage oil. The mixture of smells pervades the air, further charging the atmosphere with high sexual energy.

As Theo turns her onto her back to continue his massage, she begs him... "Please baby, do not do this to me...please do not punish me any longer, just love me baby".

That said she reaches up to him, pulling him down to herself. In one fluid movement, she has him on his back and wastes no time in mounting him. She straddles his heaven-pointing erection, and slips the head into her pink wetness and slides down the entire length until he is completely buried in her pussy. As she feels his cock head kiss her cervix, she throws back her head and lets out a deep moan, suddenly a rush of ecstasy hits her like a thunderbolt, as her pussy walls instantly collapse around his girth, rippling over his manhood, massaging his entire length. Seizing the moment, he gently caresses her tits, rubbing her erect nipples with the flat of his palms.

As her orgasm subsides, she starts to react to his caress of her breasts. Her wetness is all over his cock, down his shaft, onto his crotch, and bathing his balls. The warmth of her juice fires his arousal to a new level. He begins to thrust up to her, and she responds by swaying her waist too. The humping assumes a faster pace as their shared hunger takes over.

"Oh baby, why did you ever leave me...? Why did you turn me into a sexual destitute?" He asks even as he drives his pulsing cock up her pussy.

Rather than answer his question she puts a finger to her pussy, soaking it in the wetness of their sex, and then placing it over his lips.... At that instant, he hits a magical note in their sexual orchestra. She throws back her head again and moans out loud; "Aghhhhhhhhh baby, yes....please don't stop. Oh, fuck yeah..."

She is humping away at him furiously, and without a care in the world.

"Oh sweet Lord!" She screams; "Oh baby, please sate my hunger". She starts to sob; "Oh baby quench my thirst plssssssssssssssssss!"

Theo reaches behind her ands grabs her ass, shoving it down over his questing dick and without thinking about it, he slips his finger through the wetness around her asshole deeper into her. She sighs deeply and her ass starts to buck.

He continues to finger fuck her ass even as she humps his dick. 'Dayum!' He thinks, feeling the pressure of his finger massaging his phallus through the walls of her pussy. The mind-blowing sensation transmitted directly to his brain, which is nearing total cum induced incoherence.

Their act of copulation assumes a momentum of its own and soon their individual energies coalesce, making them into a single sexual entity, existing at a higher plane. Suddenly there is flash after flash of bright colourful light, a moment of internal radiance heralding their simultaneous orgasm.

As the fireworks subside, their souls undock, each becomes aware of dying sounds that they now recognize as their screams, moans and love cries.

They lay in each other's arms, enjoying a sacred moment of post coital bliss. Theo falls into a deep satisfied slumber. The smile on his sleeping face, a testament to his complete physical, sensual and emotional satisfaction

Mo's thoughts begin to slip further away into deep introspection.

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