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"Reeking?" She managed to whisper.

"Yes, reeking. It's palpable. I could smell it from a mile away." This both excited and angered her, so she responded in the only way she could think, being obnoxious and presumptuous.

"I thought I was being subtle, but I guess you just couldn't stay away, had to come back for more" she managed to say before he came to grab her by her ponytail. Her hair was always in a ponytail. "Rephrase, also open your mouth."


"Do it now, or I'll never respond back to your Facebook messages. I won't talk to you in class and I won't come back, ever." She wasn't sure which to do first, the rephrasing or the mouth opening, so she slowly opened her mouth as he shoved his shaft in it. In the brief second before it entered her mouth she was able to assess the cock. It was pink and long, but not too long, not too pink either, just a night tint. She gagged a bit, but felt herself getting wetter. And wetter. In fact, she was soaked. She tried to relax her mouth as he went on.

"You think I didn't notice you pining after me all last semester? You want to know what I think about it? It's pathetic."

She managed to extricate him from her in time to say "Ignore me then!"

"You think I haven't tried?" He huffed, shoving the shaft back in to her mouth. "You've been on my mind despite all efforts to repress it, my desire for you cannot be contained." He held himself inside her for a bit longer before flipping her over and pulling down the red pearl panties, now dripping on to the ottoman. Just as he prepared to enter her, leaning over, his long curls brushing her back, her boyfriend burst in.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he said. They were speechless. Colin started to zipper himself up again but Joda said, "No, keep them off. Me first."

"Oh I never." This was the second time Colin had said this in the course of the night. Call him an old soul perhaps. But something within him came alive as he watched Joda remove his shirt, and then his pants, his erection clear through his boxers. His abs were just subtle enough that you could tell Joda wasn't obsessed with his body, but defined enough that you knew he cared. How could she do this to him? She loved him. She loved Joda and his shaggy brown hair and his blue eyes and the way he loved language as much, if not more than her.

Joda was a shy bisexual, as was she, but he was extremely hesitant to be with men. And now, given the chance, he found he couldn't control his urges. He bent down and presented himself for penetration.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" Colin was flustered. So were the rest of the people in the room. "I'm presenting myself to be fucked" A flush came over Joda, but Colin complied, pulling on a lubed condom he kept in his pocket, just in case. The girl, let's call her Gemma, couldn't believe what was happening. She was the one that was supposed to be having the night of secret sex. What was Joda doing here? It's like he could sense she was up to something. Still, she loved him, and she didn't know what to do with herself. Threesomes always seem to leave one person out. She managed to lock eyes with Colin who seemed just as confused as her. "Should we go?" She mouthed. "I dunno" he mouthed back. As she gazed at the scene unfolding in her very own living room, she realized it was nothing unless she could see what it was like to run away with Colin. Risk it all, go all in as they say. So she grabbed his hand and they ran out the door together, down the stairs, and out to her car. She started driving. Her hyperventilating wasn't getting past him.

"You always seem so nervous around me." He clearly enjoys this.

"I'm usually not like this" she said.

"I don't believe you."

"Maybe I just need to get used to your presence."

"That must be it" he said.

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