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Story of a loving wife and an even more loving husband.

Raion drew the tessen He always carried thrust in His kaku obi and dipping slightly rapped Sakura sharply on the crown of her head. The iron ribs made a ringing sound as they struck her metal kanzashi comb. Sakura reacted by ko-towing even lower. Raion slipped the fan under her chin and forcing up her head slapped the folded length hard against her left cheek. This time she did not move but remained head upright eyes firmly on the floor. Disgrace was dispersed, discipline reasserted and now all she needed to be used savagely. As if in heavenly harmony rain started beating heavily against the wood tiled roof and Raion had a vision that was quite breathtaking.

"Stand up, remove all your clothes then go outside and rake the Zen garden. I wish you to include a winding pathway from the edge nearest this doorway to the crossed bamboo poles in the central island. You have one hour."

Without a word or averting her eyes from the floor Sakura stripped, laid her clothes neatly on the floor besides her worktable, knelt to open the sliding panel and crawled on all fours into the torrential rain.

"Leave the panel open. I may be inclined to watch."

Sakura was soaked in a moment. The spring rains were heavy, frighteningly heavy and could last for days. Retrieving the rake from the small storage area screened from the main garden she took the opportunity to remove her very valuable kanzashi hair comb set and placed it under what little cover there was. She fully understood that her makeup would soon be streaking her face like war paint but at least took a moment to run her fingers through her thick long locks before they matted totally under the continuous soaking. Luckily she had stood under enough icy mountain water falls to not be bothered by the coldness of the rain but naturally felt her nipples very hard and surprisingly her labia lips and clitoris too.

She started the raking by making precise circles around each of the islands. Extending the rotating waves until ones touched twos and twos touched threes. She had become proficient at the operation and was very pleased at the way the circles kissed at exactly the correct distance to ensure fluidity in the design.

The first few times she had groomed the garden she had encircled the main area in one complete rotation but experience had shown her that two adjoining circles forming a large figure eight converging on the central island was far more esthetically pleasing. The rain didn't interfere with her to any great degree. The crushed granite had all the appearance of sand but didn't have the same drawback of forming into a porridge when wet. The rain actually soaked through as opposed to being absorbed and held so her task was far less tedious than she had feared. Finally she came to the pathway He had ordained and starting from the edge she carefully walked in the winding route the path would follow. She had settled on three rake widths as ideal and was but a few moments completing her task.

Quickly casting her eye over her accomplishment it occurred to her than in the depths of her concentration she had become total detached and hadn't once felt the necessity to try and spy if she was being overlooked. Deciding the garden was to a point that was to her best ability she turned to report her completion to find Him standing but a few feet away. He was looking past her, into the center of the concentric circles with that bright fire that came into His eyes when reality and imagination were fused and about to spring to action. Taking the rake from her hands He walked past her and into the sand.

"Walk in My footfall Sakura, then there will be but one set of impressions to remove."

She followed His meandering path to the center and waited in His penultimate prints whilst He took a moments consideration. The bamboo cross had a series of flagstaffs set around it. Two large ones front and back and smaller stepping stones circling right and left to join them. He carefully traversed to the right hand side and stood facing her astride the back flag.

"Please follow M

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