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She then bounced up and down with wild abandon, saying at the same time, "Don't come yet, wait!"

I concentrated hard, the beer helping to slow me down, but I was nearly coming when she came with a cry, luckily drowned by the music. She stayed still for a moment with me twitching inside her. She got off my lap again, and then turned her back to me. She put her right hand between her legs, found me again and positioned my prick against her bum hole. Slowly she sank onto it. I felt like I had a banana and it was being peeled. Wow, she was tight, I cried out and thrust upwards, spouting spunk into her arse. She carried on moving for a few moments, my cock slipping on its own sperm. It was a lovely feeling.

She turned her head to me and kissed me gently. "That was lovely, Dickie".

After a bit more drinking and dancing I walked her home as she lived nearby and it was on my route home. I left her at the front door of her flat.

The next Friday, I called at her flat, and rang the bell, hoping to ask her out for a drink in the nearby Rhyddings pub. (I didn't go there often as I had been thrown out after having a slight tussle, with my cousin Mogs.) I was surprised when another woman opened the door, and even more to recognise that she was the Staff Nurse who had tended my burnt foot. I had dropped a hot rhubarb pie onto it as I pulled it out of the oven during one of my attempts at cooking. I had thought her to be very attractive then and I smiled to see her now.

"Oh, hello" she said, "are you looking for Helwyn? She's on a late shift and won't be back till after ten".

"Yes, I was," I answered. " I was going to ask her for a drink. I met her in a party last Saturday. Perhaps you would you like to come out instead?"

"Yes, that would be nice, come in while I change."

She was wearing her blue uniform and distinctive dark blue belt.

" I don't usually come home in uniform, but I was delayed by a meeting and would have missed my bus if I had changed."

I went in and she walked into her bedroom, I naturally followed, without thinking that she would need privacy, and she didn't stop me - presumably she was used to dressing and undressing in front of others. As she took off her dress and petticoat, she stopped and put her hand on her back and gave a moan of pain.

"You've got back ache?" I said.

"Yes, it goes with the job" she replied.

"Would like a back massage? My father taught me how to massage his back after digging in the garden."

"Yes, I would like that. You can use the massage oil on my dressing table" and she laid down on the bed in just her bra, pants, suspender belt and black stockings.

I picked up the oil and leant over her and started to massage her back gently, but I couldn't reach the other side, so I pulled off my shoes and straddled her in my trousers. I rubbed the oil into her skin and moved my hands around in circles pressing where I felt a knot of muscles.

" That feels good," she said. Her face was in the pillow and the words were muffled.

I carried on working downwards. As I moved so my penis started to stiffen as I rubbed against her white knickers.

"Right" I thought, "let the beast out".

I got off the bed and in one movement took off my trousers and pants, and remounted her with my stiff prick lodging itself in her dark crack of her round bum. I carried on massaging her, moving round and down, round and ever downwards until I was oiling her bum crack. I slipped a finger into her arse hole and she merely purred so I went further and rubbed her cunt underneath. Her legs opened to my touch and her hips convulsively moved downwards and her bum cheeks clenched.

"Oh, that's good" she said, and I carried on my masturbation of her.

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