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A gentle tale of a date in a wheelchair in distress.

The next went on Elizabeth's face, as she bent in to push Rebecca aside. Sperm was running down both girls' faces, as they tried to catch it with their tongues. Their own orgasm arrived a the same time, and they shook with pleasure, each with sperm all over her face, one hand on his prick and the other in her sister's cunt.

"My, My, this is what I call a shower," said Kathy looking at them with amusement. "Had I known this, I would have joined you. Now clean up for breakfast, - we have a long day ahead of us." They rinsed off and dried each other carefully.

"This is much better than drying yourself," said Rebecca laughing, "but it does take a long time." Of course the fondling and kissing that accompanied the careful drying had something to do with the slow pace. Jeff's dick was hard again by the time they were done, and the girls led him proudly by his handle into the kitchen.

"Look what we found, Mom. Good as new!"

Kathy looked fondly at them. "OK, girls, leave Jeff alone for a while."

They had brunch in the nude, Jeff kept looking around at the three beautiful bodies surrounding him. They kept looking at him too, all four of them in a state of mild, but constant arousal. Back on the deck in the sun much kissing and fondling took place as the sunscreen was applied all over. The decided that they should all take turns at being the recipient, and six hands made sure there wasn't a speck of visible skin left untouched. The girls seemed to really enjoy doing their mother, fondling and kissing Kathy's breasts with joyous abandon, then fighting Jeff for space on her ass and between her legs. And of course, Jeff's dick was never in a million years going to get sunburn after the treatment it got.

They found time for a little snorkelling in the afternoon, all three of them really getting very comfortable in the water by now. Snorkelling naked is fun, but Jeff was constantly nervous about the Sergeant-Majors, the small striped fish that have a habit of "kissing" you with a little nip when you least expect it. The girls loved the snorkelling, especially diving under him and coming up while touching him all over. Rebecca even got his dick half way in her mouth once, before she ran out of air and had to give up. He gave as good as he got, kissing and probing and tickling wherever he could get in, which was everywhere, since the girls spread wide whenever he went under.

When they finally went back up, Jeff asked: "Did you ever try scuba-diving?"

"No, but I always wanted to," said Elizabeth.

"I'm a little scared of it," said Rebecca. "What if I run out of air down there?"

"Don't worry about that," Jeff said. "I'd take good care of you. But if you would like to try it, it will have to be tomorrow, you can't dive less than 24 hours before flying, and you're leaving Sunday Night."

"Oh, why did you have to bring that up?" Rebecca said. "I was pretending we would be here forever."

"Let's not think about Sunday, - just enjoy the time we have," Jeff said.

"Amen to that!" said Kathy.

Jeff felt like a sultan as he lay on the deck with his three beautiful, naked redheads around him. Three mouths, six breasts, three pussies and three asses, this must be heaven. He would reach out and find something to fondle, all of it delectable. He would feel a hand touching him and fondling from time to time, sometimes two, once all three. He would lean over and kiss a body or a mouth, nibbling, sucking or licking as appropriate. Once, a mouth enveloped his prick and sucked gently. With his eyes closed Jeff couldn't tell who it was, and it didn't matter. Once a pussy sat down gently on his face, and while he couldn't see another sat down on his hard cock, sliding him deep within her. She was gone before he could see again. Gentle hands blindfolded him, and then placed each of his hands on a sopping wet pussy. The third sank down on his prick again.

"Guess who", a voice said.

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