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What happens in Sylvania, stays in Sylvania.

But Julia was all sweet. OK Gen, I'll leave the planning to you. But I'll decide what we are going to do."

"OK, let me see what you have in mind."

"Remember you promised that we could get a tattoo and get our nipples pierced? Well, let's go out and get them done today."

Genny said. "Yes, I remember, but Julia, I am not as keen as I was on the piercing thing, especially since Sebastian is not too keen on it, either. But I'll go with you, if you want to get a piercing done."

Julia said. "Oh fine, forget the piercing for now. Let's just get out tattoos done today. Please call them and get an appointment."

Genny looked up in the yellow pages and found the number for the place she had gone before to pick up one of her friends. They seemed to have an opening in about an hour and so they hurriedly ate the food Julia had brought and then left for the tattoo place. They had already discussed what kind of tattoo they were going to get and where on their bodies. Genny loved horses and she chose a lovely stallion for herself and wanted one on each of her supple breasts, half inch above the her nipples.

She chose that spot because she decided that if she was going to let someone see them, she wanted them to be able to secretly admire her nipples too, which she loved and was proud to show off, albeit, innocently. The stallions were deep cognac in color. They were standing on their hind legs with their front legs high in the air. They were symmetrically placed on her lovely breasts at an angle, with their heads facing towards the neck and the tails circling her nipples, as if caressing them.

Julia on the other hand had chosen two deep red apples, with a couple of green leaves on a twig for her left breast and a single bunch of purple grapes also with a few green leaves and dark twigs on it for her right breast. She also preferred to place them right above her nipples with one interesting detail. The lowest grape on the bunch actually was tattooed on her nipple itself. Trust Julia to come up with such a juicy idea! Genny laughed to herself when she thought. "I am sure she doesn't know how to spell modesty. That word could be completely foreign to her. And Genny simply adored Julia for her total lack of modesty!

They were both done in a couple of hours and went back to the car. Julia was anxious to see Genny's tattoos and wanted to show off hers. But Genny firmly said. "Hold it, let's go home and admire them." Julia sulked and pulled her zipper on her jacket back up and they went home. Once they were in, Julia again asked her if she was ready. Genny shook her head again and asked. " What did the guy tell you to do?"

Julia said. "He said to apply the oil he gave us and rub it on the tattoos and let it soak for an hour and then to wash it off with soap and warm water. He said that'd make the tattoo glow as well as heal the mild irritation the process may have caused."
"Then that's what we'll do. Come with me, dear sister."

Julia was amazed at Genny's behavior but seemed to like it. She tamely followed her wondering what was going on in Genny's mind.

Genny went to the bathroom and took off her shorts and top and was stepping into the tub in her lace panties. Julia needed no invitation and she quickly followed suit. Only, she slipped off her panties too and reached for Genny's hips and slowly pulled her panties off. Genny relaxed and lifted her legs to help Julia ease her panties off. They were both stark naked and they suddenly seemed to be at a loss for words.

Julia moved close and admired Genny's tattoo and said. "Wow! They are so beautiful and so perfectly angled and spaced. Look at those tails cuddling your nipples!" And with that she slowly touched them. As usual Genny's nipples sprang to attention but this time Julia did not laugh. She lowered her mouth on them and softly licked them with the tip of her tongue. Genny held Julia head and drew her closer to her chest. Julia's arms went around Genny and hugged her tight.


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