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His daughter gets caught at school.

I spent a great deal of time healing before I was willing to get involved again. He was so very worth the wait.

Back to today, I am feeling antsy and unsettled. We have both been working a lot and fallen into the habit of coming home eating dinner together and collapsing into bed together. The sex has been just short of vanilla for some time. I am not complaining. Even vanilla sex with Jake is out of this world and by far the best I have every had. But honestly, I need some play time. I need the release I get from our sessions. I need the peaceful headspace that only he can bring me to.

I sent him a text earlier in the day that simply read "Sir, as your adoring slave, I am respectfully requesting some play time". He responded "Sir concurs, when you get home tonight follow the instructions I will leave for you at the door". My little heart skipped a beat and I began to flush all over. God, I needed this.

My drive home felt like an eternity. Even though I had no specifics, I knew basically what was waiting for me at home. I carefully parked my car in the driveway and made my way up to the front door. As I entered there was a note taped to the wall in the entry way.

I was instructed to go into the dining room and assume my standing position at the end of the table. The very table we had breakfast on that morning. As I stood there waiting my mind began to race. You see mind-fucking is a big part of our dynamic. I love the mind games He plays with me. Moments later I heard Him enter the room, I knew I was in for an amazing night.

He ordered me to remove my shirt and bra. As I removed them and folded them neatly on a chair he chuckled at my natural slave instinct to be neat and orderly, even in play. I stood there my breasts exposed and I was aware of my nipples hardening in anticipation. He then ordered me to bend over the table and stretch my arms out to the sides. I felt the rope as He tied one wrist and then the other splaying my arms out to the sides. He secured my wrists to the legs of the table rendering me unable to move my upper body.

All of a sudden I felt my legs kicked apart and my skirt unzipped and pulled down to my ankles. In that edgy growling voice I love He demanded I step out of my skirt. I expected Him to pull my panties down next and was shocked as I heard the blade of his knife as He opened it. We had not played this hard in a very long time. The anticipation was enough to make me cum, but I knew better. He owned me completely, including my orgasms.

He roughly pulled my panties away from my body and cut them off of me. So. Fucking. Hot.

He shoved two fingers inside of me, I was soaking wet already. He then uttered my favorite words, Good Girl. This, this is what I needed. He began to lick me from ass to clit over and over again. As I began to wiggle and moan He alternately licked me and then fingered me. Pure heaven.

All of a sudden He stopped and I heard before I felt the woosh of the suede flogger as He began to beat my ass, legs and back. I needed this release so fucking bad. This went on for some time until He began to slap my pussy with the flogger as well. I lost my damn mind. Holding my orgasm was do difficult at this point. After a while the flogging stopped and He once again began to lick and stroke my ass and pussy. He leaned over and growled in my ear, "Don't you dare come slut, remember those orgasms belong to me and only me".

I heard him drop his own pants and I shivered in anticipation. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back a bit before roughly entering me in one smooth move. He fucked me like a man possessed. He must have needed this as much as I did. We fucked for so long my legs and feet began to go numb. He is such a loving and attentive Dom He sensed this and pulled out to release my wrists. I could not hold myself up. I felt myself being picked up and carried to our play room.

Once in there I was placed on the bed as He climbed up on me entering me again.

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