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Single guy hooks up with a beautiful gay at a conference.

As soon as I hit that clit you explode and start to get loud, so I stuff the handiest thing in your mouth to keep you quiet and god does it feel good to have your mouth around my hard cumm covered cock. Ok, Now I am really horny, so I detach my mouth from your tit and rise up so I can watch my cock fuck your mouth with your bright red lipstick. I am fucking 3 fingers into your pussy now and rubbing your clit with my thumb.

I ask if you like the taste of your cumm on my cock and you try to nod your head yes as you try to take more of my down your throat, so I think I know how to accomplish that so with my cock in your mouth and most of my fingers in your pussy I pull you till your head hangs over the edge of the table. I then start to ram my cock down your throat and you are sucking even harder as I fuck your face. You are loving this and your pussy is still pulsing out more of your cumm. I start to feel the hot air coming out of your nose tickling my balls and it is making get close to cumming, and this time I don't even warn you I just continue to fuck your red lips as hard as I can until I flood your mouth and throat with my cumm. You just suck harder and don't let any of it escape your lips. I pull my hand away from your pussy and drag my dripping with pussy juice hand across your stomach and then your tits, and then I shove it back in and then pull it back out dripping again. I then wipe it all across your face, and then I pull my now semi-hard cock out of your mouth and feed it my hand with your pussy juice all over it. You have this totally lust filled stare as devour my hand trying to get more of your juice off of my hand. I finally pull it away from your mouth and then pull you up to a sitting position and start to lick your face clean of all the juices on it. Ok we taste good together.

I then tell you to bend over the table. I get behind you and run my hand over your ass and then spank it( but not to hard) and then I bend over and kiss it as I reach y hand between your legs and slide my thumb up your pussy and use my fingers to play with your pussy lips and your clit. You are pushing back harder and harder on my hand and then I dip my head between your legs and move my thumb and replace it with my very hungry long tongue. I then start to lap up your cumm and tongue fuck your pussy, and you really start to push back onto my face which slips between your ass cheeks and I am in heaven. I then snake my arms under the front of your thighs and lift your ass, pussy, and legs till your thighs are on my shoulders. I now have total access to you and am in complete control of the situation. I latch my mouth over your entire pussy and shove my tongue in and out of your pussy. I then reach around your stomach and lift you even further and you then realize I am standing up eating your pussy and holding you. You feel my hard cock poke you in the side of the head so you start to stroke it and then you suck my balls into your wonderful mouth and I am shaking with animalistic need and you start to squirt up into my face like a fountain and I try to catch as much as I can and swallow it but a lot of the geyser gets away from me and slides back down over your body.

I turn and place you on the couch on your back.

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