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Shona & Jane celebrate their new home.

He lowered his face to her belly and flicked his tongue on her body, licking up the warm drips. Barbra squirmed in a fervor of discomfort and near panic. Carlo laughed, and raised his head, licking his lips.

He locked eyes with Barbra, and again he looked reptilian and hypnotic. Barbra found herself getting weak and warm, losing her entire range of thoughts and abilities. She went very nearly blank, and stopped squirming. As she did the pale woman reached a hand over and traced a deliberate design on her left breast. She felt a slight touch around her nipple, but couldn't see what was really going on: she was locked on Carlo's snakelike eyes.

The pale woman moved her hand and duplicated the motion on her right breast, and this time Barbra glanced down and saw the blood. The woman was cutting her breasts with an extended, razor sharp fingernail. Blood trickled across her heaving chest, and she lost it again, and freaked out.

She screamed as loud as she could, fighting and writhing, until the two people things restrained her with terrifyingly powerful claws. Carlo held her firmly by the waist while the pale woman clamped her wrists together, and as Barbra watched in horror Carlo licked every speck of blood off her breasts.

As he did it his color changed, and he became more human, the blood somehow filling his body and making him glow. Barbra watched, fascinated, and this time when she glanced down Carlo raised up on his knees and she saw his penis rise up, grow hard and firm, and begin gently pulsing. The blood trickled out of her bared breasts and Carlo licked her again, gently but hungrily, and Barbra caught herself becoming internally hot.

She looked at Carlo's cock, watching it grow, knowing that what she was giving to him was making it happen. He met her eyes with his, and she felt him somehow flowing into her; she wanted him inside her body. She felt her body squirm, then relax, as the woman thing touched her. She waited, feeling the intense burning on her skin, watching Carlo's hypnotic eyes shine.

When the pale woman reached a claw to her chest again Barbra didn't move. She watched the point enter the very surface of her delicate, vulnerable skin, and this time the woman bent over, eyes shining with hunger and lust. The woman carefully and intently traced a complex design around both her nipples, then as Carlo bent over to lick up the emerging blood from one pointed nipple the woman chose the other. Barbra found herself being kissed and licked on her breasts by two people, a man and a woman, and the sensation was exquisite, if frightening.

When the woman raised up, she had blood on her lips. Barbra tipped her head back, watching, and as the pale woman grew less pale, she tried to raise her head, straining to the woman. The female person thing accommodated Barbra and bent down to kiss her on the mouth; she tasted the salt and rich flavor of her own blood. She closed her eyes and laid back, splaying her arms out and spreading her legs.

Carlo nestled between her thighs and hovered over Barbra, smiling softly. He opened his mouth and his teeth gleamed in the candle light. He cupped a breast, rubbed and circled gently, and when he lifted his hand it was coated with blood. He presented it to the woman thing, and she very carefully licked every bit off his palm, then sucked each of Carlo's fingers clean.
Barbra felt Carlo's cock gently press against her body, in exactly the right spot, and move back and forth, gently. Her breathing changed and she spread her legs widely, opening herself to him, not quite knowing why. The woman bent down and licked more blood off her chest, following the dark lines cut in her skin with the very tip of her tongue.

Barbra gasped as Carlo entered her.

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