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A couples' total degradation.

" She said a bit shyly. He just looked at her and smiled. "You had better go and clean your hand up." Still staring at her, he brought his hand up to his mouth and began to lick them clean. She stared at him with amazement on her face but to watch him do this turned her on greatly. "Mmmmm you taste so good Carrie, I can't wait until we land." I can't wait either, she thought to herself. She looked down then and saw his hardness. "I feel bad, look at you! You're all worked up. Are you sure there is nothing I can do for you?"

"Well, you could if you so wanted. Would you like to follow me back into the bathroom?"

"Yes, I would, anything to give you the pleasures that you have just given me." She stood up to make her way back to the tiny stall they called a bathroom. "Hold on a minute Dear." Rick said. She watched as he put his hand in his pants and adjust himself. "Wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong impression you know?" She giggled and proceeded to the back of the plane. Making sure none of the staff was watching they both entered the bathroom. It hardly fit both of them in there and she really didn't know what she could do for him in such a small space. She looked to him for guidence. The thought crossed her mind that he would make her give him oral pleasure and she got scared. She had never done anything of the sort and she didn't want to hurt him in any way. As though he read her mind he said, "No, Carrie I will not make you give me any head. You'll have to learn how to first."

Relieved she asked him what he wanted. He told her that a good old fashion hand job would do for now but when they landed she had better believe that he'd pin her down and fuck her right. She sat down on the toilette and unzipped his pants. She freed his cock and began to stroke it. Teasingly at first slowly massaging the tip then bringing her fingers all the way down his shaft to his balls to massage them gently. "Faster girl, or people will start to wonder and spit on that hand of yours to lube up this hard dick." Rick said through clenched teeth. She took her hand away and brought it to her lips. She noisily spit on it and brought it back to his organ. She began to jack him hard and fast. Telling him to cum for her. "Here it comes, Carrie! Catch at all in your mouth!" She brought the head of his dick to her mouth and took it in, while she stroked him she sucked greedily, wanting to taste him. She felt him explode and almost choked on all the hot sperm that flowed from him. She swallowed it down, not missing a drop, bringing her tongue up and sticking the tip of it in his hole to ensure that he had been drained dry. He pulled away from her, patted her on the head and said "Good girl, I feel much better now." She smiled up at him, happy to have pleased him. He opened the door and once again looked around to make sure the coast was clear. They got back into their seats and sat quietly for the rest of the flight.

When they landed they both went to retrieve their luggage. Carrie asked, "So, where are you staying?"

"Wherever you are Love." She liked that very much. She had wondered on the plane if they'd go there separate ways afterwards. After they had all their bags they took a cab to Carrie's hotel room. She began to settle in but Rick had other plans. He came up behind her as she was bending over her suitcase. "May I say that you have a very nice ass?"

"Well, you already said it so I guess the answer is yes you may.

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