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The girls looked relieved.

"Instead, we're going to practice a little exercise, one designed to foster trust, trust in ourselves and trust in one another."

The cheerleaders cast apprehensive glances at one another.

"Owens!" Coach Bigg barked. "Get on your hands and knees, flip up your skirt and pull down your Spankies and your panties."

Sarah started to argue, but she knew that her doing so would only ignite the coach's ire and, if she resisted the coach's instructions in any way, or even hesitated to obey, she might earn both herself and the rest of the squad a protracted ride on The Carousel, after all. Then, in addition to a severe caning, and possibly another double fuck, for everyone, she'd be ostracized by her friends for sure, probably for ever. There was no way she wanted that to happen.

She did as she was told, kneeling, flipping up her skirt, lowering her Spankies and panties, and dropping to her hands on the padded mat. She felt humiliated in the extreme, knowing all her friends' eyes were on her hairless vulva, her bald labia, her bare buttocks, and, for all she knew, her anus, if it were visible between the cheeks of her ass.

"Baxter, go to my office, and bring me the box of latex gloves on my desk. Also bring a couple of the jars of petroleum jelly in my top drawer."

Cindy sprinted away on the mission the coach had assigned her. While she was gone, Coach Bigg said, the rest of you, flip up your skirts, too, and lower your underwear. Then, assume the same position as Owens has assumed.

Without questioning the coach's orders, the rest of the cheerleaders did as they'd been instructed. When, a few minutes later, Cindy returned with the gloves, she, also, was made to assume the same position, with her skirt up and her underwear down.

Coach Bigg extracted a pair of the latex gloves from their box, and pulled them onto her forearms, tugging them snugly into place, and shoved the rubber tight between the webs of her thumbs and fingers. She took a generous amount of petroleum jelly from one of the huge jars Cindy had retrieved and daubed it between the lips of Sarah's pussy, being careful to lubricate the cheerleader's cunt with an ample amount of the slick, thick substance.

"Without changing your own positions," she told the squad, "watch and listen carefully as I demonstrate how to perform the trust-building exercise I show you, because, after my demonstration, each of you will partner with another squad member and perform the same exercise on one another."

Behind Sarah, the other girls looked uncomfortable. They shifted their gazes, gulped, and couldn't help but make quizzical faces at one another. Several of them shrugged. The coach's request for latex gloves and petroleum jelly and her insistence that they assume such a weird position, with their skirts up and their underwear down, didn't bode well, it seemed, for them.

Coach Bigg held up her right hand. "Notice how I have positioned my hand," she said, "with the fingers extended and close together, and the thumb, also extended, touching the tip of my forefinger, in a beak-like shape. This is known as the 'silent duck.' Let me see each of you replicate this shape."

The girls made the silent duck to the coach's satisfaction.

"Very good. Now, watch me carefully, and, taking turns, do to one another what I do to Owens."

Slowly, Coach Bigg slid the fingertips of her gloved hand into Sarah's pussy, the bright pink lips parting to show the watermelon-red interior of her sopping-wet cunt, and, as the duck's bill slid farther and farther into the moist, warm, well-lubricated orifice, the cheerleaders were astonished to see the entirety of the bovine coach's thick fingers plunge into Sarah's pussy.

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