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CL post leads couple to first encounter with another man.

Before he did anything else, Brendan gently squeezed both cheeks, thinking how lucky he was for finding such a sexy partner so easily.

Paul quivered with delight when he felt the neck of the squeeze bottle inserted in his ass, and felt more and much greater thrills when a gush of cool, oily liquid entered him. His delight was made greater by what he knew the neck and the lubricant presaged. Pauletta accepted the bottle when it was handed back to him and capped it, setting it on top of the water tank and reaching back to spread the cheeks of his ass, also moving the ruffles of the panties out of the way and giving a better view of what he was so proud of.

That pride was justified. Brendan was being presented with one of the prettiest asses he had ever seen, round and soft and with a creamy-white and hairless cleft that had just been made visible to him. The pink hole he would be fucking was a cutie too, and reminded him of a tiny rosebud that was blossoming just for him, because Pauletta was holding it spread open. He had not put any lubrication on himself, because he believed, correctly, that his partner's ass would be loose enough and oily enough that nothing additional would be necessary.

With one hand, he guided his erect cock and placed the tip against the center of the cute rosebud, moving it up and down to cover it with some of the lube, before carefully centering it again. With a firm thrust, the head popped through the ring of muscles into the place that was so appealing to him. Pauletta let out a sigh of joy, because the cock felt so good wedging into his ass, and Brendan echoed the happy sound. One hand rested on the panty covered hip while the other was still guiding his shaft, and he gave a second thrust forward.

Pauletta let out another happy sigh, even louder than the first, because his ass was already being stretched open, and the adjacent channel was starting to be expanded. The third thrust drove the thick cock in farther, and the head of it started to massage Pauletta's prostate gland, sending a different kind of thrill coursing all through his body.

"Oooo, that feels so good," he murmured back over his shoulder. "Give it all to me."

That was what Brendan wanted to do, but he was in no hurry. The ass he was starting to fuck was one of the tightest and hottest places his cock had ever been, and he wanted to take his time, so he and the owner of that tight, hot place would receive as much pleasure as possible. Enough of his shaft was embedded that he no longer had to guide it, so he put his right hand on Pauletta's other hip and pulled back with both hands as he thrust his cock forward. Most of the hard cylinder plowed into the oily place where both men wanted it, and Paul moaned from the intense pleasure he was being given. The feelings of delight were radiating outward from where the opening and his love channel were being stretched and from where his prostate gland, which he referred to of as his clit, was being massaged by the stiff cock that was giving him so much joy.

Still taking his time, Brendan drew back and drove his cock forward, this time imbedding its entire length in the ass of the man bent over in front of him. Every detail of what he was doing in the men's room was perfect, from the slickness of the ass he was cramming to the ruffles on Pauletta's panties and how they were tickling his pubic area to the way his partner was moaning in bliss from the extreme pleasure he was being given. For a minute or two, Brendan left his shaft where it was, relishing how tight his partner was and how the muscles in the gay man's ass felt to him as they rippled over his cock. Even his hands were being pleased, as they held to the soft hips covered by the slick nylon panties.

But slow fucking was better than remaining stationary, so Brendan drew his cock most of the way out, paused, and plunged it back into the tight place o

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