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A woman dreams or does she?

Your hands drop, wanting to releasing it, and unzip my pants. You drop down and take my cock in your mouth, forgetting about anything else except that you want it in your mouth now.

You suck and lick the length of my cock while your hand playing with my balls and ass. A woman comes over and asks if she can taste it. You hold my throbbing thick cock out and she takes it in. You both start taking turns going down on my cock. All too soon my cock erupts spewing hot cum on both of your faces. You both continue sucking on my cock, both wanting the last few drops. The woman starts to lick the cum off your face when my cock is in your mouth and when my cock is in her mouth you lick the hit sticky cum from her face. The scene turns me on. My cock starts to respond with new desire. I pull you up and bend you over the back of the couch. I sink down behind you and suck deeply on your pussy lips drinking deeply of your juices. The woman lies on the floor under me and start licking my balls. The feeling is incredible. Sucking your sweet pussy and having some unknown women sucking and licking my balls.

This feels great but I want to feel the heat of your pussy surrounding my cock. I stand up and the woman helps guide my cock into your pussy. The heat and wetness is more than I have ever felt. I start sliding in and out with full firm strokes. Feeling my balls slap against your pussy where the woman has her hand playing with your clit. I hear you start moaning loudly and screaming as you start cumming. There is a torrent of hot liquid running down my balls and legs. I am always astounded by the amount of juice that you can produce from within. The feeling is incredible. I pull out and come around so that you can suck my cock clean of your sweet juices. You suck it in deeply then start licking the length moaning all the time.

The woman takes position behind you and starts licking your pussy and ass. You cum again, pulling my cock out of your mouth to scream "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" After what seems like forever you stop cumming and take my cock into your mouth. Sucking on it wildly wanting to taste my cum once more. You move your ass wildly enjoying the intense feeling that only a woman knows how to give another woman's cunt. You suck deeply on my cock enjoying the feeling of hardness yet also so soft sliding in and out of your mouth. The thought of knowing people are watching you have sex turns you on to no end.

You feel another orgasm starting to build. You moan with wanton desire as you feel the woman at your cunt pull away. But then you feel something hard and vibrating touching your wet hot slit. You pull my cock out of your mouth to look and see that it is Robyn, our new friend from the other night, and the only thing she is wearing is a strap-on dildo. It looks so life like and thick. You feel the tip running around your beautiful ass and enjoy the soft feel as it bounces around. You smile at her then turn around and suck my cock back in to your throat as your spread your legs opening your cunt wider to give the sizeable strap-on easier access to your hungry cunt. Robyn traces the head of the cock up and down your hot wet slit coating it with your plentiful juices. She slides the tip in and you groan feeling it stretch your pussy lips. You moan deeply and the vibrations on my cock in your throat feel great. It drives me wild seeing you enjoying yourself. You start slowly sliding back onto the dildo then back onto my throbbing member. Bit by bit take in more of the huge strap-on.

The feeling of fullness drives you wild with the complete enjoyment of it all.

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