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Thom took me across to the bar and on the way I heard 'Fucking hell - look at that - she's naked' and purposefully didn't react to the comment.

"What would you like to drink Emily?" Thom asked.

"I'll have a pint of Orange Lemonade please, and the curry that you mentioned to go with it please." and reached into my bag for my purse, taking out a ten pound note and offering it to him.

"I don't want that, thank you." he said to my offer.

"You can't afford to go buying me lunch, come on - let me at least pay for my own." I admonished him. He took the proffered money, for which I was thankful.

A man came over to serve us and, before he did, said, "Well, it's not Fresher's Week; nor is it Rag Week, either of which might explain your state of dress, so is it a dare or have you lost a bet or something to come in here like that?"

"It's neither, I just like to be naked and hope that you will accommodate me for lunch." I answered him.

"Well, it takes all sorts, I suppose, and this pub gets most of them being so close to the college - OK then, but if there's any problem I'll have to ask you to leave, OK?" he replied.

"Thank you." I said, holding out my hand to him, "My names Emily and I'm grateful for your understanding."

"Andrew, and you're welcome. Now, what can I get you?"

Thom ordered for us and we got our drinks. Our food would be brought to us when ready.

I looked around and found a quiet corner of the bar to sit and went over to it with Thom in tow.

Sitting down at a table, I took my glass from Thom and took a sizeable draft of the ice-cold liquid within. "Aaaah! That's better." I exclaimed, smacking my lips."

"How are you feeling now Emily?" Thom asked.

"Relaxed about how I'm dressed, but very aroused, if you know what I mean?" I answered him honestly as he deserved.

"I don't think you'd be human if you weren't aroused in these circumstances, but you do seem to be more relaxed and I'm glad that Andrew was cool about you. He puts up with some odd things from us students I suppose, being so close to campus and surrounded by student digs as he is. But he makes a lot of money out of us too, so it's in his interest to accommodate, shall we say, student oddities!"

"Are you laughing at me Thom?" I asked, smiling at him to let him know that it was OK if he was.

"No, absolutely not. The opposite, in fact - I don't know why but I'm actually proud of you - and very pleased to be with you too!"

A girl came over with our lunch and said, "Cool Emily, Andrew told me about you being nude and I think it's very brave of you to be in public like that - enjoy your lunch and please, come again - I'd love to have the opportunity to talk to you about it but it's too busy of a lunchtime. If you come in an evening, ask to talk to me if you would, my name's Jasmine."

"Thank you Jasmine, I'll do that, and thank you for being OK about me being here like this, it's much appreciated." I replied with a smile.

She leaned in to me and whispered, "I should do something about the topiary if I were going about naked like you are; I mean, if your going to show it all off, at least make a good job of it - it's a bit bushy down there, if you know what I mean!" she said, and without further ado took herself back off to her own tasks.

"Thom," I said, before starting my lunch, "What do you think about my pussy; I mean, should I leave my pubic hair trimmed like it is now, let it grow or do you think it would look better if I shaved it all off?"

"Stand up a minute please?" he asked in return.

I duly stood and moved so that he could gain an unobstructed view of my crotch, I think the first time ever I'd had someone look so intensely and quizzically at such an intimate area of my anatomy.

"May I touch?" he asked.

"Yes, I suppose so, but she may be a bit, well; slippery!" I replied, referring to the copious amounts of juice I was producing.

He gently parted my legs a little and pulled my trimmed pubic hair this way

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