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Smooth, shallow and manipulative Jimmy stirs everyone.

So here we were in this fucked up warehouse, the floors and walls were rusty, every sound made had a reverberation throughout the room. I had to adjust my cock in my pants because it had grown to three times its normal size due to all the whimpering and sobbing vibrating off the walls and into my ears. This normally untouchable yet totally smokin broad was tied naked, ass up in the air and tits hangin on the dirty desk was proving much too hard for me to conceal my interest any more.

I made my next statement of the day to her... This is what bitches with big mouths get. I reached into my Felix bag and pulled out two portable blow torches, I handed one to Pete and I set the other down on the floor in front of her face so she could keep her eye on it. I stood just about three feet from her face and pulled my pants and underwear down showing her for the first time why everyone calls me Brutal Vernacci. If I had been a foot and a half closer she would have gotten hit by it, well almost. The look in her eyes threw me over the edge. I was in the zone now, I was a rapist with a mission...

To show a loud mouth bitch you don't fuck around with the delicate balance of the organization. I told her by the end of this day you will be a master at deep throat, you will get fucked in ways you never wanted to find out about, you will provide pleasure for knuckles and I, and you WILL find out why they call him knuckles. Then if your are real good and make us both very happy all day we will kill you fast. If not, we will make it last all night. With that, Pete started rummaging through the Felix bag.

Its time you get acquainted with my dick... If you so much as bite, scratch or in any way displease me or my dick, we will use the blowtorches on every inch of your body before finishing you off. And make no mistake about it, you do not want to know what those torches feel like. You will not be a very attractive corpse after we use those, so do yourself a favor and try your very best to make this as pleasant experience for yourself and us.

Needless to say she wouldn't stop crying. so I made her... I stuffed as much cock into her mouth as I thought she could take without choking. That did quiet her a bit, The sucking sounds echoed throughout the room causing Pete to get into the action, when he entered her from behind it pushed more of my dick into her mouth, That made her choke. It felt good having her make those convulsions she made with her throat on my dick, and Pete said she was a good little slut the way she kept squeezing his dick with her pussy muscles every time she choked, so I forced more of it down her throat. Her eyes were wide with terror and tears ran down her face as I continued her face fucking training session. Pete was a mad man, at this point he was fucking with a fury that would make a male porn star look lazy. I thought I would accommodate him by stuffing my whole cock into her throat. She screamed with eyes wide and horror showing across her face right through my dick. It felt wondrous, those fantastic sensations vibrating right up my dick to my brain. I pulled out to allow her to breath, she gasped at the air for several seconds then I started fucking her mouth again this time deeper.

I looked up and saw Pete getting close to cumming so I told him, hey Pete cum on her asshole I'll use that as lube for her anal training session.

She tried to resist what little she could from the throat fucking she was getting.

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