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It's not good to fall under the lustful eye of the Queen.

The thought excited her more than she though possible. With quick, frantic hands she stroked his body, running them over his arms and chest, feeling the hairs there curling between her fingers. She felt his hands playing at her tits, squeezing and pinching, rolling the nipples between his fingers. Excited murmurs and moans echoed through the club.

His fingers now played between her thighs, teasingly, along her pussy lips. She bit his shoulder, demanding more. What Savannah didn't realize was that she was about to get a whole lot more than she bargained for. Go, girl!

Savannah was breathing heavily now. All her attention focused on the tormenting fingers between her legs, making her so hot, so wet, it was all she could do not to scream. The man above her seemed to know it too as his rich chuckle rolled along her nerve endings, the wicked man! Then she felt his tongue lapping at her as his fingers drove deeply into her tight little cunt. She grabbed his head between her hands and pulled him harder against her, and her head thrashed about wildly as her first orgasm hit. It drove through her in great waves, and she heard herself begging him not to stop, and then begging him to fuck her. The watching audience seemed to agree with that sentiment as their groans escalated in volume.

Before she knew what was happening, she lay on her belly, a pillow under her hips, and her firm ass rose upward for everyone to view. Slowly, tortuously, he thrust his pulsing cock into her quivering pussy. They moaned simultaneously as he went deeper and deeper, stretching her to take all of him. She rocked back at him with every thrust, his hands grabbed onto her full, tight ass. Faster and faster he pumped into her, and Savannah hoped it would never end. Savannah looked out toward the audience, and saw many of the people there masturbating, and some of them began to pair off. She moaned as she watched two of her friends begin kissing and touching each other.

Out of the crowd a tall, rangy man approached the stage. Savannah thought he only wished to get a better view of what they were doing, but gasped as he jumped up onto the stage. He walked boldly over to her, and got on his knees in front of her. He thrust his dick near her face, and suddenly she couldn't catch her breath. He wanted her to suck him while the other man fucked her! Eagerly she engulfed him in her mouth, stroking him with her free hand (as the other one was working on her clit). The man behind her groaned loudly at the vision of that pouty mouth wrapped around cock. Savannah could feel her inner muscles clenching, a sign she was about to cum. She pushed harder against the man behind her, as she continued to devour dick. Her tongue made quick jabs and slid across the head of his cock.

The man in front of her began to grunt, and he thrust faster into her mouth, forcing Savannah to deep throat him. He shot his load deep into her mouth, and there was so much of it Savannah could not possibly swallow all of it. It dribbled down her chin and neck as she valiantly tried to eat it all up. "Mmmmm, yeah taste sooooooo good," she moaned. The man above her groaned his pleasure, his head thrown back as Savannah continued to suck on him.

It was then that Savannah felt the man behind her pound wildly into her, his "oh damn" echoing through the room. He jerked wildly, his cock going even deeper and deeper into her tight channel.

Sensation exploded through her, and she felt his cum gushing inside her. "Yes, yes...oh yes", she screamed. Her body quivered with her pleasure, and sighing contentedly she rolled over onto her back. The two men lay on either side of her, their hands roaming over her hot flesh.

Already Savannah could feel herself readying again, her nipples peaked, and her legs began moving restlessly.

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