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Shadowed remembrances.

She knew what I wanted. She slid her butt off the seat as she turned towards me and got into position on the floor. Then in the near total darkness that surrounded us I felt her lips and tongue begin to work their magic.

She was good. She was definitely an accomplished cock sucker. Her technique was pretty straight forward, starting at the tip with a swirling tongue and quickly swallowing all of my nine inches until I was lodged firmly in her throat. Then she upped the suction as she stroked me repeatedly from tip to base. I have always prided myself on my staying power under difficult situations, but this was something I was not prepared for. I didn't last five minutes before filling her mouth, throat and belly with an unbelievable quantity of my seed. I'm talking at least ten forceful spurts and a lot of dribble. She moaned, slurped, sucked, and managed to seize every single drop without so much as a moist fleck escaping. She was that good.

But then, she didn't stop. I mean she kept going, sucking my cock hard and fast until there was absolutely no chance of my going soft after that tremendous cum. Then, without any hesitation, she moved up to straddle me with her knees on either side, and she sat down on my rock hard dock, taking the entire length inside her in one downward plunge. She gasped audibly at the new sensation of being so filled with man-meat.

Then, she kissed me. A long, deep passionate french kiss. Our tongues intertwined and dueled with each other as pure passion flowed two ways. It was definitely the most lust-filled kiss I have ever had the pleasure of being subjected to, and I did my best to return the favor in kind. It lasted for three, four, five minutes.

My hands were not exactly idle during this period. In fact each had grabbed one of her tits, and I was gently squeezing her nipples through her blouse and bra as the kiss continued. Then I pulled her blouse out of her skirt, unbuttoned it, unsnapped her front-closing bra, and began kneading her beautiful breasts in earnest. And still our kiss went on, and on, and on...

She began rising up and down on my pole. Her movements were barely noticeable at first, but in just a few minutes she was stroking five inches on each rise. I began stroking upwards to match her rhythm Then she increased her upward movement slightly and my dick was now stroking up into her for almost all of its length. Then she began slowly increasing her speed, and it was all I could do to hang on and not fill her oh-so-tight pussy with my sperm.

She broke our kiss then. Her body suddenly tumbled into one of the most intense orgasms I have ever been privileged to be a part of. She was gasping for breath as she literally collapsed against me, limp as a rag doll. Which brought up another slight problem. Her cunt had literally clamped itself on my full length, squeezing me tighter than I have ever been before. I remember thinking that, were it not for the incredibly intense pleasure I was experiencing right then, my predicament might almost have been painful.

She regained her composure then, and I could clearly see her weak smile in the darkness. Then she again began stroking herself up and down on my rod slowly and with just a little up and down movement. Fortunately her pussy muscles had now relaxed, and we were both once again experiencing the wonderful pleasure of raw sex. Her speed and stroking both increased over the next few minutes, and I felt myself begin to stir in the area of my balls. I knew my release was just seconds away, and there was nothing I could do to slow it down.

I started humping upwards faster, and she apparently realized I was about to explode inside her.

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