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Trixi heads off-roading with an old friend.

Jack said lightly, as if he wasn't sure if he should object, "uhhhh..." Was the objection to the scenario that L explained to him, or to her hand play? But with his back against the wall, it would be hard for anyone else to notice.

L turned her face back to me and said, "Charles, why don't you be a dear and fetch me a drink. My mouth is a little dry and I've been empty handed watching Jack indulge."

"OK, that's fine," I answered. "By the way, I bumped into another Valerie on the other side, if you want to meet up and pretend you are sisters. She had short brown hair and glasses. You'd have to work on the story. If both of you flip your hair at the same time it might be freaky, though."

"Right," L said, but obviously turning that over in her mind. I think she understood about the real Valerie nearby, but not about using her hair to signal me when to return.

I went off to fetch a drink for her. L was back at it, laughing with Jack and speaking closely into his ear. He accepted the intimacy of her embrace, and was smiling and nodding enough, but I'm guessing that he was debating how all this was going down by the amount he was talking. I made my way to the cash bar and bought her a Scotch and Soda. But then I hung back with it, waiting for a hair flip, and listening to the innocuous conversations of the doctors. There was a lot of chatter about the pharmaceutical companies, insurance papers and football tickets. There was nothing juicy about nurses or patients.

I was eating cheese cubes when L looked around and saw me at the center food display. She seemed surprised that I had not returned with her drink. I was thinking, "Try flipping your hair, you dingbat."

As I was walking back over to them, L deliberately clutched Jack's glass and took a couple sips. Then Jack took it back and turned it so he could sip from the same spot.

"Oh, I brought your drink," I informed her upon my arrival.

"Never mind," L said, in a demeaning voice. "Jack was a gentleman. He wasn't going to leave me high and dry. Why don't we meet out front? I'm going to refresh in the powder room."

She left the logistics unexplained and took off for the bathroom. I supposed she meant that the three of us should regroup at the entry, and Jack started to drift that way with me. I set the Scotch down on a dirty plate tray on our way out.

Jack spent the time with a reassuring tone to me. "You've got a very special lady there," he said. "I'm sure you both love each other. I want you to know that I'm going to treat her like the classy woman that she is."

"I'm glad," I said.

"I'll do exactly what she wants. I won't try to force anything on her. I'll make sure she's happy," he said.

"I hope she is," I said. If Jack was trying to test how far I'd let him go, I wasn't giving any clues. That was up to L.

L came out to us, smoothed down the sides of her skirt, brushed her hair back and announced, "OK!" She turned and led the three of us back to the hotel.

The two of them were rather quiet and hands off on our way back, maybe because of my presence or maybe because of other doctors walking the same direction. By the time we reached the elevator I was leading the way. Several other doctors were on the elevator, and I removed my name badge as did both L and Jack. L tied up her hair with an elastic band. It always surprised me how women could hide these things until they wanted them.

Jack said to her, "You should leave your hair down. It's so beautiful." He became bolder with only two doctors to exit on the lower floors.

"I wanted to give my neck a little air," L explained.

When the other doctors got off, then Jack said, "You do have a nice neck. Very thin." He stepped over to her and massaged the back of her neck.

"Umm," she purred.

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