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A woman and her young lover are punished.

"I can't enjoy a man thoroughly with a raging headache like this so first thing first." Eager to follow orders, and have her sooner rather than later, he practically ran to seat himself.

"I apologize if the sight of me on the table scared you at first. I needed a little me time so I enjoyed my body after locking up last night. Fantasized.....a lot. It was good." A knowing grin spread across her face as she watched Sam lick his lips without realizing what he was doing.

A little embarrassment showed through in her small laugh, but she went on. "I had so much fun playing, in fact, that I fell asleep when I stopped to savor the way I was feeling. I come down slowly. " She tossed her long hair seductively over her shoulder, watching him, carefully looking him up and down for a reaction, and finding one.

His dick was throbbing painfully in his pants, and he could hold his tongue no more. "It's very nice to meet you indeed Nellie. Now. What do you intend to do with me?" He squirmed in spite of himself.

Nellie walked over to him untying her robe slowly so that it fell open just enough to see her bush, and make him wish her nipples were visible.

"Whatever I please." she informed him.

Sam was ecstatic. This woman was ready to have her way with him! He leaned back and unzipped his pants, then reached for her hand, put his dick in it and said "I am all yours. Do whatever you want."

Nellie responded with a purr of sorts, "I thought you'd never ask." And instantly she was on her knees, his cock was in her blissfully warm and wet mouth being sucked like a straw. He watched her move her lips, felt her tongue lick him all around, and grunted his appreciation.

She stopped after a few minutes and gave him a good stare. "Now I expect you to return the favor and pleasure me the way I instruct you when it's my turn. Is that clear?"

Sam nodded, even though he wasn't entirely sure he knew what he was promising. Nellie returned with a flourish that nearly made him cum within seconds, and now he knew what her words meant. He was to control himself.

He had enjoyed watching her, but now with this most difficult mission in front of him, he leaned his head back on the chair and closed his eyes in an effort to sustain himself. It didn't help.

He grunted again, and against his will his hips began to rock and move to meet her mouth, as she sucked him off good and hard. He caught himself just in time. "Stop!" he told her and he stood up.

"Good boy." she cooed, as she untied his boots and slipped them off, all the while tickling and teasing the tip of his penis as it dripped with precum.

Sam knew he wouldn't last much longer, it was all so exciting, new and wonderful so he lifted her to her feet as soon as she had freed him from his pants, having every intention of taking her on the couch.

To his great frustration she shook her head and took his hand leading him back into the bar. "I don't want a drink. I want your wet pussy to swallow my cock so I can pound you into oblivion!"

She stopped walking, turned to face him and shook her head, "You need to service me the way I want or I won't pay. I am the customer after all."

He followed her gaze as she slowly turned toward the bar. Surely not, he thought, but oh yes, she walked him over to it and asked for his assistance. He held her hand tightly as she stepped up onto the stool.

It swiveled slightly, but it didn't faze her, and it made him wonder how many times she'd done it before. He didn't allow himself to wonder anything else because then it was his turn.

Once he stood next to her on the bar, his swollen cock pulsing with urgency, she instructed him to lie down in front of her. He obliged, his eyes searching her out for his next order, but unnecessarily because she made her intention known as she moved into position above him.

Nellie tasted so sweet, and he reveled in hearing her pant as his tongue probed in and out of her vagina, making her juices flow harder.

"Now my clit.

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