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Truth or Dare in a hot tub with friends.

It seemed to be hard coded into them with a very small range of variation once they had been born.

The doors to the room closed and I began the extraction cycle. Watching as the tube began to move towards the specimens flaccid sexual organ. Seeking the tip of the organ out the tube changes length and width as it tries to judge the organ. Eventually its questing edge catches the specimens member, finally locked on it quickly slides over the length. Contracting as it sealed itself around the organ.

The effect of the touch of the tube, now filling with a warm thick lubricant, is immediate. The specimens sexual organ begins to swell as I watch the blood rushing to its crotch. The heatmap of its body adjusting as its temperature suddenly changes. Its head lurches slightly as I see its mental activity starting to spike, overcoming the sedatives in its system.

I watched as its organ rose to its full length. I punched the measurement into the log, this one seemed to land right in the middle of those we had seen so far on other specimens. Although it did have a much wider semen extractor than the others. It bulged in the tube as the material started to slowly pulse. Squeezing and rubbing against the nerve ending filled flesh of the specimens sexual organ.

Now fully conscious it was trying to free itself from the rig. The extracter staying clamped to it even as it thrashed around. On my screens I could see the red blossoms of fear and panic spreading through its mind. In the corner of the screen a small timer ticks up. I watched with interest as the deep red of panic met the light pink cloud of pleasure, the two signals mixing as the signals flew between its synapses.

The collection apparatus was now in full swing. Warm fluid filling the space around the creatures organ as it was squeezed and rubbed over by the soft flesh like walls of the tube. So it was that, like every specimen before it, the ugly red of fear and panic were replaced with the warm pink of pleasure and arousal. I stopped the timer almost at the exact same time the creature stopped moving in the rig with only its hips jerking forward spasmodically in time with the movements of the Collection Unit.

As I watched I could see the changes in the chemicals in its blood and the speed of its heart rate. Looking past the screens I could see that it was clearly coming close to its limits. The Collection Unit knew this as well and responds as it was programmed to. With a suddenness that caught the specimen off guard the tube was suddenly withdraw. Moving back and then down with the open end of the tube placed under the head of the organ. The specimen was left, its organ dripping lubricants as well as a thin stream of its own seminal fluid. That's why the tube remained under the organ, to catch this fluid, we had already learnt of the small amount of fluid these creatures produced. So this part of the process was designed simply to as large a sample as possible.

Other creatures on the homeworld of these things had been found to produce huge amounts of seminal fluid and there had been much discussion of why these creatures seemed to produce so little. Unfortunately we had not been able to engineer a experiment to test the success rate for fertilization in the wild just yet. Our passive observations had left us with a rough idea of the success rate but we needed hard evidence. I myself had submitted several proposals on how to go about this although they had all been knocked back so far.

In the other room the specimens heart rate had dropped and its organ had stopped twitching quite so much in the air.

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