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On a cold day, passions burn hot.

"Is this girl really gay?" was the head line. Inside there was the whole story about the gig in Brussels, how Ville carried Silke on stage with more pictures. Silke going in the hotel alone, Ville following a bit later, the boys and Silke having dinner, and Ville carrying Silke to bed.

"Oh well now I know how I look like when I'm asleep." Silke winked at Ville.

Ville looked at her astonished: "Aren't you freaked out or mad? They're really dishing on you in that article. What will you friends and family say?"

Silke replied very calm: "Ville I knew that you were a public person so this could be expected. I didn't think it would be this quick but hey... About my friends and family, most of my friends were there so they already know what happened and I'm gonna call my mother immediately cause she doesn't even know that I left the country... AND btw" she said with a raised voice "IF I have to be mad at someone it would be you Ville!!!"


"Yeah you picked me up and took me on stage!" as she looked at Ville mad.

Ville felt really small and looked at her with this puppy look "Sorry kulta."

She hold her hands out as if she was going to strangle him. By this time Ville was scared that she really was mad at him. But she just took his face in her hands and kissed him.

"You're so cute when you're scared." she smiled, "But I'm gonna call my mum first."

Ville and Seppo left the bedroom to give Silke some privacy. At the door Ville turned and asked if Silke's mum knew she liked girls too. Silke smiled at him and answered that she knew already, she blew him a kiss and he closed the door.

Ville looked at Seppo and asked him "Is this girl for real? Like she's totally cool with, well... everything, I'm not even that cool about it and I'm used to it..."

Seppo answered "Well she seems a very down to earth girl that just doesn't panic at things... And that takes things as they come... So I would treat her good Ville, you don't wanna loose this one."

Ville smiled and said "I wasn't planning on letting her go."

Silke called Rick first to make sure what was in the papers in Belgium but it was pretty much the same although not on the front pages. Silke took a deep breath and dialed her mums number. Normally her mum doesn't read newspapers but she does watch the news.

"Hey mum." she said nervous.

'Hey, everything ok? You sound a bit tired..."

"Yeah I'm ok but I just woke up from a nap, I have to tell you something..."

"What? That you've met this rock star and went with him to London?"

She sounded a bit mad but mainly worried.

"Yeah that about sums it up, but I'm not just in London with him, I'm going to Finland tonight... I took up my holiday so I could take the time to get to know him better..."

"You're going where? Have you got your things packed already? And without saying goodbye? Did you even think about this for 5 seconds? You don't know him and you're going to his country and stuff!" Her mum started ranting...

"MUM! Calm down, please? I have thought about it, Rick and the guys met him too and told me to take this chance. He makes me smile mum..." Silke answered a bit anxious.

"So Rick met him too? And he was ok with this?"

"He convinced me to go, he even packed up my things".

"Ok then have fun but I want to talk with this guy before he takes you away, that I've at least heard him say that he's gonna take care of you."

"Mum no, please? I'm 26 years old I know what I'm doing."

"Silke put him on the phone or I'm calling the cops!"

"Ok already give me a sec!"

Silke sighed, put the phone on the bed and went looking for Ville.

"Ville? I'm afraid my mother wants to talk to you."

Ville smiled and said: "Well that's a bit normal sweetheart? I am a stranger and you did leave the country with me... I'll be my charming self and it will be ok, she's just trying to be a good mum."

"Just be normal Ville." she begged him.

They went in the bedroom and Ville picked up the phone.

'Hello Mrs. I'm Ville how are you?" he said with his most charming voice.

"Well how do you think I am after heari

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