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Jeff's holiday becomes delightfully complicated.

I work my way up your collar bone to your neck and bite you gently at first but soon they're almost painful. I've grabbed your hands and am holding them above your head so you can't do much but watch me and squirm. I teasingly nip your earlobe and then rub your nose with mine. You lift your chin to search for my lips but I sly away, giving you a wink.

I go back to your neck, biting. You can feel the heat from my cunt on your cock, so close yet so far away. I nibble your earlobe, and my breasts sway over your chest. I bring a hand down to start massaging my breast, first lazy, slow then work to the tip and you get a small spray of milk onto you. You squirm even more.

I say, "ah ah, no fighting!" and give you a rough teasing kiss, pulling your lip as I pull away.

I tell you to keep your hands above your head and move my body up so I'm straddling your stomach, my heat burning against your belly. I start to massage my breast, pinching the nipples and lightly rocking my hips. I bend over slightly and spray your chest with warm fresh milk, once, and then twice.

I let go and let my heavy chest drip and I run my hands over your body were the milk hit. I grab my breasts with more strongly and spray you again, then I touch your chest pinching your nipples lightly as I skim your skin.

I put one hand beside your head, lifting my body off you and leaning over you, my breasts hovering over your mouth, I tease you, dipping them low for you to get a nip or lick but not enough to satisfy you. You look at me with your eyes pleading and I give in. I dip low enough and you grab my breast in your teeth, nibbling and eventually sucking.

I'm moaning long and low, and lift up, your teeth lightly scraping as my breast is lifted from your mouth. I kiss you long, hard. I'm wanting purely what I'm trying to tease. I pull back.

Breathing hard is causing my tender, full breasts to sway. I lean and let you grab the other one, my grin of pleasure a clear indication I love your mouth. I let go of your arms and bring my hand to your hair, running my hand through it while I bite my lip. I pull back, knowing my control is slipping. You've been the perfect gentleman, doing everything I ask and don't ask. I sit back down on your belly, watching your eyes follow my every move, burning into me.

I give a wicked smile, and ask if you like what I've done so far.

You nod eagerly, and I lift myself up and off you, sitting on my knees beside you. I can't help myself. I'm practically dropping juices from my hot cunt. I reach for your cock and grab firmly. First one hand then two. I bend over and push the head of your cock into my mouth, but only the top.

I swirl my tongue and suck, never pushing more into my mouth. I give a long, hard suck and pop off your cock's head. I then move to between your legs and I start licking your balls as you watch me. I don't stop bathing you with my tongue as I raise my mouth to the base of your cock first, then to the shaft, fully sucking the sides.

I'm watching you as I preform for you, on you. I move to the tip and give it a light kiss with a little tongue then lift my body higher. I squeeze my breasts all over your cock, watching the mill flow like rivers down the shaft I just finished licking and sucking.

After I've finished spraying you, I lean down and start to lick it off your cock with long hard teasing flicks. Once your cock is clean, I gobble it all into my mouth, flicking my tongue on the underside as I slowly bring myself up. Your eyes are watching me, burning with passion.

I slide my body up yours making sure my breasts are touching you, my hips pushing your cock up to lay flat on your belly and I settle my hot sex on the shaft. But can't enter my just yet. I come down hard on you, kissing and moving my hips lightly as I explore your sweet mouth with my tongue. Deciding you've had enough I come up gasping slightly.

I say "You can move your arms now," and your eyes flick to my breasts.

Before I know it you're on top of me, pinning me like I had you, and your not giving me any mercy.

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