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Dr. Shaun's Origin Story.

We were both perspiring and held each other tight as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Mmmmm oh Ross, what was that all about?" Terri's voice showed her uncertainty.

"Quite simply Terri, you got spanked for the first time and you loved it. Don't try and analyse what happened, you have just joined the ranks of the thousands, maybe millions, all over the world who get turned on by spanking."

"Turned on! Oh boy was I turned on, absolutely amazing." Terri's eyes caught sight of the clock radio beside the bed. "Oh hell, look at the time, I'm supposed to be at my parents in thirteen minutes, I must dress. I have dinner with them before I play basketball tonight."

Terri kissed me then jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. As she washed I collected her clothes off the floor ready for her to dress.

As I clipped the bra into place Terri asked. "So Ross, can we see each other again? I hope this is not just a one off?"

I turned Terri around and kissed her quickly before pushing her back onto the bed.

As I slipped her panties over her feet I replied, "I really want to see you again and soon Terri. How about dinner tomorrow night at Whatsanames Restaurant?"

Terri slipped a finger into her pussy and then sucked her juices before pulling the panties into place. "Mmmm I'm still so wet Ross, dinner sounds lovely, will you book?"

"Yes I'll make a booking and phone you tomorrow." I grinned as I helped Terri on with her tight jeans.

"So tell me Ross," Terri asked as she slipped into the blouse and buttoned it up. "Have I paid for my big mistake now that you have spanked me? Or did your revenge go further?"

I smiled and told a little white lie. "I think you have paid for your mistake, though I would love to spank you again."

Terri giggled again as she pushed me away and slipped her feet into her shoes. "We are even now ok?" She queried again and held out her right hand.

I grinned and shook her hand. "Debt fully repaid, and in the most delightful way. Now you had better scoot off to your parents."

I escorted my delightful companion to the front door and after we kissed once again Terri pulled a business card from her purse and said, "Phone me Ross, I look forward to dinner tomorrow night and as for spanking me again, you'd better!"

I opened the front door and slapped Terri's arse once more as she stepped onto the front porch. She laughed and ran to her car; I stood on the porch waving goodbye as she drove away.

I telephoned Whatsanames Restaurant immediately and booked a quiet table for the following evening. I then dialed Terri's number and left a message on her answering machine to say that I would pick her up at 7.00pm and that she had better be ready on time!

The next day passed slowly until I finally parked my car out the front of Terri's apartment building. She was waiting in the downstairs foyer and I was delighted to see a small overnight bag on the floor beside my sexy date.

"Staying out tonight are you?" I inquired as we hugged and kissed.

"Oh I sure hope so!" Terri laughed. "I do have to go to work tomorrow so I brought a change of clothes with me."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." I exclaimed as I grabbed the bag. "Let's eat, I'm hungry."

"Mmmm so am I honey, and not just for food." Terri giggled again. "Did I tell you I'm vegetarian? But I do makes exceptions and love to suck on a sausage for special male friends."

We laughed and drove the short distance to Whatsanames where we had a very enjoyable evening. The food was excellent as usual and Terri was delighted with the special vegetarian menu. Conversation was easy with my captivating companion and the time sped by as we learnt more about each other. We both laughed when I asked what my ex classmates would say if they could see us together? A couple of times during the evening Terri seemed a little distracted, as if something was on her mind. I found out what that was as soon as we arrived at my home.

I dropped Terri's bag in the entrance hall and guided her t

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