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The driver gets off, too, eventually.

She again started to experiment and put her legs around me, first my thighs and then my back. I fucked her like that for some time but then took her legs and put them on my shoulders tilting her pelvis upwards.

I looked in her eyes when I fucked her in that new position and saw how her expression changed from surprise to delight and pleasure. I decided that it was enough for her first time and slowly brought us towards a mutual ending. I nearly missed when her moans gave way for her single cry but was able to come moments later. It became very pleasurable for both of us.

I rested on top of her for some time. She embraced me caressing my back and there were small sounds of pleasure. Eventually I raised my upper body to look at her.

She smiled looking utterly happy and pulled my head down for a kiss and then a hug. I rolled off her and she immediately cuddled in my arms.

"That was incredible. Much stronger and better than I could imagine when reading about it," she whispered lying close to me. "It was so lovely when you so tenderly fucked me during my orgasm. And of course when we came together. That, I have read, is what all couples should strive after. I now understand why. It was just lovely." She chatted on seemingly completely at ease.

"How long does it take until a man can do it again," she asked after we had freshened up and was back in her bed.

"Well, it depends on the man of course but also on many other circumstances, for instance experience, age, if he is tired already from the beginning and so on. But the woman is perhaps the most important factor and the help she can give to get him back in full vigor."

She was quiet for some time considering what I had said.

"Oh, well . . . do you think . . . well, do you think that I can give that sort of help?" she asked hesitantly.

"But yes of course. Every woman can do it, it's very much a matter of will" I said.

"Well . . . that . . . that I want to do. I very much want . . . want to be taken again. Tell me what I should do, please," she whispered shyly. "I want to learn . . . is it now that I should take your cock in my mouth? Giving head, it's called, isn't it?"

"Oh yes, that's a very good way. There are many names, suck cock for instance. But many women don't like to do that. They find it disgusting. But there are many other ways. Using the breasts for instance."

"Why don't they like that when it leads to something lovely," she asked surprised and moved away from me to be able to fondle my cock. She fondled me for a little while then pushed me to lie on my back. She knelt at my side and took a good look at my private parts.

"It looks nice to me," she said after a thorough study. "It's rather cute I think being so small and soft. It's hard to believe that it can become so big and hard and do such lovely things in me. I want to try to . . . to suck cock, I want it to get big and hard again," she said. She slowly moved her head down holding my limp cock in a soft grip. She put her lips on the shaft and let them rest there for a little while. Then suddenly she took my entire cock into her mouth.

She gauged slightly when her mouth suddenly got filled but she soon got the hang of it. She started to play with my cock using her tongue and chewed on it. Her instincts made her grab my balls and caress them too. There was little finesse to begin with but she experimented eagerly. And she got the hang of it. It became pleasant for my cock in her mouth and my balls got caressed very nicely. She would become good at sucking cock I thought, given more practice.

In fact she treated me so nicely that it gave the desired effect. I started to grow in her mouth and she had to ease part of my swelling cock out of it. Suddenly she pulled her mouth away and looked at me with beaming eyes.

"I could do it, couldn't I? I mean helping you to get hard again. I can't understand that some women find it disgusting. Giving head is just lovely. To make the cock grew in the mouth feels so nice and so rewarding."

She lowered her head towards my cock again.

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