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Julie's wolf gets into a fight, and uses her finishing move.

"I think, if you kneel down, you can get an even better shot if I do this, right?" Her body was sideways to me so I couldn't see what Arnie (and his two friends, who quickly moved over behind him) could. But I saw that her sweater had gaped wide open, and I knew the guys had to be getting a great view of her breasts dangling like ornaments inside the sweater. She smiled innocently at the camera as Arnie took several more shots of her.

Nancy then rolled back on her butt and again sat primly with her skirt covering her upper legs. Arnie retreated with the camera a few feet further to the left (from my vantage point). "I need you guys to tell me exactly what to do," she said. "I always pose best when I'm following directions. After all, men know more than I do what's exciting to them. And that's what counts in this kind of modeling."

This was not anything we'd talked about earlier, but my wonderful wife's comment was ingeniously horny. In it she managed to strike just the right note of submissiveness. The guys were being told that they would not only get to see this gorgeous creature naked, but they would be in control of the whole erotic experience! I wondered if they'd be tempted, given this power, to push the limits she'd set.

"OK," said Sid when no one else offered any ideas. "Maybe you can take off your sweater now."

"Maybe you can help her take it off," suggested Arnie. "That would be hotter." "OK. But don't take a picture of my face." Sid said this a little menacingly to Arnie as he walked over to where my wife was sitting. He leaned over her, his back mostly to the camera, and tugged awkwardly at her sweater.

"Maybe it would be easier if I stood up," said Nancy. "Would you like me to?"


Sid pulled her to her feet. She turned her body sideways to the camera, and Sid stood behind her, his handsome face now in profile.

"Could you remove it slowly?" asked Arnie. "I mean, don't just yank if off all at once."

Yes, I thought, gently stroking my hard cock in the cabinet. Take your time, guys. I want to watch you do a hundred little things to my wife!

Sid, a little tentatively, ran his hands slowly up either side of Nancy's body until he was nearly touching the perfect breasts he'd just seen exposed. Then he lowered his hands to her waist and placed them beneath the sweater. Again slowly, he ran his hands up her body, this time inside the sweater. This caused her belly and midsection to be exposed. She leaned back against Sid and gave a little sigh. Then she whispered something to him none of us could hear and raised both her arms up and behind her. She placed both hands behind his head.

Apparently in response to what she'd whispered to him, Sid immediately slid his hands up and cupped them over Nancy's breasts. She responded with another sigh and offered him more encouragement, "Oh, yes, like that. Hold my tits like that," as he caressed them beneath the sweater. She had raised her head slightly and closed her eyes with pleasure. Sid leaned down and began kissing her neck

The camera flashed six or seven times over the next minute or so as Sid took his time fondled my wife's breasts. Once Arnie protested, "Damn, Sid, you're having all the fun. I bet those tits really feel great."

Watching the outlines of Sid's knuckles working as he enjoyed my wife's naked breasts under her sweater and kissed her neck, I almost had to cum. But I forced myself to stop stroking my cock. It was way too soon. Hornier things than this would no doubt happen. Jimmy, meanwhile, had repositioned himself on the floor just to the left of where Arnie was shooting. As Sid played with Nancy's breasts, I heard Jimmy stage-whisper to Arnie: "Do you know where the toilet is? I really have to go. Do I have to go upstairs?" Again the breaking voice.

Nancy heard him, and despite obviously loving what the handsome Sid was doing to her, she pulled herself free of him and told Jimmy he should use the downstairs bathroom.

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