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Brother's love.

..? Cassidy started to say, but stopped when she felt her sister starting to lick her clit in earnest. "Ohhh Jesus, shit yesss!" Cassidy further elaborated when she felt Cynthia grab her legs and begin to lick her hard and fast.

Cynthia surprised herself with her aggressive behavior, she felt positively animalistic as her tongue played over her sister's labia and even pushing into her pussy, tongue fucking her and causing Cassidy to moan and writhe. Cynthia could tell by her sisters actions that she would soon orgasm...something that the new feeling Cynthia wanted very much.

"Ohhh yess, yes...that's it...use your tongue...uummm...tongue fuck me...mmmmmm...oh shit, slide in...uuuhh...some fingers...mmmm!" Cassidy panted out to her sister, sliding her hips closer to her sister as if to get more of her sister's tongue inside herself. After a few seconds she felt two of Cynthia's fingers begin to slide into her and felt a flood gate rupture as her sister's fingers went deeper while her tongue still played over her clit and into her outer lips. "Ohhh yess, yeessss...there...there...uuuhhh yyyaaa...uuhh shit yes...uuhhh...mmmmmmm...AARRRGGHHH!" Cassidy grunted out loudly as her orgasm hit her.

Cynthia continued to ravage her sister's tender slit as she writhed in orgasm, licking and sliding her fingers deep into her. But near the end, Cynthia lifted her head and starred in amazement at her sister, still convulsing as her fingers still slowly penetrated into her. After a few more seconds Cassidy gave one last shudder and moaned deeply.

"Uhhh...I needed that. Thanks Cynthia." Cassidy said as she sat up slightly, looking at her sister, and then laughing softly at what she saw. Her laughing caused Cynthia to blush deeply, with her thinking she was being laughed at for something she did wrong, and she looked away from her sister. "Cynthia...I'm only laughing at your face...your covered in girl goo. Well I just thought it funny is all. I'm sorry...here let me help..." Cassidy said as she quickly sat up and grabbing her sister's head, brought her mouth to her sister's face and began licking her juices off her sister's lips, chin, and nose. Cynthia giggled; Cassidy's tonguing tickling her face as well as the silliness of the situation. Cassidy then reached down and began tickling her sister's sides, causing even deeper laugher from her sister. After a half minute Cynthia was panting for breath.

"Stop...enough...can't...breathe!" Cynthia tried to say between breaths. Cassidy stopped but then brought her face close to her sisters.

"Ok, but I thought you might want me to tickle you...here!" Cassidy said as she moved her hand quickly down and playfully half tickled- half stroked her sisters love mound through her nightie.

"Ohhh, yes please." Cynthia moaned aloud, growing quite serious, very much wanting her sister to return the favor.

"I thought so." Cassidy muttered as her hand rubbed over Cynthia's labia, feeling her sister's lips part through the fabric of her night gown. Cassidy softly growled in desire and moved her hand quickly inside Cynthia's panties, feeling her sister's extreme wetness as her fingers became drenched with the contact. "You're so fucking wet Cindy!" Cassidy moaned out, receiving a simple nod as her response. Cassidy smiled at her sister, then sunk two fingers deep between her sisters budding pussy lips, causing Cynthia to gasp deeply. Cassidy thrust her lips forward and captured her younger sister's ecstasy, her tongue invading her mouth. Cynthia moaned as she felt the double penetration of her sister's fingers and tongue.

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