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Kristy is shown her true place.

Did you know that she made a play for Daddy? She follows me around trying to help me with everything. At first I thought that she was just being nice. But I really think that she has abandonment issues.

Mother, you twisted that poor girl to the point that she wants what you have or had. She's so obsessed with you that she's trying to become you.

The funny thing is that I don't have those issues and I'm the one you abandoned. Maybe I don't have them because for most of my life, daddy picked up the slack. He was my mother and my father at the same time. So if you think..."

I quickly hung up the phone. Lila wouldn't be any help to me. I hated doing it, but I needed to put my own daughter on the enemies list. If she wasn't for me, she was against me. She wasn't a primary enemy though. I had always known that Lila would side with her father in any argument. Lila was simply misguided; just as her father was. Mark didn't realize how much I love him or the fact that I am the best woman for him.

Without me, Mark would become another crusty, lonely, miserable divorced man. I couldn't let that happen to him when we were so close to having everything we'd always wanted. He would be far happier forgiving me and living our perfect life, than divorcing me and being miserable.

I needed my own lawyer and I needed a shark. I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled out my phone. I googled "divorce lawyers," and put in my zip code. There were more results than I expected. I called the top three results one after another and set up appointments for all of them. I drove to the first appointment then instead of going home.

The first lawyer was an older man. He had that "doing the best for the family vibe," so I thanked him and walked out.

The second lawyer was a woman. She was all about protecting a woman's rights in a divorce. When she started talking about making sure that I maintained the home so Lila would have a place to go when she was home from school, I realized that she was not the one for me. Lila is over eighteen. She can and will make her own decisions regardless of what any lawyer or judge would say. There is simply no way that anyone could keep that girl away from her father. And I wasn't sure I'd want to. Even if Lila was fifteen or sixteen, I think I would have rather had her live with Mark.

She asked me about the reason for the divorce and when I explained it to her, the expression on her face changed. She was clearly one of those people who believe that cheaters should be punished and that infidelity is unforgivable.

I thanked her for her help and left her office as well. The next guy was different. His office was a huge place. He had a fountain in the middle of the outer office and art on the walls. He had a fat belly, smoked a cigar and wore a diamond pinky ring. "How much does your husband make and what do you want out of the divorce?" he asked. He blew a huge puff of smoke into the air.

His entire demeanor was different. He didn't give a shit about me. I was just another case to him. "I want to stay married," I said. He took a big puff of his cigar and looked at me hungrily.

"Haven't had one of those this month," he spat. He looked at me. "Are you trying to keep him from running off with a hotter or younger woman? Or did you cheat?"

"I..." I began. Before I could even complete my thought he spat another question.

"One time or multiples?" he asked.

"A few times," I said. "But you have to believe me, I..."

"Save it lady," he said. "You don't have to convince me. I don't care. The divorce game is just that. It's a game. The most successful players are the ones who best understand the rules and manipulate those rules the best. In this case it's like a volley ball game. Your husband wants to win. To do that he has to get more points than you do and have the divorce go in his favor or just be granted the divorce.

"Your goal is different.

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