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A textile sister visits a nudist resort with her brother

My shoulder-length brown hair is tied neatly in a ponytail behind my head to keep it away from the pink leather straps of my large pink ball gag. Both my arms were firmly held together behind the back of the chair by a pink leather arm binder, and matching posture collar to ensure my eyes never left my wife and her lover.

Oh, I nearly forgot - matching pink satin full crotch less briefs, which allow my wife access to the large pink gel butt plug inserted in my rear if she so desires. She has also very thoughtfully encased my small four inch cock-clit in a highly polished chrome Houdini chastity device.

She moaned gently, briefly glancing over her shoulder in my direction, smiling at my predicament, and then turning her gaze back towards her lover as he thrust his hips upwards to meet hers, she plunged down onto his enormous shaft once more. The two of them were in perfect sexual harmony, and were a delight to watch as they made love. Indeed, it gave me great pleasure to watch the sexual pleasure he brought to my beautiful wife.

My wife leaned forward briefly, her open mouth an invite for him to lean forward and plunge his tongue into her, passionately kissing as their tongues entwined. The passionate kiss enticed another moan from my wife, who was clearly building towards ecstasy. She leaned backwards again, and lowered herself until his full 10 inches was inserted inside her, and stopped briefly, enjoying the fullness and wonderous stretched feeling his large member gave her. My wife cupped her breasts, and began grinding her hips in a circle, squeezing and working his shaft deep inside her tight pussy, all the while rubbing her clit against his abdomen, and bringing herself closer to her climax.

He too had begun to grunt harder, thrusting upwards and trying to drive his potent rod further inside her. Wanting to resume his more powerful thrusting, he began playfully spanking her beautiful curved arse; just the amount of force he knew set her off.

She groaned deeply as her first waves of orgasm approached.

My wife sensed her lover's orgasm growing as well, gently biting her lip to try and prolong her own build-up. She obediently responded to the intent of his spanking and resumed her fucking action, sliding herself up and down his massive thickness with a more furious tempo than before. Her strength and endurance was impressive - she'd been riding him vigorously for over a quarter of an hour. He responded by also increasing the speed of his upward thrusts, his powerful muscles making it hard for her to keep her balance on her toes. To compensate, my wife had to lean forward placing her hands on his muscular shoulders. This position allowed them both to drive their hips towards each other harder and harder, responding perfectly to each other, and now both on a relentless push towards mutual orgasm. Her soaked pussy and his cock now made a delightful wet slapping noise and they powerfully fucked each other. He playfully slapped her nipples, twisting each of them at the same time. He knew she loved this and that by now she was struggling to hold off exploding into orgasm, but they both knew the tension of the delayed build-up made it all the more powerful for her, and that she could always manage to hold off until he also began to cum. They had such an exquisite understanding they almost always came together.

Sensing him getting closer, my wife began to resort to the dirty talk to tip him over the edge. His cock was now slick with her juice and glistened in the candle-light.

"You like fucking the tight married pussy, huh? She teased.

"And you love big black cock, you dirty slut!" He retorted.

"Oh god, yes. God your massive cock is making me cum!" She growled.

"Fuck yes, bitch. Keep riding my dick, bitch!" He responded.

"Oh, mmm. You cock is so much better than my pathetic husbands!"

"Mmm, that's it, I'm gonna fill you up with cum, you slut!"

"Oh god yes, I need it, cum in me..."

This scene was just about tipping me over the edge, but with very little ability to move, and my f

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