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Is it really what I always wanted?

Oh, brother a stupid drunk.

I am by nature peaceful; being an ex-marine had made me so. I don't suppose the drunk guy gave that any thought as he proceeded to mouth off at me. Calling me motherfucker and so on. I informed him that he did not know my mother and was very wrong. (my mom was not pretty, not sure my dad like to fuck her either).

Again I asked for good manners. I guess I said that wrong cause now he was gonna kick my ass.


I opened his car door and invited him out. As soon as he planted his left foot on the pavement and shifted his weight to that foot, I slammed the car door as hard as I could on his leg and ankle. (remember Marine Corps training). I then proceeded to explain good manners to him. His friend had nothing else to say.

Dana was shocked as she had never seen me be anything but peaceful.

As we drove off Dana said that seeing that had really turned her on. I laughed and said turn the A/C on and cool down. Dana said "you don't get it do you? I mean seeing you defend me makes my pussy wet and tingly." Again I laughed it off.

Dana was getting a bit pissed and finally I stopped the car and asked if she were serious. Dana said, "I am most definitely serious" and lifter her shirt and showed me her tits in a see through bra.

It was time to make a stand or run for home. I chose the first and told her that I was beginning to take her joking seriously.

Dana said she was not joking and reached over and rubbed my dick. Ok, not joking around. Dana massaged my cock till it was rock hard and then said "now, let me help you with that".

I asked if we could go to my house and if she was still interested, we could see what the rest of the night held in store for us.

When we walked past the front door into the house, Dana pulled on my sleeve and turned me around and kissed me with a short wet kiss that was electrifying.

She booted the door closed and pulled off her top in the same motion and grabbed my hand and we headed to the bedroom.

It seemed it took me a long time to get naked. My dick kept hanging on everything. Dana had shed her clothes rather quickly and was on the bed waiting for me.

Pretty C cup tits, great flair to the hips and pouty kissable lips. Dana was also very natural. With a beautiful hairy well-groomed cunt, with the pussy lips poking out a bit.

My cock was already leaking pre-cum as I mounted the bed and gently pushed her back.

I asked if she was in a hurry and Dana said no hurry just horny and she wanted me to fuck her as much as I could.

We kissed and I gently rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and she moaned. I put on just a little more pressure and she cried out from pleasure.

I kissed her neck and worked my way down to sucking gently on her nipples at first and progressively harder till she began to cry out from pleasure. I kept my mouth on her left nipple and began to rub her clit that was swollen, red and hard. As I rubbed her clit I could sense her climax starting to build. Remember; if it ain't broke don't fix it. She was slowly getting to her peak and when I thought she had reached the right moment, I bit her nipple with my teeth and jammed 3 fingers in her wet cunt as far as I could reach. I am glad I was able to hold her down as she screamed and convulsed forward and screamed yet again as I continued the manipulation of her cunt and clit. After what seemed like 8 or 10 cums she began to relax and purr with contentment.

I slowed my actions and pulled her head into my shoulder to snuggle for a few moments.

Dana's only comment was "how the fuck and what the fuck did you do that to me". My reply was patience and paying attention since she seemed to be enjoying what I was doing.

We laughed and tickled each other and rolled around on the bed caressing and touching and Dana reached over and grabbed my cock and asked if I was ready to get some relief. Yes, I was.

Dana pulled me to my feet and got on her knees in front of me and began kissing and swirling the head of my cock.

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