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Obsession with his Abuser!!


"I kept staring at your ass framed by the black garter belt and it looked so incredibly hot that I had to have it. You had lotion in your purse and gave it to me. I greased you and my cock and then slid it right in your ass. Once I was in your ass I didn't last long but you told me not to cum in your ass. I pulled out and shot my load on your buns and then put my cock back in your ass until it went soft."

"I didn't want to return to the party with a load of cum in my ass. You were cool about using your handkerchief to wipe the sperm off my buttocks."

"It was really a pretty hot thing to do and pretty risky. We left the room one at a time and returned to the party separately. What is your favorite risk taker?"

"It has to be the time in your car when we had sex just a few blocks from my house. You gave me a ride home after we stopped for a few drinks. Terry was home with some of his coke sniffing friends and I didn't want to go in the house while those guys were there."

I also remembered that night very well. We had got in the back seat of my car after parking in a very dark area blocks from her house. She slipped off her panties and I lowered my pants and underwear. She had immediately splayed her legs and welcomed me to her pussy. I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her clit I used the very tip of my tongue to tickle it. I flicked my tongue over it once and then I explored the folds of flesh on either side of it. Moaning and she had arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Cathleen went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She had pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I had sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and she had humped my face for all she was worth. I was always pleased that I was able to get her that excited and I sucked harder and played with her wonderful clit with my lips, tongue and teeth. I don't know exactly how many times she came but she had gone limp, her body in spasms. I moved between her legs and I eased my dick into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Soon my cock was sliding easily in and out of her and we picked up the pace. She had wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around the back of my legs. She arched her back as she humped me hard and fast and I made sure that my cock stayed in contact with her clit as I plowed her cunt. We fucked hard and long working ourselves toward an exhaustive state.

She tensed up wrapping her arms around my back and her legs around the back of my legs in a vice like grip. I held her trembling body tight and I could feel her drench my cock with her pussy juice. I had remained still with my cock still in Cathleen's pussy as she uttered unintelligent moans and sounds and her body quivered. Her vagina muscles were involuntarily squeezing and releasing my cock. We were oblivious to our surroundings, where we were and what we were doing.

We rested for several minutes and at that point I was anxious to get at her ass again. I moved her to all fours with her ass elevated and she placed her head on the car seat turned to one side. I started playing with her pussy and her curvy ass lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. Cathleen had reminded me to use the lotion before I fucked her and handed me a tube from her purse. I was pleased that she was prepared to get her hot ass reamed again. I took the lube and put an ample amount in her bottom. Cathleen had moaned and cooed as always as I fingered her pussy and her asshole simultaneously. I had felt my cock stretch the resistant sphincter muscles. My dick head burrowed in and her tight passageway soon yielded to the pressure of my cock. Cathleen moaned as my dick filled her asshole.

I had fucked her with long and deliberate strokes until my cock was sliding easily back and forth in her ass.

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