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Wife is cheated on and gets political revenge.

It felt unbearably huge, beyond anything he could remember.

I love to watch you beat off in my face, darling, she said. Is that the way we'll do it tonight, the first time?

As she spoke, his huge penis with the great broad head sprang out and she gasped with joy and adoration.

Jesus, he thought, staring at his titanic erection, it really is huge.

It's fucking unbelievably big, he gasped. I've never seen it so big, Angel. Have you?

It's crazy big, baby, she groaned. It's longer than it's ever been.

It is, isn't it, he gasped. It's the biggest it's ever been.

What have you done to make it like this, Angel murmured, looking up into his eyes and back at the immense, swaying throbbing cock. It's the biggest, longest penis in the whole fucking world.

I've just been... thinking about cumming on your face, all day. I'm going to cum on your face, Angel. It's going to happen. Right now. I'm going to cover your pretty face with cum.

Yes, keep saying it, Angel gasped. Say it dirty - the most dirty you can think of.

She was using her girlish voice, the one she knew drove him wild.

Say it, Angel. Say again what you want.

I want you to make it sound disgusting, baby. Slime. All over my face.

It's going to be dirty, baby, really dirty. Thick hot slime in your nose and mouth. I'm going to totally cover your nose in slime, baby. Cover your nose in hot thick slime, and all over your mouth.

Hot, thick slime! She groaned aloud.

Yes! Yes! He groaned. Rub it on you, on your nose, all around your nose.

Oh God it's so beautiful, pretty Angel murmured, her blonde hair swinging as she moved back to admire it.

Beat me off, Angel, he groaned. Beat me off in your face, darling.

Yes, love. I'm going to beat you off in my face, and you're going to shoot your first huge load all over my pretty face, while you watch.

Yes. All over you, Angel.

Does it look nice like this, Angel asked coyly, looking up at him? Your huge cock sticking out of your pants, and me still dressed too, in front of you, ready to beat you off onto my face? Thick huge white slimeloads on my face?

Beat me off, Angel. Angel, I'm going to cum before you even touch me.

Just at the sight of me, baby? At the sight of my pretty face waiting for your slime all over it?

She knew it could happen that way. Sometimes she had talked him off, both of them watching the quaking, twitching cockhead while she spoke the dirtiest, more obscene things they could think of, in the sweetest, most girlish voice, talking of taking his great hosing gouts of semen in her nose, talking of pushing his huge cockhead into first one nostril, and taking load after load, and then into the other, to take more loads. Pissing on her face, long and hard and full in her face, in her mouth, a whole day's worth of piss, in her mouth and up her nose, until the raging sexuality of it made him hard and he would douse her face with hot cum, on her mouth and up her nose.

I'm so close! Angel, darling! So close!

I know, darling, she whispered, gazing up at him.

Beat me off fast now, Angel.

What returned to him at that agonizing, wonderful and excruciating moment as Angel gazed at the swelling blue-ish head of his gigantic cock trying to contain the great eruption from his balls as it rushed up to burst on her face, was the many many times Angel's sweet pretty face had received the giant thick spurts of his semen - and the way she would always lean into the deluge, fascinated, nuzzling the thick hot spurts themselves with her lips and nose, knowing how much he loved to see them completely masked with his thick cum, cum dripping from her nose and eyelashes so thickly that it hung there until at last she wiped it delicately into her skin.

Jesus, it was really going to happen, again, the thing he'd summoned over and over again in his mind's eye as he masturbated, often 3 or 4 times a night.

It was going to come true again, right now.

He was really going to fire his thick hot wads of semen into her face.

And what was so amazing

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