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Bored housewife & a hard-bodied dark stranger meet at gym.


"Mr. Krenshaw," Keli gasped and wrinkled her nose at the thought. "You and I have a professional relationship. Anything more is unthinkable to me."

"I'm thinking about it right now." When he said it he glanced down and her eyes followed his. His dick was standing out at a ninety degree angle from his body. It was rigid, about six inches long, with a fat head on it so it looked like a mushroom. Below it his balls hung low in a wrinkly ball sack. It looked like two golf balls in a dirty tube sock.

"Oh Jesus," Keli said and averted her eyes.

"It's nice inside. She has a very nice view of the lake and downtown beyond it, a fully stocked bar, bathrooms, you'll like it."

"Oh, just stop it Mr. Krenshaw. I will stand here all day and all night before you and I have sex."

"You'll have to and more. Mistress told me that she plans to stay out as long as it takes for you to give in."

"No, that better be bullshit Mr. Krenshaw. I'll call her," Keli said and she held up her phone to emphasize her threat. He just shrugged and Keli realized her threat was no threat at all. She called and Elaine sent the call to voicemail. Keli hung up before she said anything on record that might make her life even more difficult later.

"How long have you been her slave?"

"I've been her Sub full time for almost four years. It's been the best four years of my life."

"Full time, were you part time before that?"

"Sure, for about two years, I was married when this all started. It was required of me to get divorced and cut all contact with my family. That took some time, and then my family kidnapped me and tried to have me committed, it was a mess and it took even more time to unravel it all and get free of them."

"No regrets? You just abandoned your wife and kids for this and it's all good with you?"

"None, best decision I ever made."

"What does Elaine have on you?"

"Have on me?"

"She said that the Subs usually have to be coerced into this. Like they have to have committed some crime, or cheated on their wife, something the sorority holds over their head."

"Oh, that, well I am not required to tell you that, but I'll tell you what; you take that dress off and I'll tell you."

"Go fuck yourself Mr. Krenshaw," Keli said and looked back down at her phone while turning away. It had only been ten minutes more. There was still most of nine hours to go, best case scenario, and she was freezing cold and her feet were hurting. She pulled up her Facebook page and scrolled with her back to Mr. Krenshaw. She heard him chuckle again.

"You know, if you can't handle doing me, you probably aren't cut out for this sorority."

"Yeah, why's that?" Keli dropped her phone hand to her side and turned to face him again.

"You are going to have to do a lot worse things than me during your initiation and during Sister School. I've seen many ladies go through it already. There's no sense waiting all night out here if you aren't going to get into the sorority anyway."
"What could possibly be a worse thing than you?"

"Well, Mistress has a big coon named Zeus for one. He'd be worse."

"Did you just call him a coon you racist piece of shit?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot you young people are real sensitive about that stuff. I meant to say black fella. Anyway, he's a beast, it'll be like fucking a big hairless ape."

"Jesus, I thought the last of you old time racists had died off by now. For your information I almost slept with Zeus this morning but I chickened out. I made Elaine promise to give me another shot at him and I look forward to it. He is possibly the most beautiful man I have ever seen and I would consider it a privilege to fuck him."

"Good Lord, your daddy must be proud. Is your husband black too? Joshua said he was a loser but I thought he was at least white."

"Joshua said my husband was a loser?"

"Yeah, he said he figured that was why you clung to him the way you do. Said he thought you needed a strong man in your life. I almost laughed when he said it. That boy has a lot more money than sense."

"I don't cling to him at all.

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