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It's true, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

My cheek flushed at the humiliation. When I stood in my unmentionables he struck again saying, "The command was to undress." I removed the last barrier to my modesty and stood exposed before all of these leering men. They hooted and whistled at me as I stood shivering.

Connie, before you do anything there is far more to what I endured that night that I must tell you about. Read on.

Michael commanded that I must only and always address him as Dr, Sir or Master. He made me practice each. I had thought the men to be loyal sons of the South, but they cheered my each submission. Next he explained that I was only to speak when spoken to; how to stand, sit and lie down; how I was to dress (I am not allowed to wear knickers under my petticoats any longer); and a humiliating position he calls presentation. I must present whenever he enters a room I am in or I enter a room he is in. It is kneeling facing him with my knees spread fully apart, my shoulders back thrusting out my breasts, hands behind my back with my eyes to the floor. He made me practice that striking my bare flesh at every flaw until my bottom, thighs and bosom glowed. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

Next he commanded me to present to each of the men. Again I hesitated at the thought of such behavior. Again his crop found my tender flesh. He never raised his voice at me nor spoke unkindly. Instead the sting of the whip enforced his desires. In hindsight, it was not overly much more than I had previously done for each of them before. I bent my attention to obeying so that I would not suffer another blow and found that a heat had arisen unnoticed between my legs. At each of the beds Dr. ordered me to provide for the man's needs. Since this was a much practiced activity I had little trouble complying. The men were already much excited and I had little difficulty bringing the first man to completion. When his seed landed on the sheets, Dr. struck me again and scolded me for allowing the sheet to be stained. At each bed, after much trial and error I discovered the only place that was acceptable for the ejaculate was upon my chest.

By now, I had stopped feeling the stings and the heat in my loins had become a wet fire. My own fluid coated my nether parts, slicked my thighs and heals as I kneeled at each bed. Soon, I eagerly approached each to offer him service. There were only three patients left and the Dr. ordered me to take them in my mouth. I have never done such a thing but, as you recall, have tasted semen from previous ministrations so was not overly reluctant to perform fellatio. I managed all three in quick order and the whole circuit of the ward lasted no more than three quarters of an hour due to the men's eagerness and lack of self-control.

I was commanded to return to the center of the room where the Dr. commanded me to perform each of the acts upon him. He has marvelous control and I felt a little shame that I did not bring him to climax with either of my efforts. Next he instructed me to stand, bend over and grasp my ankles. From this vantage all I could see was my new husband's lower legs moving behind me. I remained like this for several minutes when he suddenly grasped my hips and plunged the entirety of his manhood into my, I must admit, eager vagina shredding my hymen at once.

Having handled his organ on visits to his office I well knew the magnificence with which he is endowed. I had secretly longed to feel him enter me before, but had reservations as to whether I could accommodate his girth. I need not have worried. After servicing the men my womanly parts were well lubricated, relaxed and eager to receive him. His attack filled me utterly and forced the breath from my body in a sudden rush. My knees trembled and I fairly hung there impaled upon his penis. Hastily, I regained my footing for he did not wait for me as he stroked out then in. He hammered at my tender parts with gusto. Soon I was screaming out the most vulgar utterances.

With each profane word the men cheered on my Master to greater effort and I for

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