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An unexpected bonus with a new partner.


"Come on, cut it out," I pleaded, and he laughed and walked in.

"Hi Chad's mom," Blake said to her, and she looked at him and smiled. She got up from the table, wine bottle in hand and hugged him hello. From over her shoulder, he winked at the others and did a thumbs up. Her tits were pressed right into his chest.

"And hi boys," she said to rest of them, putting her hands on her hips. Her tits jiggled a little and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Let's watch a movie," I suggested, "The pizza's already here." I turned off all the lights and we sat down on the couch.

"I'll be in my room, boys, if you need anything," my mom said, and I sighed knowing she would be gone for a little while.

"Come watch with us!" Tommy yelled at her in the dark. My mom looked at me and smiled.

"No, I'll be in my room, you guys have a good time." She grabbed another bottle of wine off the counter and left.

"Such a fucking milf, man!" Blake exclaimed, and the others nodded enthusiastically.

"Seriously, Chad, your mom has got to be the hottest piece of ass I've ever seen."

"I wouldn't mind busting a nut all over those jugs, am I right?"

"And that ass! You could snap a two by four with those firm buns!"

"Stop it guys," I said.

"Nah, Chad, we're just kidding," Alize replied, "We just all want to bone your mom, that's all, no disrespect."

I turned on the movie and we all grabbed some pizza. The room was completely dark except for the bright blue glow of our giant television screen. We were about half way through the movie when my mom's door opened widely.

"Hey boys!" she yelled drunkenly; I could tell she had drunk a lot of wine. He top was skewed on her shoulder, showing way more of her boobs than the already skimpy shirt was meant to. The buttons of her shorts were open, causing them to slide up and down her thighs.

"Mom!" I yelled, but it was like she didn't hear me. My friends had all turned away from the movie and were eyeing her deeply. They weren't even saying anything, just smiling and staring at my drunken milf mother intensely.

"Who are you?" she asked Alize, stumbling over to the couch. The glow of the television reflected off the top of her tits. "I haven't met you before."

"Um, I'm Alize," he said, eyes glued to the deep cleavage of my mom's chest.

"You're kind of cute," she slurred, sitting down on his lap, "Do you got a girlfriend?"

"Mom, stop it!" I yelled, but she ignored me.

Alize slowly raised a finger and traced down the curve of her exposed breast.

My mom giggled. His dick was getting hard and poking into her leg, and she looked down at his jeans and smiled.

"What's that?" she cooed, sliding her hand down to his crotch and unzipping it with a flourish.

"Mom! Seriously, what are you doing?!" I yelled at her, but I don't even think she could hear me.

"Dude, just let it happen," Alize said to me, "Don't cockblock me from your milf."

My mom giggled and slid her hands into Alize's pants. She pulled them back out with Alize's huge cock between her fingers.

"Looks tasty," she said and smiled, and before I knew it, her head was down in his lap, bobbing up and down in wet slurps along his cock.

"Sorry dude, I guess she just really wants to suck my cock," Alize said, putting his hand and the back of her head and shoving his cock further into my mom.

This was insane. I didn't know what to do about Alize face fucking my mom until I saw that the others had their cocks out too, sort of stroking them to themselves staring at my mom.

"Seriously," Tommy said to me, "How could we not jack off?" He motioned at my mother, who had moved herself up fully onto the couch and had her head tucked deeply into Alize's crotch and her ass sticking up straight into the air, shorts straining not to snap under the pressure of her firm cheeks.

"Fuck that's good head," Alize moaned, and my mother took a long slurp of his cock and then came up for air.

She sat up and straddles Alize, one leg on each of his sides and slides her top down so that her tits were completely exposed.

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