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Smooth, shallow and manipulative Jimmy stirs everyone.

When he found purchase, he gave Kid's hair a sharp yank, and shifted on his lap to let the redhead relieve him of the braided pouch and constricting pants around his waist.

No matter how often they did this, teased one one another, his heart still thumped wildly against his ribs. It pounded not just with anticipation, not just with lust, but also with another certain feeling that he had come to love. The feeling was acceptance.

Law and Kid had grown up in clans that despised one another. The two clans had been at war with each other for eons for reasons that no one could quite remember any more. They were both heirs to their clans, and thus had a lot of the same pressures and responsibilities. The two both were expected to find partners, have children, rage war, win their battles, and die in combat.

It was what their fathers had done, and their fathers, and their fathers before them. The cycle was never ending, leaving no room for dreams, and only the hope that one of the sides would win so the God awful war could end.

When Law had first met Kid, it had been one evening when he had managed to sneak off to escape his stifling responsibilities. The only problem was that when he arrived, he had not been the only soul in the grove that night. The two meet as enemies, and they had both fought till they both collapsed. The situation was so absurd that Law had started to laugh like a maniac, and asked to call a truce. The two concurred the grove neutral ground, and so an uneasy cohabitation of the grove began. But even that didn't last long.

By the end of night Law was smitten, and actively tried to seduce the other fey. Needless to say he succeeded. Nothing stayed out of reach of Law once he decided that he wanted it, and ever since they had shared an odd, and unusual camaraderie.

Over the years the two fey's relationship deepened to the point where they couldn't imagine life without the other in it. Law and Kid learned things about each other that not even their own sires knew about, including their true names.

As Law pulled his fingers from Kid's mouth, the raven slid down the pale body beneath him. He made no effort to avoid the flushed and hard cock as he let himself brush against it, and slid his long fingers between his own asscheeks, and into himself.

He licked his kiss swollen lips, and looked at Kid with lidded, dark eyes, taunting him with what wasn't his to have quite yet.

"I remember thinking you were beautiful, Eustass-ya. Especially as I made you cry out my name that night. It was slutty enough that it put me right on the edge."

A whine sounded low in Eustass' throat as Law grabbed the red heads neglected cock, and stroked in time to his thrusts. Law felt him quiver under his touch, and that encouraged him to stroke faster until Kid vibrated with pleasure, and was moaned hotly as his member leaked precum.

Law thrusted his fingers in and out of himself faster to keep pace, and panted with effort to keep himself under SOME kind of control. Kid had grounded himself by clutching the grass tightly into his fists at first, but then one of his hands had found their way to Law's own swollen member, and made it difficult for horned fey to keep himself from just launching himself onto his lover's dick, and letting himself get fucked senseless.

It seemed that Kid had similar ideas.

"God damn," he growled, his voice rough and demanding. "Enough of this, Law, I need you!"

Law was happy to oblige him by retracting his long fingers, and slamming onto Kid's precum slicked cock. Both let of sounds of ecstasy, as Law was filled to the hilt. There was a moment of silence as the two took a moment to just to breath, and adjust, then Kid grabbed Trafalgar's horns and pulled Law's face to his own, and kissed him harshly. His tongue pushed passed Law's lips and teeth, and into his mouth, entwining their tongue in a dance for dominance.

The raven wrapped his arms around Kid's

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