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Sherry tells of her lust for a friend.


"What's the harvest?" The innocent youth asked.

"A great War that the beings make with us. I have heard the beings calling it the harvest. I am one of the lucky ones I was left behind. My neighbor was not so fortunate. I had to listen to him scream and plead for merci as a force took hold of him and ripped him up out of his warm earthy womb. I have been awaiting that same grip of death ever since."

"What pain and death are you talking about? I have not felt any discomfort in this bed."

"You are to young to know. Your part of this year's crop, they are coming for you."

"Me! Why me? What did I do?"

"You have reached the age that all the others were taken at."

"The others, what happened to the others?"

"I can't be sure all I know is that one morning as the sun was high in the sky one of those evil beings will enter our home land but, not to care for us. No, this time they are here to kill us."

"Kill us, no! I don't wont to die."

"I know you don't, none of us do, that is why we need to come up with a plan in order to stop the war from happening this year."

"What can we do, we are only carrots?"

"Yes we are but, they are only begins, just as we can die they can die."

"Kill the beings are you crazy! Who will tend to us?"

"We don't need beings to tend to us. Large groups of our kind have been thriving in areas for years and don't have beings to fear or depend on."

"Who gave these beings the power to tend to us only to snuff us out when we reach a tender young age?"

"The beings are crafty. They got their power from deceptions and false intentions. They start by giving us a good piece of land to live in with plenty of resources. But the propaganda dose not stop there. These beings will even provide for us when weather conditions are bad."

A uniform gasp comes over the group.

"How will we defeat such a creature?"

"I don't know. Let's sleep on it and met again tomorrow."

As dusk falls quietly on the garden I think about the plan to defeat the beings. We must attack their weakness. But what is their weakness? I had seen the beings many times in my life they lose their balance a lot while they walk around the yard. We can trip up the being as they come to harvest us. But how? Then it just came to me. I have a friend that owes me a favor I will talk to her. "Hey Creeping Myrtle."

"Yeah." A lazy voice replied.

"I need to cash in on that favor you owe me. "

"What can I help you with?"

Myrtle and I speak through the night of all the things that could bring the downfall of the evil beings. We reach an agreement and the plan is in place. Now all that is left for us to do is to inform the others and wait for the perfect time to act. The weeks go by with little incident. The nights are colder now and the winds have picked up the time for the harvest is here, I can feel it. The sun is slow to rise in the sky that morning. This is it this is life or death for us. A strange hush falls over the rows as we watch the house. An egg shaped being steps from the doorway of the house and heads for the shed.

"Are you guys ready for this?"

Slow waves of nods reply to me.

"Hey Myrtle are you ready for this?"

"Sure am."

The being was on its way towards us. If anyone was not ready for the events to follow it was too late to say. This egg shaped man was in its traditional gardening garb. The big boots, the cold leather gloves and overalls. He held his weapon of choice and a basket to collect his victims in. He stopped at the edge of the garden to look at the harmless plants that he had fattened up for the impending slaughter. As he prepares himself for the long day of war he lays his weapon on the ground next to him. While the being was occupied with the view of us. Myrtle made her move. One of her long runners stretched out for the beings leg. She coiled her vine around it, like a snake killing its prey. The being was kept from feeling the restraints through his boots.

Yes the plan is working!

"Hey Bob, before you get dirty, could you help me in the house?"


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