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A hot morning following an erotic night.

"Oh Goddd!...You little bitch!...That's it!...Ohh Yeahh!...Right there!...Umm Hmm!... What's poor Benjamin going to...Ummm!... think?..." Victoria gasped. Her excited murmuring turned to a frantic moan as Roxanne snatched the 'massager' up and shoved her face back down into her boss's drooling loins.

It was all Ben could do not to reach down and stroke himself through his pants as this incredibly erotic sex scene played out in front of him.

Then Ms. Jackson's hands closed in a death grip on the arms of her chair. Squealing like a little girl she lifted her loins in the air as her orgasm seized her.

Roxanne took advantage of Vickie's tautly raised body by jamming the 'massager' against her thinly covered anus. At the same time she intensified her oral assault on her boss's now convulsing pussy.

"Shit!...Oh Goddd!...Yesss!...Yesss!...." Ms. Jackson cried, reaching out and tangling her fingers in Roxanne's blonde hair.

She stayed like that, her body shuddering and spasming against Roxie's provocative tongue for long moments

"Don't!...Ahhh!...Enough!...Goddd!..Stop ittt!..." she whimpered even as she clutched Roxie's face tight against her.

But finally she had to press the younger woman away from her now excruciating loins.

Victoria slumped back down in her seat, gasping for breath. Roxie stayed crouched between her spread legs waiting for her boss's next instructions.

Finally Victoria said...

"That was very nice dear. You can get up now. Ben would you stand up for a minute please."

Ben hastily tried to adjust his pants under the table so his raging hard-on wouldn't be so noticeable. But that turned out to be impossible. He was just too big. Hesitantly he stood up as he had been asked. He bent over a little at the waist, trying to conceal his condition.

"Miss Hilton, it looks like our young assistant has a little problem wouldn't you say?"

Both women were staring at Ben's tented crotch with amusement.

"I'd say he definitely has a problem. But it's not so little..." Roxanne replied.

"Ben. Would you like Miss Hilton to help you with your ...problem?"

"Uhh...No Mrs. Jackson. I'm fine..." Ben replied in a tiny voice.

But even as he spoke Roxanne had started to undo the buttons of her blouse.

"Are you sure?..." Vickie asked with a smirk.
"Ahh...Yeah!...Pretty sure!..." Ben stammered, staring as more and more of Roxanne's chest appeared under her shirt.

"Well if you're really sure. Roxie... I guess Ben doesn't want to play."

Roxanne stopped opening her shirt and stared at Ben with fiery eyes. Pulling her shoulders back and putting her hands on her hips she said...

"I could make him change his mind!"

"Now Roxie dear. Ben is very much in love with his wife. Isn't that right Ben?"

"Well...yeah. I am."

"Roxie. Have you seen her picture? It's on Ben's desk. Ben would you mind getting it so I can show Miss Hilton."

Ben couldn't imagine where this was going but he went and got the picture. He was sure Roxanne must have seen it dozens of times. Nevertheless he brought it back over to Ms. Jackson who was reaching out for it.

It was a picture of Clare in her wedding gown, looking back over her shoulder at the photographer with a radiant smile.

"Very pretty..." Vickie said handing it to Roxie.

Roxanne took it and with barely a glance she said..."I've got better tits..." as she put it down on the front of Victoria's desk.

Now that he was standing between the two smiling women, Ben was very much aware that his erection was still bulging through the front of his pants.

"Your wearing a wedding ring aren't you Ben? May I see it?..." his boss asked with a smile.

Ben held out his hand. Vickie took his hand in hers and looked at the ring, but only briefly. Then she turned his hand over and bent his wrist back sharply.

"Whattt?...Don'tt..." he gasped, reaching out with his free hand to steady himself against Vickie's desk. He instantly remembered that this was the same hand hold she had used on him a couple of weeks earlier when she had sexually accosted him in her office.

Victoria completely ignored his a

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