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He lures her into offering herself to him.


He turned to look at me. His hair shone and his eyes sparkled in the sunlight. I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he patted my hand and thanked me.

A few mornings later Daddy and I were riding his truck, heading toward my grandparents house. The drive was several hours long and we talked about school and work. And Mark.

"I can't believe he stood you up, boy he really fucked-up doing that," my father said. "But maybe it was for the best, he probably would've tried you to do things that you might not want to do. But then, who could blame him? You have an incredible....um, damn, never mind."

I smiled at him, "Body? An incredible body? Is that what you mean to say Daddy?"

He swallowed, "Well, I, um, I don't want to lie to you, but yes, that's what I was going to say. I'm sorry princess."

"Don't be sorry Daddy," I kissed him on the cheek.

After a couple hours of talking we sat in tired silence. Tired though we were, I could feel the sexual tension in the air that felt so thick. Even though it was days after the phone call, I kept thinking about my conversation with Kim and how Daddy had heard the whole thing. I expertly talked about cock-sucking. Did he think I was a slut? Did he think I was easy? Did he still trust me? I didn't know. I knew he heard the phone talk, but he didn't know that I knew.

We pulled into a gas station and he pumped the truck full of gas. I got out of the car, "Daddy I'm just going to use the bathroom."

"Okay darling."

I went into the bathroom, tinkled, washed my hands and fixed my make-up a little. I put on a little more lip gloss and combed my hair.

I walked back out to the car. There was a cute guy about to fill up his Toyota. I smiled at him and he returned the smile. He looked to be about 27 or 28. I had to pass him to get to our truck.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi," I said to him.

I stood there to talk to him. We stood there flirting for a few minutes. I put my hand on his car and tilted my head, giggling at his jokes.

"Oh, you're just a doll!" I said to him.

I felt a strong arm on my elbow. It was Daddy, "Come on Rachel, I think it's time you left this young man alone." He lead me back to the truck.

We got in and he handed me a bottle of soda and a bag of chips that he got from that station. He opened his bottle of Coca-Cola. He shook his head, laughing, "You just can't keep away from the boys, can you honey?"

I giggled, "Not that I want to."

"Rachel!" he scolded me then chuckled. He drove out of the gas station and down the road. "Anyway, that boy was way too old for you. He looked nearly 30."

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please. Daddy, I'm 18 now. Plus, age doesn't make any difference to me. I actually think older men are much cooler than boys."

He accidentally spit out the Coke from his lips and started to cough. I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter. He pulled to the side of the road and wiped off the steering wheel and his mouth.

We arrived at my grandparents house a few hours later. Before we even got out of the truck, they came out to see us.

"Oh, Don! Rachel! It's so good to see you!" shrieked my grandma. "Where is Carol?"

My Dad explained to them he and my Mom weren't getting along too well. We walked into their house with our luggage. My grandparents were cute. Neither one of them stood over 5'4".

"My Rachel, you've grown!" said my grandpa.

I laughed, "Thanks gramps."

"Wouldn't you know it - she's getting bigger and I'm getting smaller!" he laughed and reached for my suitcase.

"Oh Grandpa, it's ok, I'll get that."

My Dad and I went upstairs with our luggage to our usual rooms. I walked into my room to find it empty, two of walls peach and two of them white. My grandma walked up behind me, "Oh dear, I forgot to tell you. We're painting your old room, and we had to move everything out, you know how it is. You'll have to sleep in your father's room." She took my hand and lead me to Daddy's bedroom.

I walked into his bedroom to find two twin sized beds and my Dad unpacking.

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