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Confederate is back home for convalescence.

My breasts are not large, but they're also not tiny, and in that particular bra I knew I was showing off an awful lot of them.

"What are you doing dressed like that, Aaron? Is this some kind of game?" As I spoke he came up to me and moved my arms to my side. And ogled my breasts.

"A game? Yes, you could call it that. You came home from seeing your latest conquest, barged into my room and had the nerve to accuse me of not being able to get a woman of my own. You, who can't keep her knickers on whenever a man smiles at you."

I knew now that I reddened. This was so unfair, but before I could remonstrate he continued.

"So, now, I'll show you what happens to naughty mothers, ones who think the world revolves around them. Put your hands on your head!"

Bemused, I did as commanded, realised what I was doing and began to put them down again when Aaron yelled: "On your head!"

I obeyed.

"Let me tell you what's going to happen, mother. Since you insist on acting like a randy schoolgirl I'm going to treat you like one. You've been sent to the headmaster - that's me - and I'm going to punish you. You're going to get a spanking, and then I'll decide what comes next." He pointed to a chair by the window. "Put that chair in the middle of the room."

Stupidly I did as asked.

Aaron sat on it then pointed to his lap. "Over here, woman, now."

In a kind of daze I moved towards him, and stretched myself over his lap. Suddenly I became aware that now he was staring at my bum, my slightly too big bum, covered only in panties that his father had seen me in. "Aaron, please, you mustn't do this. Look, let me up and I'll....I'll let you look at me for a few moments."

Aaron laughed. "Look at you? Look at you! Mother, I'm going to spank your bottom, not ogle you from afar."

And before I could frame a reply his hand came down on my bum. Oh shit, it stung, So did the next one, and the next. I realised I was yelling at him, but the hand kept coming, left, right, left, right, both cheeks of my bum stinging like mad. Then, horror, his hand took the waist band of my panties and pulled them down. And like a zombie I even half raised my hips to ease their going!

Now his hand began to squeeze my bum, to fondle it in as lewd a fashion as I'd ever felt it touched. This was my son, This was wrong. My bum hurt, I was crying, and wriggling and then he began again. The spanks rained down, my bum was on fire, and, suddenly, so was my cunt. Oh my Lord, my cunt was wet, nay, it was soaking. My son was turning me on!! And still he spanked me.

It took a moment for me to realise he'd stopped. Spanking me anyway. His hand was now between my legs, his fingers easing their way into my cunt, his fingers exciting me, his other hand now fondling my left titty through my bra, now just jerking the bra cup down and weighing my tit in his hand. His fingers tweaked my nipple. I know I called out, but what I said I've no idea. "Aaron, no. No! Stop. Oh shit, stop."

He did. Abruptly my head stopped spinning, my world began to settle. His hand withdrew from my cunt, and his fingers ceased twiddling my nipple.

His voice was thick. "Mother, stand up."

I had no thought but to obey, and I got up, all the while rubbing my bum, then trying to pull up my panties. "No, no, I haven't finished with you. On your knees" and he pointed to the floor just in front of him.

I knew what he wanted. I knew what I wanted. I obeyed, and waited as he eased his prick from his trousers. Oh my, what a size! No words were necessary, and I opened my mouth wide and attempted to engulf it.

As I got into my rhythm I slipped one of my hands down to my cunt - it did so need fingering.

"Mother, I did NOT give you permission to touch yourself, Stop."

Reluctantly I stopped.

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