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His friend's mother needed support, and more.

With out letting go he moved her to then bed and sat her down. Her own desires pounding in her chest. Her soft breasts rising and falling. He watched her eyes as he undressed. His tall frame surprisingly muscular. Dressed he seemed thin, almost gaunt. Now his chest and arms showed signs of someone who works out. Soon like Kylie he was naked. Soon his powerful arms held her tight. Soon he was pushing her back onto her back. Soon his powerful chest pressed against her. His thighs spreading her own.

Then he took one more choice from her. His hard flesh driving into her. She screamed and gripped him in pain as he opened her up. Kylie new it would hurt but did not expect it to hurt this much. For his part, he pushed in hard and deep then held her as she screamed. A slight smile on his face, maybe from knowing he was her first. The scream died off before he moved again her raw flesh causing more cries as she felt like he was ripping her virgin passage.

Slowly he began to build a rhythm. In hard. Slowly draw back. In hard. Slowly back. As he did her cries slowly shifted as her abused virgina sought to protect itself by lubricating. Soon whimpers and moans of pleasure replaced cries of pain. Soon her body adjusted to the seemingly cruel invasion. Soon she felt pleasure where the pain had been. In her young mind the two connected. In her young mind pain and pleasure were locked together. Not knowing better she accepted what experience showed her.

As she did an orgasm ripped through her. As it to confirm what her mind had concluded her twisted a nipple painfully between thumb and fore finger so that again pain and pleasure mixed in her innocent mind.

On and on the feeling of him moving within her tight passage went. Her legs ached from being spread wide. Her breasts sore from being squeezed, bit and pinched. Red bruises on her shoulders from where he sucked at them as his own pleasure mounted.

Finally she was empty. On the bed alone as she listened to the sounds of the shower running in the adjoining bathrooms.

He had left the bed within moments of their love climaxing as he filled her with his seed. Not a word spoken, just a kiss. Passionate. Leaving her longing for him as he left the bed.

That night the drive home was as usual. In silence though when he dropped her off he did kiss her and acknowledged her saying. "I love you."

"I know." Was all he said but to her it was as if he declared his love for her.

The following morning the usual email arrived.

"Today, my love....." My love was all Kylie saw. It as usual detailed what she should wear and what she was to eat. Where she was to eat. Without thinking about it she slowly gave up her freedoms. If they did not meet that day she would email him what she wore. Where and what she ate and who she talked to. Today message was different in that he called he my love not my pet as he had often done.

That day nothing spoiled her mood. He loved her the only thought on her mind. But she did not see him that day. Or the next. Or the rest of the week.

That was when he turned up after work unexpectedly to meet her. Something he had not done. He met her at the mall doors. There was no chance he would miss her as she was told to always use them at the end of the day. She saw him waiting as the doors opened and wanted to rush into his arms but knew he preferred to make the first move when it came to public displays of affection. With only the simplest greeting and a peck he told her to come with him. She could not think of anything else so of course she did as she was led to the now familiar black BMW.

Not another word was said till the black car engine went silent in the carpark for the city nature park.

"My Love." He began looking at her. "Since your visit to my home the manor has felt cold. Empty. I want to ask you something..." Silently, Kylie listened, nervous, excited and relieved at the same time.

"'I would like you to move into the manor. Quit your job. Let me look after you as you deserve."

Did he ask what she heard? Kylie was stunned.

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