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A young man named Lokan is sired in erotic fashion.

Please. Continue."

Barbara began to walk again, letting her free hand come over to cover the one she led Dick by. He felt another thrill when her soft hand covered his. She continued when there was no one close enough to possibly overhear.

"There was a boy - a man - cleaning the pool. I know him, but not terribly well."

"Was he cute?" Dick surprised himself.

"He was...is. He's hard to figure out, like there is a mystery involved there too. But yes, definitely cute. And built. He's not a big guy, but he has a really nice body. Used to be a gymnast or acrobat or something."


"And...I don't know." A shadow of doubt passed over Barbara's face. "I just started talking."


"Yes. I was suddenly horny, really, really horny. I asked him to put sunscreen on me..."

"Now who's the flirt?"

"Good point." She laughed, squeezing Dick's hand. "And while his hands rubbed lotion on me I just started to confess."

"Confess what?"

"I blathered on about a secret. Something I have never told anyone else. A sexual secret."

"Really? Wow. And then what? Did you let him...you know?"

"No." Her laugh was music to his ears. "I would have, if he had made any move at all. But he was the perfect gentleman."

"Too bad."

"I know. A gentleman was not what my body has been craving. A man, yes, among other things. Gentle, no. Definitely."

"Hmm, not gentle, huh?"

Red hair splayed out, sending invisible tendrils of her scent Dick's way, when she shook her head. "Gentle is way down on the list of what I've been craving lately. Know what I mean?"

It was Dick's turn to cover his mouth, giggle. "I think I do. And this is just since the Bone arrived?"

"Well..." Barbara drew the word out. "It's not like my tastes have changed, the kind of things I like. It's the intensity. It's like the volume dial has been turned up to ten."

"That doesn't sound all bad, kinda fun."

Green eyes flared. "Fun if you like changing panties three times a day. Fun if you like practically begging the pool boy to fuck you. And getting no response. I'm not sure which was worse: hearing myself confess to him, and I know he saw the wet spot in my bikini bottoms, or fingering myself in my bedroom after he didn't make a move."
Dick stifled a choking cough. "You...fingered yourself?"

"You have no idea how often I've let the fingers do the walking through the pink pages."

He did cough. "I think I get the picture. Kinda a nice picture too: your fingers strolling through some damp, pink pages."

Barbara leaned against her companion, shoulder to shoulder. "You like that picture...Trixie?"

"So...it's not just men you're craving?"

"Men, boys, fingers, girls, zucchini, ancient Egyptian artifacts. You name it."

Dick was rigid, stiff and uncomfortable, under Trixie's skirt. He was glad he had snugged himself under tight, binding skivvies.

He noticed that the crowd was thinning, and a glance at the clock revealed it to be later than he thought. "Oh. The time got away from me."

He extracted 'Trixie's' arm from Barbara, squeezed the redhead's hand. "This has been so...unexpectedly delightful. But I really need to run."

The librarian looked hurt. "Did I scare you off? I'm so sorry, I just started babbling. You must think I'm..."

"Shush." Dick pressed a single finger to Barbara's lips. Only his years of discipline and training stopped a groan from escaping when those lips softly kissed the finger. "I think you are one of the most intriguing, attractive women I have ever met."

"Oh." She looked touched, near tears. "I don't have any way to...will I see you again?"

Dick had taken two sauntering steps away before he turned to answer. The motion swung Trixie's short skirt outward, flashing hints of covered, toned thighs. "Don't worry your pretty head about that, Barbara Gordon. You'll be seeing more of me. I'm sure of it."

He savored the final look on her face, mixed confusion, hope and hunger.

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