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Steven becomes the property of his neighbor.

Countries with booming economies and growing populations. In the twenty-first century, new powers are rising. North America and Europe will be dethroned. It's a mathematical certainty. Trust me, I'm a business major. I know what I'm talking about.

In one of my classes, I met a fascinating young Black man named Adler Jean-Baptiste. Over six feet tall, dark and handsome. Very dark. A proud son of the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. At the heart of the Caribbean. Adler is the recipient of an international scholarship. He's taking up business administration at the University of Ottawa. I took one look at this sexy Black stud and decided I just had to have him. Unfortunately, there was a language barrier. I speak Chinese and English fluently. Adler only speaks French and Haitian Creole. He doesn't speak a lick of Chinese or English. I remedied the situation by taking a French class as a linguistic elective. A French class he happened to be in. Funny how that happened. The first day, I sat next to Adler and introduced myself. And I made sure to keep him conversationally occupied as the other ladies in the class took their seats. There were nineteen women and eleven men in the class. Ten White women, three Asian women, two Aboriginal women and four Black women. Among the men, five were White, two were Hispanic, one was Asian and one was Black. Most of the guys looked chubby and ugly, and some were even balding even though they're in their twenties. The only good-looking guy in our entire class was Adler. He kind of reminds me of that actor from that television series The Famous Jet Jackson.

I got some dirty looks from the Black ladies in class and some of the White women because I had snatched for myself the only good-looking guy, who happened to be Black. Women from places like Africa and Europe don't know how to ensnare men, seriously. Black women have too much attitude and cause men to be too damn nervous about approaching them. White women are easy but kind of annoying and dull. Us Asian women are lively, flexible and entertaining. We always seem likable and approachable. We don't make anyone nervous. That's why men of all races find us fascinating companions. I flashed my competition a mocking smile as Adler and I walked out of class together during the first day. Hey, man catching is a ruthless competition between women at colleges and universities across North America. In Canada, there's a man shortage. While most Canadian and American women are acting like they're all that, seemingly too good to bother with available Canadian and American men, Eastern women like myself sweep in and catch all the studs. What's the secret of our success? We seem harmless. And before you know it, we've got you in the palm of our hands and you're walking down the altar.

Adler and I got to know each other really well. We actually had a lot in common. We're both international students at a big Canadian University. We're both considered to be strange by our peers. As a Chinese woman, I was expected to walk around with White guys. And only White guys. I swear, White guys in North America consider Asian women to be their personal property. Too bad for them that I don't find them attractive in the least. I don't care how charming they think they are or how much money they've got. They're not getting into my pants. It takes the thought of a Black dick to make this Chinese diva's pussy wet. Sorry, White guys. Adler was different from the many other Black male students at the University of Ottawa. He's not into big-booty Black women with attitudes or super slut White women. He likes big and tall women of the Asian persuasion.

Adler and I had been hanging out casually as friends, going to movies and restaurants together for about a month.

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