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A trip to the store leads to more fun in public.

Of course Merlin was nowhere to be found, she didn't like the fact that I brought someone in. We walked up to my bedroom and he hung his suit in my closet.

"Ah Doc, I forgot to bring something to sleep in, I am going commando right now."

I thought about it for a split second, "That is ok, I think I can handle you being naked." At least I hope.

He smiled and then took his t-shirt off and then unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his jeans down. OH MY GOD, nope I can't. It took every bit of self-control in me and I think I had to borrow some from him to not pull him into bed and fuck him right then and there. I stayed frozen to where I was, he was beautiful, I know I was able to see everything of him during the retreat except that he had shorts on, but oh my was he beautiful.

He had a full head of sandy blonde hair but his body hair was black, the v that ran down to his cock, oh god, it is gods arrow saying look this way, and of course I did. His bush was trimmed and the more I looked at him the more his cock harden. WAIT, the more I looked at him the more his cock harden. I looked up and he was smiling at me. "Was wondering when you were going to look up Doc."

"Sorry." I smiled and licked my lips and he quickly stepped around the bed and kissed me. Oh god, we can't do this yet, or can we? "MMMmm Toby." I put my hand on his chest, he backed away from me and bent to kiss me once more and walked around to the other side of my bed and pulled the covers back and got in.



Oh god is the Doc going to kill me, I did really forget my shorts, I would have gone back to get them and been fine with it but when he told me he could handle me being naked, I decided what the hell and undressed. Then I couldn't believe what I saw, his mouth dropped open and he literally looked like he was drooling. The longer he stared the harder I got, I had to smiled, then he looked up at me, and I couldn't resist walking over and kissing him. I wanted to do more but I know he wants to wait and when he put his hand on my chest I knew I should back away.

The funny thing is once I walked over on the opposite side of the bed then he sleeps on he looked sad, I wonder what is going on in his head, is he wishing I would cross his line that he drew in the sand? I don't know, but I am going to keep on wooing or courting him. After I laid down I put my hands behind my head and watched him for a few minutes he looked directionless. I had to laugh. "Doc, you were getting ready for bed."

"Jackass." He smiled, I laughed at him again.

"Doc, you are wonderful, do you know that?" He just looked at me and started undressing for bed. "Well you are, shut off the light and come to bed." I smiled at him again, he stripped down to his underwear then put his pajamas on, pulled the covers back, turned off the light and came to bed. He snuggled up to me, we kissed, he laid his head on my chest and after what seemed like hours we fell to sleep.



What am I going to do? I like him so much. I didn't want to put pajamas on, but I know if I would have gotten in bed naked, we wouldn't be able to snuggle without something happening. As it is, it was hard enough because all I wanted to do was move my hand down to caress him. It literally took forever to fall asleep, but once I did, I had wonderful dreams and I felt safe all night long.

When I woke the next morning, just before the alarm was due to go off, I smiled, I still had my head on his chest, I could still hear his slow heartbeat and he still had his arms wrapped around me. I so wanted to run my hand that was on his chest down and caress his cock, but I will be good, he has kept up on his end of the bargain; I don't know how, but he has.

I decided not to wait for the alarm clock I eased myself out of his hold, rolled to the edge and sat up. He looked so peaceful sleeping, I wish we didn't have to get up this morning; I would love to be able to lie in bed with him all day. I shut the alarm off and went to the shower.

When I came back from the bathroom to dress and wake him, I was shoc

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