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I knew it was going to be a great night when Julie spun the bottle and landed on Melanie. Carl then told Julie that she had to French kiss Melanie. Without hesitation, they went at it. I won't bore you with the details but there was a lot of groping and kissing going on for about a half-hour between the guys and the girls. That was until Julie spun the bottle and landed on Ron. Carl told her to suck Ron off and she jumped up, grabbed Ron and led him to the bedroom. The rest of us just sat there for a minute or two waiting to see if either of them would come out right away.

When they were in the bedroom for a few minutes, Carl and Rachel started making out to the point that he again had her top off and was sucking on her tits. Melanie and I started making out as well. Carl got up and announced that he had to go fuck his wife and they both left leaving Melanie and me alone in the living room and Ron and Julie doing whatever in the bedroom. Melanie grabbed the bottle and pointed at me and told me that since it landed on me and that I was to her left, I had to tell her what to do. You guessed it, I told her to give me a blowjob. She got up, took all her clothes off and pulled down my pants. She went right to work on my cock. Man oh man, was she ever good! In between slurps, I managed to get out of my clothes and started playing with her tits as she went to town on my cock.

OK, here's the part where you yell "BULLSHIT!" so loud that I'll probably hear you. Julie walks into the room with a shit eating grin and can't help but to see Melanie kneeling between my legs and working my cock over. She was just wearing panties and her top. Julie says, "I want some!" and proceeds to help Melanie work my tool. I swear to God, this is the first time I ever had to girls working on my cock at the same time. I was close to busting a nut with Melanie sucking me off in her expert way but when Julie joined in, I knew I wouldn't last long at all. To look down and see two girls alternately sucking and licking my cock and balls was too much. I told them I was going to lose it and Melanie just grabbed hold and started sucking me harder. I busted nut like I never busted one before. Melanie took the bulk of my cum but Julie joined in to like some off my cock as well.

Melanie finished eating my cum and announce "My turn!" She sat down on the couch next to me and I traded places with her. Julie sat down next to Melanie but closed her eyes and seemed to pass out. I started eating out Melanie with all the enthusiasm and consciousness of what made her feel good in an attempt to reciprocate the tremendous blowjob she had just given me. In short order, she was moaning and trying to stuff my head into her pussy. I knew she was enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying eating her out. I kept eating her out for about ten minutes with Melanie moaning louder and shaking with each subsequent orgasm. I lost count of how many orgasms she had as I ate her out. With a final "OH SHIT!" Melanie started jerking through a huge orgasm. She was so loud that I was afraid that someone might call the cops on us. She also managed to rouse Julie from her stupor.

"What's all the noise?" she asked still groggy from the alcohol. "Man this guy is good at eating pussy!" she said. "Really? Well eat me!" Julie said. I didn't need to be told twice and switched my attention to Julie. I pulled her panties down and started eating her out with the same enthusiasm that I had eaten Melanie with. I took a little longer to get Julie going but I figured it was because of the alcohol. In short order, however, she was squirming, moaning, and trying to stuff my face into her pussy just as Melanie tried. Ron walked in just as I had Julie going and announced that he was heading back to his hotel room and walked out. I hardly missed a lick asking him to call me the next day. Eating Julie out was also turning me on since I had, as I mentioned earlier, fantasized about fucking her. Julie had one last convulsion of an orgasm before closing her eyes once more.

Melanie had gone to th

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