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Cameron finds out about the dark side of the rings powers.

"I don't even remember it Chelsea. Nick said..."

Chelsea cut him off. "Our love was so insignificant to you that you had sex with a whore and don't remember? Well I was there Jason, and I remember it vividly." Chelsea's voice was finally increasing in tone as anger filled her body as she recalled the scene.

"Chelsea, please, hear me out." Jason asked desperately.

"No." Chelsea replied coldly.

"Nick admitted to putting something in my drink and the only memories I have from being at his house is helping him with a bowtie and an image of you punching yourself. That last part was probably a dream." Jason said bluntly, hoping to get it all out before Chelsea hung up. Jason was expecting to hear a dial tone, but no sound came through his phone. Each second felt like an eternity. "Chelsea, I love you. Please tell me where you are at so I can see you."

Part of her wanted to scream fuck you, we're over. The other half wanted to apologize for believing he would intentionally cheat on her. At this point in time, there was only one middle ground. Chelsea hit the end button, terminating the call.

Jason knew she hung up. That wasn't a dropped call; she hung up. Could he blame her? If this was reversed, he would have a hard time believing her. After seven hours, two friends could definitely devise an excuse. He needed a confession. No, he didn't need Nick; he needed Tiffany, Ally, or Candice to come clean. Besides Nick would end up in the hospital if he saw him right now. He had to get to the prom, immediately.

* * *

Jason pulled into the Regency Gardens limousine parking area. His escort stuck out like a sore thumb, but he didn't care. It was closest to the door. He rushed in and began searching through the sea of people. At last, he spotted Ally in a red, very revealing dress. She was heading to the punch bowl. Jason came up behind her and pulled her left arm behind her back.

"You look like you need some air Ally. Let's go outside." Jason said through gritted teeth.

"Please don't hurt me." Ally was frightened.

When they hit the doors outside, Jason used his free hand to reach in his pocket. He hit the call back button and left the phone in his pocket. When he heard the muffled sound of Chelsea saying "What?", he began.

"Why did you do it Ally, huh? Why?" Jason was loud and clear, determined to have Chelsea hear this conversation.

"You better let me go; John will be looking for me." Ally pleaded.

"I don't care. I would rather John kill me than have Chelsea believe I cheated on her." Jason seethed. "And since I don't remember, I want you to fill in the blanks." Jason added more torque to her arm.

"Owww, you're hurting me." Ally's eyes formed tears.

"You've hurt me far worse. Now talk and speak up."

Ally caved. "It was Tiffany's plan to get back at Chelsea. Tiffany got the drugs. Tiffany told Candice to seduce your friend. Tiffany told me to get a red wig and fuck you. Tiffany called Chelsea so she could witness it. Please let me go." Ally implored.

"One more question. "Why? Why the hate for Chelsea?"

"At first it was Chelsea's rebellion against her. Tiffany said we had to teach her a lesson. Now I think she is jealous of Chelsea and your relationship. She's not going to stop. To her it's a game and she wins when you two are broken..."

"Hey, let go of her!" John, a 6'4" linebacker who has a scholarship to play football at a division one college in the Fall, called out.

Ally crumpled to the ground as Jason let her go. He then took off in a sprint around the building as his car was unfortunately on the other side. He reached in his pocket and took out his phone. "Did you get all that Beautiful?" Much to Jason's dismay, the only response was a dial tone. "Fuck!" Jason screamed and returned the phone to his pocket. Ten yards away from the parking lot, Jason was tackled from behind, right on the edge of the grass.

"Ah!" Jason exclaimed at his body's upheaval and subsequent planting into the gro

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