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A roadside encounter.

Patricia is fully aware of that and understands, but she is beautiful and considerate and so understanding and we make love together like a dream.

She pampers me like Janine always did, and I lay there with my eyes closed and imagine, Patricia knows that too but does not mind because she said she gets the best out of me that way.

I guess there is nothing quite so intimate than being with your girl and feeling the pure electricity as she caresses you there, and like Janine- Patricia loves to lick and suck me to the point of no return. All the time sweetly whispering how wonderful and good it is to touch and feel, to experience that special throb , the way it grows in her hand and her mouth as she massages to the full I get so absolutely huge for her, I feel the throb in my soul -when I have reached a point when I just have to have her fuck, so stiff and so deep inside her, wanting to feel her soul and enjoy her fingers exploring me, teasing along my spine and around my neck, her lips, still taints - tasting of me, join mine as we kiss deeply and passionately, ensuring it lasts until we both feel the absolute climax come and our bonding is complete.

Her sweet perfume is charismatic, the sheer ambience , the nectar radiates an atmosphere so serene and erotic, she rolls over on the thick pile red rug - lifting one knee, bending it to define those curves sent from heaven. I know I love her so much. She turns and faces me and I see the mischief in her eyes, she wants more of me I know it and I am not complaining.

"You make love so good Alex, I love you to death, you are my knight in shining armour - I can never ever get enough of you and will do my utmost to make you happy. Forever.

I felt a new urge coming on, and the fuse of arousal was nigh. She was beautiful and I wanted then to taste her, like her kisses so sweet like honey and wine, I rolled over to touch her, felt those curves which cried out for my very sensual finger tip touching, then the throat noises she made, - signals that I was hers and I could cherish her and do what I liked. I started with those firm ripe pink nipples, her breasts like pinnacles of desire, delightful to caress and squeeze, to watch her enjoy as I teased each with my tongue, around and around with an occasional flick if the tip of my tongue, I loved to do that, but all this whilst my fingers enjoyed the touch of more intimate places, those gorgeous creases about her sweet vagina that I craved to touch, to tease and to lick and taste, and delight with my tongue as I took my taste of her, just so happy to have her smother me as she turned and crouched over me, her wetness after that so wonderful fuck, still there for me to suck up and enjoy as she moved her waist, swivelling her hips from side to side.

Head back, eyes closed, she moaned with ecstasy as she wiggled down over my chest, her femininity on fire as she took my cock fully in her hand, squeezed and guided it into her, finding a way which was comfortable for her to enjoy fully inside her, me now fully aroused and feeling her pivot above me, she managing to twist and turn around, moving me inside her all the time, she fucked me hard and rough, we had reached that feverish point in our coupling that send us both crazy like virtual animals and she adores me to groan and roar like the proverbial tiger, she rises and falls, each time her hind slapping against my upper thighs, I close my eyes and enjoy the magic, then I feel her hand squeeze my cock again, feel her taking it out of her, wondering why- we had not reached that wonderful climax yet, I feel a different sensation, a place which is much tighter, she works on me - determined it seems to take me into her writhing ass too.

Once I would have repelled, I had never done that with Janine, but Patricia seemed to want that.

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