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A girl I've met while learning how to ski.

Things that no other woman would even consider. I'm really kinky even if I don't look it. Just don't leave. At least take a step into the room so I don't have to chase you. Please?

The silence was deafening and lasted for an eternity for Roxanne, who found herself bringing her arms up to shield her breasts somewhat as she realized how utterly shameless she was standing there naked, a silly gesture since he had seen everything there was to see already.

"I know I'm not much to look at," Roxanne heard herself saying.

"No no Mrs. Walter," Ray was saying and then when he took a couple of steps towards Roxanne she matched his movement until they were just a couple of feet apart, close enough for Roxanne to feel the heat emanating from the burly man's body. "You're a fine looking lady. More than fine. It's just that I'm all sweaty."

"I know," Roxanne said as his manly scent filled the room.

"I could come back later and..."

"No. I want you like this," Roxanne said as she reached up to the man's chest, because not only didn't she want him to leave and maybe never come back but also because she really did revel a man in this condition, dripping with fresh sweat and exuding testosterone. "I like you like you are."

Her hand slid up from the damp cotton and onto the shiny black skin while she took the last step that brought them together, and then Roxanne was leaning forward and kissing his collarbone and the salty skin of his thick neck while pulling the shirt out from where it was tucked into his work pants.

Roxanne managed to peel the clinging cotton off of him, and as she tossed the shirt aside she grabbed the right wrist and kept it up behind his head while leaning upwards and kissing what was a massive bicep with a faint race of a old tattoo on the outside.

"Mmm..." Roxanne mumbled as she kissed her way from the muscle and into Ray's armpit where she let her tongue slide over the pungent patch of coarse black hairs that filled the muscled crater, her body shivering as she inhaled the testosterone and pheromones while devouring his armpit.

Just then Roxanne noticed that Ray was looking at her and realized that she had been making noises that must have sounded feral and bizarre to the man, but he wasn't laughing when their eyes met.

"Feels nice Mrs. Walter," he said with a smile. "Feels really nice."

"Roxanne," she said softly while her heart pounded so loud she thought he had to hear it. "Roxy. Either."

"Okay Roxanne. Feels nice Roxanne," Ray sighed as she used his free hand to ease her head back to where it had been. "Real nice."

When she felt what seemed like a billy club poking into her hip she knew that he wasn't just saying he was liking it, and this made Roxanne's licking and chewing even crazier. She tried to undo Ray's belt while still climbing over him, and when it finally came free she yanked the baggy trousers down to his knees before reaching under the elastic of his boxers.

"Omigod," Roxanne moaned when her hand found a cock that was not only hard but absurdly thick, a hot and spongy organ and was beginning to pulsate in her grasp.

"Let me..." Ray was saying as he stepped back and out of his trousers before yanking his boxer shorts down, exposing to her eyes what she had only felt, a cock that was just as impressive in its length as it had been in its thickness.

"It'll tear me apart," Roxanne mumbled, and suddenly realized that instead of just thinking it she had said it, but if Ray had heard her he didn't say anything as he waltzed her over to the bed while kissing her.

Roxanne felt the edge of the mattress behind her legs just before she was eased down to the bedding, and then she felt a thick finger sliding inside of her very wet sex

"No - now," Roxanne pleaded when she thought Ray was going to go down on her, because although she used to love foreplay it was going to hurt no matter what and besides, there was no way she could wait another second for it.

Ray climbed up over Roxanne who already had her legs spread wide, and after he rubbed the knob of his c

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