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A cat burglar steals more than jewels and money.

You have to delete those pictures."

Noah considered this. "Tell you what. You give me an hour. One hour to do with as I please, now, then ill delete the photos, and I'll even hand you my USB backup to destroy yourself." The offer came with a sleazy smile. Emily was disgusted.

"My friends' downstairs will be wondering where I am." She said, scrambling for something, anything to get out of this.

"A good point." Replied Noah. "Wait here." Before Emily could respond, he had left the room, and she heard him thundering down the stairs.

She felt helpless. There's nothing I can do. He has me. She cursed her situation as she thought back to Parker. He hadn't been very good in bed. Emily suspected that it was because he didn't care about her. And Noah wont even be pretending. She jolted to attention as she heard him coming back up the stairs. He threw the door open. In his hand was her bag. "I said you left though the back. Quicker to the bus that way." He smiled wryly. "Now I think you owe me an hour. But I'm bored of stripping. You have ten seconds to be wearing nothing." Emily looked at him in shock. She quickly began to protest, before being cut off.

"Seven seconds." said Noah warningly, opening up his phone. Emily panicked. Without another thought, she undid the clasp of her bra and let it fall quickly to the floor. "Three seconds." said Noah excitedly, as she put her thumbs inside the sides of the panties and sharply pulled them down, her large breasts bouncing with the sudden movement. She hastily got them over her feet and threw them down. Just in time she thought, with something akin to relief.

"Failure." Snapped Noah.

"What?" She asked incredulously. "That was in time!". Even though this was all against her will, she felt like she was being cheated more than ever. Suddenly, she realised that she was naked. One hand went to cover between her legs, and the other to her breasts. She tried clumsily to cover them both with her arm, but just as she got one covered, the other would spill away from her.

"I said wearing nothing," smirked Noah. "You're still wearing your glasses."

"That doesn't count!" Emily began, before Noah shushed her.

"Shh shh shh," he said mockingly. "I'm in charge and I say it counts. You may as well leave them on now though. Do you know what that was, Emily? Your first infraction. not enough for me to leak your photo, don't you worry about that. But you certainly need to be punished."

"Punished?" Asked Emily, naively. "You never said anything about being punished.

"It's my hour for another 57 minutes, so you better fucking well do as I say. Hands on your head, feet three feet part." For neither the first nor the last time, Emily stood still, shocked and speechless. "Now." He barked, slapping her under the arm to raise it to her head. she released her breasts and uncovered her sex tentatively, cautiously raising her hands to her head. Noah sharply kicked the inside of her calf, forcing her feet wider.
She had no choice but to stand there, exposed and vulnerable as he drank her in. her tiny strip of neatly shaven pubes drew a lot of his attention, but not nearly as much as her tits. They were as perky and round as tits her size could be. He reached out and grabbed one roughly. Emily screwed her eyes up tight. Every fibre of her being wanted to slap his hand away, but she didn't know what 'punishment' was going to mean, and she didn't plan to let him stockpile them until she found out. Just endure she thought to herself. He pulled his hand away, and she opened her eyes. Just as she did, a hard, stinging slap struck her right breast. She let out a yelp, but then held her tongue. Then he slapped her left. They bounced sorely at the blows. "Very good," he said. "Now for your punishment,"

"That wasn't my punishment?" Asked Emily, her eyes widening in shock and fear. Noah seemed to find that funny

"Not even close.

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