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It would be the first time I would employ many of the items I had recently purchased for use on this imp. To entice Neleema's curiosity I planned to leave the door to the bedroom wide open.

Initially after I dragged Sayali away from her outraged mother, I half-carried the struggling teen to her bedroom. The leather straps I'd recently purchased soon secured the girl by her wrists and ankles to the corner posts of her bed. I stepped back to take in the tableau that would be presented to Neleema, if she took the bait. All that remained of Sayali's covering was the sheer pair of panties, now soaked with sweat from her struggles. I could see every detail of that fat-lipped cunt and my lusts nearly took command. I stepped back and looked away as if protecting myself from a gorgon. The girl began to berate me, forgetting her precarious situation. I responded by stuffing a pair of her socks into her mouth, keeping them in place by means of tape that I'd included in the package of items I'd collected here.

To give her something to contemplate while I had dinner with Neleema, I showed her the weighted paddle and the flogger. Her eyes grew wide when I smashed the paddle down, missing her body by mere millimeters. It still made an impressive sound on this relatively soft surface. I smiled down and said, "Imagine what this can do to that firm bottom of yours. You'll have an opportunity to find out just how much it hurts once I use it on you later this evening." Her eyes closed and she sighed through the gag, causing those brown melons capped with almost ebony nipples to slowly swell then ebb much like an ocean wave.

"I know you are familiar with this little toy. I know your father used it on you often just before he left. I don't think he used it too well I'm afraid. This one is brand new, it's never been used. I purchased it specifically for that plump pussy you enjoy teasing me with. It's a bit stiff now, but in a few weeks it will be supple, well broken in, a perfect match to your swollen cunt. I know how much I will enjoy watching that special place of yours drool as this fine leather tool splatters your pussy juice onto your heaving belly and down those curving thighs."

I could watch Sayali's eyes widen, then narrow as she relived her experiences with the flogger. I could imagine her thinking about my resolve, wondering if I indeed had the will and the strength to give her the pain I was threatening. She was still staring blankly at the wall as I took my leave.

Over dinner I discussed some of my plans with Neleema, who by then had calmed down somewhat. I explained that this would be the last night that Sayali spent under her roof. That got her attention instantly; she had not anticipated such a radical change. When I explained about the pit that would be dug in the rear section of her property she gave me a grim smile.

"So she will live beneath the ground in an area no larger than the bed she is currently occupying. That is amazing. How will she be fed? Where will she relieve herself? How can she enter or leave this place?" Each answer I provided only broadened her smile, until she finally broke into laughter at my description of a number of applications the hoist would be used for, beside raising and lowering her daughter from the narrow prison she would occupy when I was not teaching or disciplining her.

Neleema hung on my every word as we dined leisurely.

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