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How mom and boyfriend get to enjoy her kids.

I was looking forward to my big night out on the town with Billy."

Bob stood up, walked over, and pulled his daughter against him. He tried to reassure her. "Everything will be okay honey. I know you and Billy had big plans tonight. You look so damn sexy in that outfit. It would make me proud to be your date for the night, if you still want to go out. We can go anywhere you want to go. The city lights are yours for the taking tonight. Cheer up Maggie."

Maggie gazed up at her Daddy. Sighing hard, she whispered. "I'm really out of the mood to go out now Daddy. But I would love to order pizza. Maybe we could watch a movie or two. I do have one favor to ask though. Billy was going to order me a Harvey Wallbanger tonight. He said I wouldn't be able to handle more than one drink. I bet him I could drink at least two of them. I don't even know what a Harvey Wallbanger is. But if you have the stuff to make them, could you please make me one just to try?"

Bob reached over and ruffled her curly locks. "You little minx! Just one of those drinks will make your toes curl. But, if that's what you want to try, who am I to say no. I think I can find all of the ingredients to make one for you. What was it that you and Billy were betting anyway? I'll double the bet you had with him. I don't think you will be able to drink more than one of them either. You'll be passed out before you finish the first one. I guarantee it."

"Oh Daddy!" Maggie blushed. "It's really not important what we were betting. It was just a stupid old bet anyway."

Bob lifted her chin. "The bet Maggie. What was it? Come on now. Tell me what the bet was. I told you, I am willing to double his offer on the bet."

Maggie took a deep breath. Then she looked her Dad in the eyes. "Well, this is kind of embarassing to say Daddy. But I guess I'll tell you, if you really want to know. The bet was, if I was only able to drink one of those Harvey Wallbangers, I would have to give Billy the best blow job of his life. I also promised to swallow every drop of cum he sprayed down my throat. But, if I won, he had to shave my pussy bald. Then, he had to lick me until I squirted all over his face. I bet you didn't know I was a squirter did you Daddy? Then he promised to fuck me until I screamed for him to stop. I guess you didn't really want to hear all that did you Daddy?"

Bob gulped. "Well! Well! Well! It sounds to me like old Billy was getting the best of both worlds in that deal. But, my offer still stands. My double offer that is. If you are only able to drink one, then you have to give your old man two blow jobs. The first one I get to spray down your throat, little lady. You have to promise to swallow every drop. The second one, you have to suck me until I'm just about ready to cum. Then I will pull out, and spray your slutty face with it. But, if you win, I will shave that hot little cunt of yours as bald as the day you were born. Then, I will lick your sweet pussy until you squirt all over my face. Two times Maggie. Then, after that, my little fuck toy daughter, I will fuck your brains out, until you scream in orgasmic bliss. I guarantee your pussy muscles will grip my long, fat, prick like a vise while your twitching, and grunting through the most awesome orgasm of your life. So how about it little girl? Do we have a deal Maggie?"

Maggie was shaking like a leaf. She was so turned on. She loved hearing her Daddy talk so fucking dirty. So fucking nasty. Her pussy was throbbing already. Did he say he was going to make her his fuck toy? "OMG! Daddy? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! We definitely have a deal. Now please make that drink for me. I am going upstairs to change into something I just know you are going to love Daddy."

Maggie ran up the stairs two at a time.

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