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Brother's love.

This insane rollercoaster of feelings had to stop, and Andrew decided not to make any rash decisions until he got home and found out what he'd done wrong on the remote. However the extreme change of pace had him feeling hollow, wanting to feel Abby's touch or her gaze or the teasing she was almost always engaging in. She didn't so much as acknowledge with a glance what had transpired in the bathroom and both the meal and the cold, empty ride home (Abby convinced her mom to sit in the back and talk about 'girl stuff') were an awful slap in the face. He hated himself for being careless with the remote again. Hadn't he learned his lesson the first time with Abby after pausing time to feel her up? Hadn't he said he'd never make a decision to leave himself so exposed without the remote again?

He got home and headed immediately for his room, finding the remote charged and waiting for him where he had left it. He whipped open her profile and scanned it for whatever had gone wrong. He was flicking his finger down the list when he realized he could scroll down the page, the command lines were not the only settings in each profile.

There among a bunch of default settings Jim had made to be to checked or unchecked had to be the problem. There were boxes for time of day for commands to take effect, types of sexual activity to automatically engage in, and then he found it.

Under a category listed "Fetishes," were a few that Jim apparently wanted checked automatically. 'Wow,' Andrew thought, 'he must have really been around to set women to act the way he wanted by default.' Sure enough, the boxes tagged [Exhibitionism] and [BDSM - Dominant] were checked and at 50% intensity.

Andrew didn't know whether to be angry at the remote or to feel lucky that he'd been dealt only as badly as he now was. He pressed hard on the uncheck button, not that he needed to, just that he was frustrated and irrationally thought he'd take it out on the remote. They didn't uncheck anyway because Abby was downstairs watching a movie and not in range. 'Damnit Jim,' he thought with his worries about Abby and what he'd done to her beginning to melt away.

He walked down both flights of stairs to the basement where Abby sat in the dark, still in her dress and covered in a blanket. It seemed he'd really messed with her feelings and she was coping now; she never really went in the basement because she didn't like it down there in the cold darkness.

"I hope you aren't planning on staying down here with me," Abby said without looking at him as he stepped off the last stair.

"Abby, wait..."

"Nope, we have nothing to talk about."

Andrew decided that he couldn't fix this situation without the remote. He promised himself he'd not rely on it like this all the time, but for now his inexperience with it had gotten him in too deep and he needed to use the remote to fill the hole he'd dug with it. He unchecked the two problems in Abby's profile, but now he had to work on her attitude.

[You will not remember being denied by your brother this evening or your corresponding anger]

Yeah, that would probably take care of it. He pressed the green button. It sapped 53% of the power from the remote immediately! Jesus, he knew it was necessary, but she was really going to hold on to that if he hadn't commanded her not to - it was easier to pause time! He thought that was probably enough, but knowing that Abby's sexual forwardness tonight toward him had been artificial as well:

[You will not remember any instances tonight of touching Andrew sexually or any feelings of dominance or exhibitionism]

That was fair too. That took about 25% of the power from the remote to carry out - 22% left.

[You remember sitting on Andrew's lap and enjoying it]

22 % left. Andrew couldn't help but beam with pride at that one. He thought he was about done, when one more happy thought popped into his head.

[If you desire to masturbate when Andrew leaves, you will do so and have a powerful and satisfying orgasm] [You will have a very restful night's sleep and dream peacefully

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