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I meet my impossible dream.

I wasn't really expecting a pack of biker women, but the majority of the women were thin and attractive. If someone had shown me this group of women in public I would have guessed they were friends from a country club, not a wrestling group. As Mo and I walked in Mo got a whole bunch of hello's and nods, but the first person to really greet us was a gorgeous brunette that came jogging from the far side of the waiting room.

"MO!" she said by way of a big greeting, "this must be your friend Val! How nice to meet you, I am kylie" Her huge smile, glowing eyes and genuine friendliness made me instantly fond of this woman.

I returned her big smile and introduced myself, "Valerie Parker, how very nice to meet you kylie, I have heard a great deal about what you have started here and I can honestly say it is a pleasure to meet you."

As I took a moment to soak in her beauty I had an inward chuckle at my slight fib. Certainly I was truthful when I said what a pleasure it was to meet her, but I was not exactly truthful about why I was so happy to meet her. Her 5'5" frame could not have had an ounce of fat on it, yet she was very shapely for such an athletic body and her skin was pure gold. Her bright eyes lit up her adorable features and her shoulder length hair could have been from a shampoo commercial. I am not sure how long I sat there staring while her and Mo were amiably chitchatting, but a tug on my sleeve from Mo pulled me from my reverie and we walked back to the locker room to get ready for class.

We spent the first 10 minutes of class stretching and the next 30 minutes doing torturous exercises designed to increase stamina and strength. Several times I though I was going to throw up from the exertion, but Kylie was a tireless leader, and despite the fact that she did all of the exercises with us, she looked to have hardly broken a sweat. With 20 minutes of class remaining, Kylie paired us up with partners, trying to make even matches of height and weight. I cursed my luck as I was partnered with a red-haired woman named Emily that was about an inch taller than me and maybe 15 pounds heavier, most of which was could be found in her ample bottom. One short thin woman that I guessed to be about 23 was left with out a partner so Kylie paired up with her. Kylie started us with some grappling drills and we were instructed to take turns executing them on each other. The strenuous aerobic workout had everyone in the room sweating a bit, but Emily was sweating profusely, so much so that her baggy sweat pants and t-shirt were soaked through with sweat. I was really not looking forward to grappling with her.

Our first maneuver was to come at our opponent from the front, swing one arm up and around their back, and attempt to put them in a headlock. Emily told me to go first so I came at her very tentatively and as put her into as loose a headlock as I could manage. The feel of her soaking hair and slippery skin against the underside of my arm made me want to cringe and I didn't put any pressure on her head at all.

"That's not a headlock" she spat as she easily pulled her head from my grasp and pushed me backwards with a violent shove to my chest that sent spikes of pain shooting through me. Instantly she was charging at me and before I could even put my arms up she had me in tight headlock, the back of my head pressed tightly into her armpit and breast and her sticky arm wrapped up under my neck and chin. My nostrils were assaulted with her body odor. Ughhh, how could this be happening to me? Then she started to walk backwards and forwards, keeping me off balance and dragging me about. Against my will I had to grab her body with my arms to keep some of the pressure off of my neck, which was starting to feel like she was trying to break.

"Now this is how you get someone in a headlock" she was touting.

Thankfully she let me go before I had to take another breathe of her acrid smelling body odor.

"Now try that on me and don't go pussy footing around like last time"

"Ok" was all I could manage a

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