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Things get golden for teacher.

"It's nice to see you too, Bear." I said, trying not to sound as exhausted as I felt.

Bear sighed. "I'm sorry. It's good to see you as well Honey. I've missed you."

"You know how to find me," I said with a shrug, not meeting her eyes.

"Yes," Bear said, her patience sounding strained. "Answer my questions please?"

"Well this isn't a member's only club and you seem awfully invested in someone you've blown off for the last month." I wasn't proud of the way I snapped my response by any means, but I couldn't help the frustration I had.

Just at the wrong time, Rolan came out of the door. He came right up to me and slid an arm around my waist. I disliked the feeling of his touch instantly. Bear wasn't very fond of it either. She speculated his gesture with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

"There you are. I couldn't find you after I managed to give my mates the slip," Rolan said with a big grin and then faced Bear as if he had been oblivious of her until that moment. "Hey there, Brair wasn't it?" There was smugness in his voice that I didn't like either.

Bear ignored him completely and instead burned her gaze into me a moment longer. "Well. I didn't realize you were busy. Some other time," she said curtly and turned on her heel.

"Wait a second!" I called after her and twisted from Rolan's embrace. I turned to face him. "Look can you just give me a few minutes?"

Rolan frowned. "I just got rid of my friends, are we going to bounce around like this all night? I mean, I finally got you to go out with me."

I looked over my shoulder and Bear was gone, I wasn't sure if that pissed me off more than Rolan's words.

"Seriously? This is how you want to start something? On a double standard? I asked for a few minutes before she left, obviously she was upset and it was important. But I had no problem with you bullshitting with your friends," I said.

Rolan looked ashamed now. He kicked at the concrete. "I guess you're right."

I shook my head -- he really was a kid still.

I dug a twenty out of my clutch and handed it to him. "Here this should take care of my drink. I'll see you at work." Rolan stood speechless, clutching the bill I gave him and looking sad. I refused to feel sorry for him though.

I walked down the street trying to flag down a cab and muttering to myself. I had known this was a bad idea before I even went out with him -- and of course, Bear was there. I see her out of the blue as soon as I do something to separate myself from her. It was like I wasn't supposed to forget.

I finally got a taxi to stop and gave the cabby Bear's address, asking him to get there double time. I was just as mad at Bear as I was with Rolan. She wasn't listening to me either, and then she just blew me off after ignoring me for nearly a month.

It almost felt like she was doing this on purpose though, not because she wanted to. Whatever her reasons, the more I stewed the more annoyed I got and when the driver pulled up in front of her house, I threw bills at him over the seat and slammed the door. I was feeling brash and direct so when I got to her door I threw it open without bothering to knock and stomped straight to the living room.

"In here," I heard Bear call from the kitchen and I followed her voice. Bear was leaning against the kitchen counter with a glass of dark liquid and her usual face of unreadable emotion.

"I had a hunch you might follow me," Bear said with a tip of her glass in my direction. "I was just hoping you wouldn't."

"What gives? Why did you run off like that?" I fumed.

"If I'm going to be honest, it was for everyone's good. That kid's face is begging to be punched and I just didn't want to be the one to do it. At least not tonight," Bear said and took a swig of her drink. "Would you like one? I think it was your intention to have a few tonight before I distracted you."

"Sure," I said slowly and sat at the table, never taking my eyes off of her. "What's your problem with Rolan?" I asked.

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