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A sensual submissive awaits, then serves her Master.

Knowing this tape was somewhere in their house bothered her to some extent, but yet another part of her was flattered, almost proud, that she had starred in his personal porno.

He had tied her across a small ottoman in the living room, the drapes wide open in case anyone wanted to watch. First he spanked her, reddening her bottom with a paddle she had never seen before, before liberally coating his cock with KY. Then he fingered her to the brink of orgasm before plunging his greased cock into her virgin ass, causing her to cry out. He fucked her roughly, pulling on her nipples and slapping her ass, her cries exciting him more, until he finally thrust deeply into her, squirting his hot semen into her.

Since then, he had been using her ass regularly, requiring her to finger herself to orgasm each time he fucked her there, telling her she would learn to enjoy it. She had not known of his strange preferences before they married, but then again, they had not had sex until their wedding night. He said he preferred to wait until she was legally his wife, bound to him by law, and he would then bind her to him, body and soul, in their marriage bed. She had no idea he meant literally bind her to their bed! However, she was strangely excited by the control he asserted over her, the way he insisted she not work but simply care for the house and pursue her hobbies, provided she was available to him when he wanted her. He made plenty of money, she knew, so money would never be an issue. She had agreed, simply because she wasn't quite sure what she would do if she had to work.

She wrapped one of the lengths of silk around her left wrist, enjoying the cool softness against her skin, noting the striking contrast between the deep richness of the purple and the paleness of her arm.

The phone rang, and she picked it up on the first ring. It was Hank, directing her to the freezer, where he said she would find something to help prepare her for tonight.

She opened the freezer and discovered a small satin box with a note attached. She read:



Tonight a sultan takes his pleasure. Insert these with plenty of KY, leaving the ring outside. They are cold to minimize your discomfort but also to heighten your awareness of them initially. You will then bathe with the scented soaps and lotions I have left beside the tub, and will dress in what I have hung behind the bathroom door. At 5 p.m., you will be waiting for me in our bedroom.



Inside the box was a string of small beads, slightly larger than marbles, equally spaced along a thin cord. At one end was a significantly larger bead, and at the other end, a plastic ring. Anal beads, she read on the insert, scanning the pictures describing proper insertion. Her stomach flipped as she considered what he was asking of her.

* * * * * * * * *

When Hank arrived home, Lanie was reclining on the bed, wearing an outfit reminiscent of a belly dancer, gauzy purple pants split up the sides, a bikini-type top of the same material, and a veil. She was surrounded by the scent of jasmine, and in the background a CD of Middle Eastern temple music played. The room was dim, lit only by groups of candles on her dresser and his chest of drawers, and incense burned beside the bed. The bed was draped red satin sheets. She had pulled the heavy drapes closed and scattered large cushions on the floor. On a bedside table were a glass of wine and a plate of grapes and cheese.

He disappeared into the bathroom without a word. When he emerged ten minutes later, amid a cloud of steam left from his shower, he was wearing a thin robe, his erection evident against the satin. She knelt on the bed and patted the place beside her. When he lay down, the front of his robe fell open, exposing his chest, and his penis wasted no time in pushing through the opening as well.

Lanie leaned over him to get the glass of wine and plate, her breasts brushing against his lips in the proces

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