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The sitter wants her married boss.


"God, I love watching you do that to her." said Eric to Kaitlyn. Lisa moaned between the two of them, her eyes closing in ecstasy. Eric took a moment to admire the two women in bed with him.

Kaitlyn, his legal wife, was lithe and tall. Her normally thin figure was beginning to show the blessing of pregnancy. Her breast, usually a pert B cup, had ripened and now filled out a C bra easily. She wasn't very far along, only about 4 months, but her stomach was already pooching our attractively. Between her legs was red pubic hair, kept trimmed and attractive but never shaved. Her hair was long, mid-back, and straight. She was a natural red and it glimmered in the early morning light.

Lisa, on the other hand, shaved religiously. Her bald pussy, now being caressed by Kaitlyn's long fingers, was always smooth to the touch. Lisa had blond curls that she kept trimmed to about shoulder length. Lisa had brown eyes and long, lovely eyelashes. She was short and slightly plump with freckles dotting her wherever the sun had happened to touch her skin. One Halloween, Lisa had dressed as Marilyn Monroe and, to Eric, that image would always be a personification of Lisa's personality. Eric loved the contrast between the two women.

"Do you want to suck my cock while she makes you cum?" whispered Eric in Lisa's ear.

"Oh, do it, darling." whispered Kaitlyn. "I want to see Eric's big cock going in and out of your mouth."

Eric got up on his knees and presented his hard cock to Lisa, who opened her mouth greedily, unable to keep a moan from escaping. Lisa swirled her tongue around the head of Eric's cock and started taking him deeper. Suddenly, Lisa felt a finger slip into her damp pussy. Kaitlyn began finger fucking her as Eric grabbed a fistful of blond curls and started thrusting into Lisa's sweet mouth. She moaned again, this time muffled by Eric.

Eric and Kaitlyn eyes met, feeling a strong sexual connection between he two of them as they got the sweet blond off. Still fingering Lisa, Kaitlyn got on her knees and began kissing Eric, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, his tongue doing the same. They kissed each other passionately as Lisa writhed beneath them, her pussy full with Kaitlyn's fingers and her mouth full of Eric's cock.

Eric suddenly arched his neck, breaking the kiss and moaned.

"Oh, Lisa, baby, you gotta stop or I'm gonna come in your mouth. I've other plans..."

Eric got off the large bed and stood up. "Lisa, get on your hands and knees over here. " He commanded quietly, indicating the edge of the bed. "Kaitlyn, lay down and spread those sweet legs. Lisa's gonna eat you out."

The two women smiled, their eyes sparkling, as they did what they were told. Eric had a very sweet nature and he wasn't a very dominate person...outside of the bedroom. Something about having two naked women at his beck and call brought out the dominate in him and it made the women happy.

Lisa inhaled the heady aroma of Kaitlyn's pussy. It glistened with her juices and Lisa bit her lip in anticipation. Her tongue darted out and gently swiped up Kaitlyn's slit, causing her to arch her back slightly and moan. As Lisa found Kaitlyn's clit, swollen and round, Eric's cock began pressing at her entrance.

Lisa was tight. Oh, so tight! Eric backed his cock away and began fingering her gently, urging her pussy to get wetter and relax a little. Finally, he thought her pussy would accept his cock. As he gently started pressing it into Lisa, Lisa began sucking on Kaitlyn's clit. All three moaned and paused, enjoy the feel of their bodies being connected. Eric started moving in and out of Lisa's pussy, causing her whole body to rock and her face and tongue to rock against Kaitlyn's pussy.

Now, it was Kaitlyn's turn to grab Lisa's hair.

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