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Surprisingly, her hand came away from my head, and I pulled back slightly, waiting for a sign to either stop or continue. I was still close enough for the tip of my nose to feel her warm skin rising and falling with her breaths. Her fingers came to the side of my face and I felt her top being lowered. Within seconds her right breast toppled over both her bra and top and immediately fell near my mouth. As it did that her hand went instantly to my hair and she tugged me into her mammoth tit.

At once I kissed and licked it, held it in my hand, pushed it up so it bulged against my mouth. I found the nipple, flicked it repeatedly and sucked on it ravishingly. I head her moan, and then I heard the words that turned my legs to jelly.

"You're mummy's good girl, aren't you?"

I let out an audible groan and mumbled a 'yes' and carried on with my rapacious assault on her breast.

"Good girl..." she said, and we stood there with me greedily sucking on her nipple and her fingers tightly grasped in my hair. I was so worked up that she had introduced one of my fantasies into it. I continued to devour her as she said other things like, "yes, do that for mummy!" and "oh good girl" and it would heighten the passion further.

She pulled my head back and forced me to look at her. My eyes were heavy with lust as I looked deep into hers. She then lifted her top back over her breast and placed her hands on my shoulders ordering me back to the sofa. I clumsily retreated and she pushed me down when the backs of my knees touched it. I was sat on the edge and she told me to lean back. She straddled my legs, and pushed me so that my head was against the wall.

Further up she came, practically sitting on my belly. She pulled out her breast again and towered over me with it. In an instant she pulled me closer, squashing me with it. I was engulfed by her luscious tit and I hungrily attended to it. She began to rock back and forth on me, and it felt so erotic to have her do that. My hands came around her waist, and I grappled with her flesh as she did it, feeling her move into me, then away. I was gasping for air, her abundant globe of flesh totally consuming me and pleasantly smothering me.

My hand came up again to her breast, swelling it up, lifting it which allowed me to inhale some air in between my voracious bouts of licking and sucking.

"Mmm, you like sucking on mummy's tits, don't you?"

I answered her in a deep arousal-filled moan. I don't think I could have spoken anything more than the 'yes' I gave her. I was completely consumed in a frenzied excitement.

She was still rocking to and fro, and I soon found myself moving my hips up and down so that my stomach would scuff against her in the hope she would gain sufficient friction. Her movements were methodical like a pulsing rhythmic beat on one of those electro chill-out records that seemed to coincide with the beating of your heart or an incessant throb in your knickers.

She was still talking to me sporadically, "mummy likes that," and "you're a good girl for mummy," and "suck mummy's tit." The vulgarity of her tone and words, not to mention 'mummy' catapulted me onto a new level of my twisted eroticism.

I continued to ravish her breast whilst slipping my hand between her thighs. We were both still clothed, but this added something more to it. It was like there was no time or purpose to undress, it was simply a need to do what we were doing and nothing was going to interrupt this animalistic state we'd got ourselves into.

My fingers rubbed her pussy as she swayed and I hoped that she would feel it enough through the awkwardness of my position. I was silently begging her not to tell me to stop as this was one of only a couple of times that I've actually had my hands between her thighs, and it felt oh so good.

My actions halted when her top rose slightly and hindered my gluttonous attentions on her fle

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