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Stacy meets Brock & the Gang.

I have offered the two of you up to them for the whole day for $1,000 apiece." Jeff said.

"You're whoring us out?" Lisa asked.

"You like to help the elderly in need and you like to fuck, these guys are elderly and in need of a good fucking. I figured why not help the guys out and give you both the group of men that it takes to satisfy you and even make a little money on it too?" Jeff asked.

"They don't seem to be too happy about being here, if they don't perform I want my money back." Paul said.

The other guys agreed.

"Gentlemen please, I assure you that you will be more than satisfied by the end of the day, some of you may even luck out and die while fucking one of these two hot bitches, just give me a few minutes to talk to them privately and we'll be right back." Jeff said.

He dragged us into John's bedroom.

"What the hell was that?" Jeff asked.

"Hello, you are trying to whore us out to 12 horny old men how did you think we would react?" Lisa asked.

"I thought that you said you were up for anything." Jeff said.

"I didn't have this in mind, I meant anything with the three of us and maybe one or two others, but not 12 old men." Lisa said.

"None of these guys have had sex in over a year, some of them lost their wives over ten years ago, you can give them a great gift by spending one day seeing to their sexual needs. Besides, where else can you make $6,000 in a day and make 12 lonely old men feel incredible while doing it?" Jeff asked.

"You actually want us to pretend to be sluts for these guys?" Lisa asked.

"No, I want her to be a slut, I want you to be a whore." Jeff said.

"What do you think Slut?" Lisa asked.

"Jeff obviously wants us to do this so I'm game if you are Whore." I said.

"Okay, let's do it." Lisa said.

"Great, now strip down to your underwear and let's go back out there." Jeff said.

Lisa and I stripped down to our bras and panties and on the walk back to the living room we became Slut and Whore.

"Gentlemen, they are ready." Jeff said proudly leading us into the center of the room and then leaving us there to take up a chair, a cigar, and a bottle of Scotch.

"Hi guys, sorry about the delay, we weren't quite expecting this size of a crowd, but we're ready to go now. How would you guys like us to start? Would you like to just jump right into some hardcore fucking? Or would you maybe like to watch me and Whore dyke out for awhile first so you can all get your cocks nice and hard and be ready to go for us?" Slut asked.

The guys agreed that Slut and Whore should start things off by dyking out for awhile so Slut started kissing Whore and running her hands all over Whore's body. Whore yanked Slut's bra down off of her breasts and started sucking Slut's tits. Slut and Whore quickly removed their remaining clothes and Whore got on the ground so Slut could mount her for a 69.

As they watched the old men started undressing. The first one that was naked was George, he moved down on his knees so he could feel and kiss Slut's ass while Whore licked her pussy. Soon there were more and more guys gathered closely around as Slut and Whore still sucked and licked each other's pussies.

Finally Slut could see that all of the guys were ready so she got up off of Whore, helped Whore up and whispered in her ear for a minute.

"Okay guys, six of you go with Slut to one side of the room and six of you come with me to this side of the room, We'll keep the six that we've got until you've all had at least one turn, then we'll trade to keep things fair to all of you." Whore said.

John, Paul, George, Victor, Daniel, and Robert went to one side of the room with Slut and Ted, Bob, Walter, Ben, David, and Jim went to the other side of the room with Whore. The girls both took up positions that would allow them to take one cock in their pussies and use their hands and mouth on three others leaving two guys to enjoy their breasts while they waited their turns.

Surprisingly things worked pretty smoothly for a gangbang/orgy situation.

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