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Staci moves forward in submission.

Carpenter continued to stalk her through the misty aisles. His cock was stiff in his trousers with the thrill of the hunt.


The demon leapt out from his left in a blur of black claws. Carpenter frantically brought up the katana to parry while simultaneously swivelling sideways to dodge her attack.

Damn, his reactions were off tonight. Her claws raked through his jacket, missing his flesh but ruining his coat.

He should have dodged that easily.

The demon carried on with her charge, scaling a bookcase and slipping out of sight. Carpenter's swishing blow after her only managed to chop a heavy tome in two.

His jacket -- his favourite jacket -- was toast. The bitch had slashed it to ribbons. He shrugged off the sad remains and continued to stalk through the mist, holding the katana out before him. Pink mist swirled through the aisles, narrowing visibility and filling the air with a musky aroma that reminded Carpenter of sex.

Where are you bitch?

Carpenter heard chanting behind him and spun round just in time to see a ball of fire leave the succubus's hands and roar down the aisle towards him.


Carpenter tried to dodge, but his reactions really were shitty this evening. The fireball caught him on the side and blasted him backwards into a bookcase. A burning smell filled his nostrils and he realised it was probably him, or at least his clothes. They were still on fire. Carpenter frantically tore them off before they burnt the flesh beneath. The smouldering ash of burnt books floated around him like snow.

"Mmm, you're a big boy," the succubus said appreciatively as she looked over his mostly naked body.

She was leaning on a bookshelf at the other end of the aisle, her naked pussy still pushed alluringly forward.

"Do you still want to continue this ridiculous fight?" she said. "I can think of far better ways to spend our time." She pumped her hips forward and her pussy gaped invitingly open.

"Sorry babe, necrophilia ain't my thing..."

Carpenter reached down to his ankle holster, drew a silver knife and threw it at her in one smooth moment.

"...and you're about to be..."

At the same time he was thinking about how much he'd like to fuck that nice piece of ass.

The knife whistled past her right ear and sank, quivering, into a heavy old tome.

He missed?

The succubus laughed mockingly and walked around the corner.

What the fuck? He should have split her head in two.

Angrily he picked up his sword and charged after her.

I'll slice you to fucking ribbons with my sword, bitch, Carpenter thought. I'll thrust it right through your body. Thrust it right in and out. In and out...

An image entered his mind, but it was his cock he was thrusting in and out of her.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

He rushed around the corner only to find the succubus waiting for him. She leant forward, put a hand to her pouting lips and blew him a kiss.

The blown kiss rushed into him like a physical force. It knocked him off his feet and sent him skidding backwards across the floor. He dropped the katana and it clattered away from him. A pleasant tingly feeling ran across his naked flesh.

Carpenter didn't have time to recover his sword. The succubus was already pouncing, her breasts swaying hypnotically in the air.

He caught her claw-tipped hands at the wrists as her body crashed into him, knocking him back to the ground. Her fanged mouth snapped shut mere centimetres from his exposed throat.

Fuck, this was not the position he wanted to be in.

The fangs lunged again, almost close enough to graze his skin.

She was strong, maybe stronger than the average man.

Carpenter was anything but the average man. His body was at peak fitness. He twisted an elbow under her chin and pushed up, forcing her teeth away from his throat.

Yeah, we're bad. I'll break you in half with my bare hands bitch.

"Silly men," the succubus said. "So afraid of my fangs when it is my true mouth they should fear."

She thrust down with her hips, impaling herself on Carpenter's

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