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Hunter and friend Noah entertain Olivia's friends.

He leaned in, sniffing once more, as though testing, just to see if there was more that he could find.

It was when his nose gently pressed into the side of the shaft, and the Anubis let out a heated moan, that he came back to his senses. He jerked his face back, looking up. Her face was as stern and stoic as before, but a slight flush colored her cheeks. "I can see that you approve of the scent. I can assure you that the taste is similarly pleasant. I have a selection of lubricants and oils to aid in training you to appreciate anal stimulation."

He stared. "Wait a second, I haven't agreed to be your husband, either! And anal- That's disgusting! You know how dirty that is?"

The Anubis girl frowned. "Surely you wouldn't accuse me of forgetting proper hygiene. I've ensured that you are very thoroughly cleaned; I can promise that the experience will be satisfying and hygienic for both of us." She seized his hands in both firm, strong paws, and a smile spread across her features, feral and wolfish. "And as for the matter of agreement, I think I'll be able to extract that from you momentarily." Her eyes flashed, and suddenly, his skin felt dangerously exposed.


The paws slid under his top. The anubis' touch was bearable, mostly, when the silk was between him and her, but as her hands dragged over his skin, he found himself as moldable as clay. She pushed him, down onto his hands and knees, forcing him onto all fours, her paws landing on top of his, the soft, fluffy digits squeezing his with far more care and skill than the clumsy paws should've been capable of. Her hips pressed into his, dragging the thong down with inhumanly dexterous movements, as she laughed. "Now, while we are making love, you are to only call me Master, Alpha, or Sir." She gave another wolfish grin. "You will be termed Bitch, Omega, or Mate, depending on my desire to humiliate, tease, or excite you." "Do you usually hold a meeting as foreplay?" he asked, his face flushed, and she sharply thrust her hips into his, making him squawk at the sudden heat and pressure of the thing, felt clearly even through the thong. "Speak when spoken to, Omega~"

Her hand lifted from his, and he felt something intensely hot press against his delicate, overly sensitive skin. Oil poured over his lower back, dripping between his legs, and leaving him feeling slippery and strange, the oil slowly painting over his shaft. It was cold, at first, but it warmed quickly against his skin, and soothed, making him relax.

Thinking back, he wasn't sure when the moment of penetration had been. He'd expected sudden, shocking, tearing pain, but instead, he was abruptly aware of a certain... satisfaction. As though he had been hungry, and had not realized, and had just eaten, or as though he had been missing something without realizing it. He felt himself growing erect as something pressed inside of him, filling him, and a long, slow, whorish moan escaped his throat before he could clamp one hand over his mouth, his cheeks blazing, his eyes tearing up with embarrassment, only for her to kiss his throat. "Come now. There is no shame to it, Mate. This is the way of my people. You look quite refined."

He bite his lip for a moment, and squirmed, feeling his cock twitch as the shaft inside of him pressed against something intensely sensitive, making him gasp, a little precum dripping out of him. As he regained his composure, he shot back a response. "Well... Sir... Most of the time, my people think of this as quite shameful...!"

He could feel her hips shake from side to side, and looked over his shoulder.

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