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Sister's lifestyle change leads to love with brother.

It turned out that there was security camera footage from Rick's apartment building, and the 'suspect' had been caught, not actually committing the brutal assault, but entering the building before Rick got home, and leaving sometime after when the attack was thought to have taken place. The camera hadn't been on Rick's apartment door, so it never caught whether the assailant had gotten into the apartment before Rick opened the door, or whether he had been laying in wait outside. The assailant did know what he was doing, though, as he had hung black plastic bags over the cameras inside the building on Rick's floor.

And the assailant had really known what he was doing, when it came to leaving evidence. He had been wearing some sort of protective clothing, like a clean suit, as well as covers over his shoes. He wore goggles, surgical gloves and a mask. The closest hope that the cops had was that the cameras showed him pulling off the protective suit when he left, but he then disappeared around a corner and wherever he went, the cameras didn't pick him up again. Naturally, the police went dumpster-diving in every receptacle for almost a mile in every direction, hoping to find the discarded protective gear, but came up with nothing. The police went over the apartment with a fine-toothed comb, but couldn't find any DNA evidence.

One thing was certain: this wasn't a spur-of-the-moment assault, but a well-planned attack.

The 'interviews' had been going on for days now, and apparently the police were talking to every female employee there. Clearly, they were basing their work on the assumption of a jealous husband or boyfriend. That seemed wrong to Julie; just because Rick was a player doesn't mean that the attack couldn't have come for another reason.

But the police had good reason to focus on nurses. It had been a couple days before Rick had regained consciousness, and there was still a lot he couldn't remember, but one thing he did remember was that the assailant had said that he'd "never fuck anybody else's wife ever again." Rick had been seized with terror at that point, it was just when he recovered from being stunned from a blow to the back of the head, and was tied up, but before the real damage was done to him.

Of course, after a few days, the scope of the attack had managed to make its way through the medical rumor mill back to the hospital. The nurses at St Joseph's were like nurses anywhere: they knew nurses at other hospitals, and had worked with many of them in the past.

Samantha and Julie were having an easier day than usual, and managed to take their lunch break, at 1:30, together, and Sam had spoken with one of her friends who worked at St Joe's.

"Now, she didn't take care of Rick herself, but she said it was a miracle he was still alive and didn't bleed out. Apparently the guy who attacked him wanted him to live, because he used rags to hold the blood in from the wounds. Of course, maybe he just wanted Rick to take longer to bleed out, and suffer a bit more, but he wasn't the one who called 911 about Rick; that was one of the neighbors.

"Anyway, the guy, and, oh, this is horrible, took a big pair of bolt cutters and cut off Ricks fingers, all of them except one pinkie, and then used the cutters to castrate him as well. Supposedly Rick passed out at that point, and I guess that saved his eyesight, 'cause the guy stabbed him in the eyes with a razor knife, but the doctors think that they've managed to save his right eye, so he won't be totally blind.

"The police recovered the fingers, and they've tried reattachment surgery for the ones that they could, but the prognosis isn't very positive. There was a blood stain in the bathroom, so the cops think that the thug flushed his cock and balls down the toilet. I guess he didn't want there to be any chance that those would get reattached."

"Oh, my God, that's horrible

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