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A stranger uses my wife in the sauna.

"Enough whining. You're 5 minutes late to your files, because of this conversation. I would recommend that you clock in and try to get most of today's wages," Fowler urged her.

You stupid bitch, Fowler thought. You are being punished by the Republican Front and you think that it will care about the possibility that you might be raped by a cellmate? As far as most officials in the Front are concerned, that is a suitable part of your sentence. Most prisons involve rape at some point. This unfortunate civil war has seen plenty of rape and other crimes in the process of fighting it. The new regime is tired of coddling lawbreakers like yourself. The number of laws are being reduced, as they should, while the penalties for violating them are becoming more severe.

The truth, in Fowler's mind, was that Debbie Kendall had gotten off easy. She could have been sent to DC or executed by a firing squad, but she merely got internal exile. The Communists would have put her in a gulag for something like this or given her a pistol shot to the head and thrown her into a mass grave. If all that the widow suffered was restriction to work release and rape at the hands of her roommate, that was a minor complaint by comparison.

After she finished her work for the day, Debbie headed straight for home, afraid that she would be penalized for breaking curfew. She also feared that Jane would be furious over any tardiness. She was right. Ms. Mensch was also angry about the minutes that Mrs. Kendall had been docked.

"Apparently, you haven't learned your job or the rules. There is only one reason why you would be late for the clock. You were complaining about me. I hope that you realize now that such complaints will do no good. They don't CARE what happens to someone like you. The only person who cares about this situation is me and what I want is your body as my property for my own pleasure. Now, I want you to bend over and spread your cheeks. I am about to fuck you in the ass," Jane said as she put her strap-on dildo in her thigh harness.

"Please don't do that again! It will tear me up and cause me to bleed. I'm begging you! Don't sodomize me!" Mrs. Kendall pleaded.

Naturally, Ms. Mensch ignored the begging and brutally shoved the dildo up Debbie's sphincter. She didn't worry about the pain that Mrs. Kendall experienced while she buggered her. She just grabbed her shoulders and used them to thrust deeper inside Debbie's backdoor. The poor woman grunted from the agony of the large device plundering her bottom. She cried as it tore up her insides and stretched out her asshole. Jane showed no mercy or compassion as she slammed into her bowels.

"No more, Ms. Mensch! Stop raping me and let me stand up. You've violated my backside! Please stop it! It's unbearable!" Debbie screamed.

"That's too bad for you. You're MINE now, bitch! Get that through your cranium! You have no rights and no dignity. You are my possession, to be used as I wish. I think that the message will only be driven home if you get fucked in the ass every day, so from now on, that is what will happen. There will NEVER be any lube, either. If you are good, I will not make you suck it afterward. If you are bad, you will not even get that consideration. Is that understood, slut?" Jane demanded.

"Yes, Mistress," Mrs. Kendall sobbed.

"And NO MORE complaining about me to anyone, including the police. They won't listen to you, they don't care about you, and you're just wasting their time. And if I find out that you have been docked any more pay, you will get a thorough lashing. Now, suck my strap-on! You have been VERY BAD today!" Ms. Mensch told her sternly.

Debbie sucked on the dildo, despite her personal dislike of this act. She was still torn between her emerging bisexual feelings and her upbringing. She hated being mistreated, but strangely loved her Mistress. She just hoped that she would get to EAT something, not counting pussy. She had been starving all day, since she had not been permitted breakfast this morning, either.

"Now, lie down, so I

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