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Jessica and I grow stronger together.

Sometimes I'll start describing my encounters as he is fucking me and he always comes really quick.

Sometimes I'll just keep on talking about it after he comes, and he'll get hard again while he is still inside me, which never happens otherwise. He really gets excited to hear about their cock sizes; every time I tell him they were much bigger than him his cock really twitches.

He also loves hearing about my "boyfriends," that is, guys I fuck regularly. Don't get me wrong, I like fucking new guys all the time, but sometimes you just want a nice, long fuck from a guy you know. There's a guy at the gym I fuck every time I run into him, which is about once a month. I work as hostess at a restaurant, and I let my boss sample me every time there is an opportunity - there's a reason I earn more than my coworkers. There's also a bunch of male friends I have that ask me for a blow job from time to time, and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Jimmy gets really hard whenever I bring up one of them, and he can shoot inside me several times in just a half hour if I keep telling him about how we fucked and how I get off on being a regular slut for these men.

But this story is about major progress we made recently.

It has to do with something Jimmy used to get mad about. He would get really, really mad if we went to a party and I hooked up with a guy right there, while he was around. But I told him that I was honest with him from the beginning, and that he agreed to this, and eventually he relented. Now its quite common for me to flirt with guys at parties and go off somewhere with one of them - upstairs if its a college party, or outside if we are in somebody's home - and I'll suck the guy off or let him ejaculate in my pussy if he's a real sweet talker, or if his cock looks nice and big.

Several times I've even noticed Jimmy trying to catch a peek of me doing this. And he always wants to have sex when we get home later.

A few weeks ago I got tired of his passive aggressive enjoyment of the situation. I wanted to be upfront with him, tell him to be a man and admit he likes it. We were at a party, and I was flirting with one of the football players on our school's team. He was a pretty cute guy. After a while we went to dance, and I got pretty excited grinding against him on the dance floor. Soon we were on a couch making out. I noticed Jimmy watching was watching all this intently from across the room.

I told the football player I'd meet him in one of the rooms upstairs in ten minutes. Then I went over to Jimmy, took him outside somewhere where no one could see us, and told him I needed to get eaten out.

As he was running his tongue all over my pussy I explained that I was about to go upstairs and fuck this guy. I think Jimmy knew him from a class they had together. I told him that I wanted Jimmy to eat me out to an orgasm, so that my pussy is nice and wet for this guy and his cock can just slide into it on the first try. Jimmy lapped at my clit furiously, and in no time I was coming, my juices squirting all over Jimmy's face.

After I was done cumming, I looked at Jimmy, and it was obvious to me that he was turned on. I took his cock out of his pants, and started working my hands all over it. After a minute or so of my handjob, I could tell he was really close to cumming.

Thats when I stopped and took my hands away.

"If you want to come," I said, "admit to me that you like this. Tell me you're really turned on thinking that jock is going to have his dick inside me in a couple of minutes."

He got really mad and started swearing and tried to force me to put my hands on his dick, but I didn't let him.

"Fine," he said, defeated. "I like it."

I started whacking his cock again. "Keep going," I said, "or I stop."

"I like the thought of you fucking him."

"Keep going," I said, "if you stop talking, I stop giving you a handjob."

"Oh fuck," he said.

"OK I like the thought of his fucking you and using you like a little whore, even though you

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