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The night my girlfriend and I tried Molly together.


"That's not it, though," she almost seemed to be talking to herself, arguing.

I waited.

"I really like you," she admitted, "And you've treated me so nicely."

"You don't owe me anything for being nice to you, Rosa. I like you, too."

"But what if I... and you start treating me like Alan did. I felt so used..."

"It was so wrong, what he did to you."

"I can't go through that again."

She was so vulnerable that I almost backed off. I continued to stroke her hair with one hand and pulled her gently to me, "And you won't. Whatever happens, you won't."

She kissed me so intensely, so fiercely that it made my head spin.

I've been kissed before. But this was the most arousing kiss I'd ever had. Her hands slid around to my back, and pulled me almost desperately, almost as if she were drowning.

I lifted her and held her in my lap as we continued to kiss. My hands caressed up and down her back for a few minutes, and then she abruptly stood up. She pulled me up as well before leading me to her bedroom.

The only light in her bedroom came from what light snuck in around the dark curtains. My eyes gradually adjusted to the dark, and I could make out the bed, a simple frame, nothing fancy. She pulled me against her, and again we met in another mind-blowing kiss that left us both breathless. She broke briefly to lift my shirt over my head and off. Her lips returned to mine, and then traced soft brushes on my cheek, next to my ear, and then down to my neck. I could feel her body pressing insistently against mine. I pulled her tank-top off, baring her beautiful, slightly upturned breasts. My hands cupped them and slowly kneaded in circles, feeling her nipples harden, drawing soft moans that I could feel on my neck as she kissed there. When she stopped kissing, I moved my face down to her cleavage and planted soft kisses there, moving outward to pull her nipple into my mouth before moving my tongue to stimulate them further.

Her hands held my head against her, and she moved her hips closer, almost grinding against mine with need. I slid my arms around her waist to feel her ass, gripping it as I picked her up, and her firm, toned legs wrapped around me. I carried her to her bed, my mouth still sucking and teasing her nipples. When I joined her on the bed, she was struggling with her shorts, so I tenderly pushed her slender fingers aside and unbuttoned her shorts for her. She lifted her hips up in the air to assist me in pulling them off, but I was just enjoying the feel of her legs. She was only 5'2, so her legs were a little short, but they were still so gorgeously smooth and silky that I ran my hands up one leg, to where the bottom of the shorts began, and then back down, to her cute feet before slowly working my way up her other.

I was almost overwhelmed at how quickly she had totally succumbed to me, completely putting her heart, still raw from such deceit and betrayal from another, into my hands. I had to be careful to take it as slow as she could handle.

She confessed, her voice shaking slightly with desire and a mild fear, "Your hands feel so good on my skin. I love how you touch me."

Delighted to hear that I was having such an effect on her, I moved my head down and traced a path with my lips, the same path that I had just finished with my hands.

As I reached her feet, she giggled nervously as my lips tickled her arch. From there, I kissed her other foot, and continued my way up to her thigh.

"I don't know how much I can take, it just feels so good!" she gasped as my lips grazed her inner thigh.

I finally moved and helped her peel her shorts off, revealing a pair of pink panties with a rose pattern, and I thought, 'How appropriate considering what lies beneath!'

I kissed higher up on her thigh, just below the thin material of her panties, and then worked my way inward.

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