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A cuckold's first night.

The arrangement they made was that she would change at Melissa's house and they'd leave from there, and midway through the morning there was another text from Melissa.

Melissa: Mom invited you for dinner again, guess you must have made an impression.

Jodie: I'm relieved.

Melissa: I'll say, you're the first Democrat she actually liked.

Julie wasn't home when Jodie pulled up outside but one of Melissa's brothers was sitting on the front porch drinking a beer and reading the Auto Trader with a highlight pen in his hand. Their eyes met and he grinned.

"Hey, you here for Melissa?"

"Yeah," she glanced down at the paper, "you looking for a car?"

"Nope, just browsing," he highlighted another advertisement.

Melissa stepped outside a moment later and whistled.

"Nice shirt, don't she look purty, Bobbie?"

"Sure does," he smiled, "where you two fixin' on goin?"


"Ain't nothin' in Charleston but fags and Democrats."

"And dresses," Melissa added, "c'mon in, I was just fixin' a coffee when you rolled up."

"Your brother doesn't like gays?" Jodie asked her some time later as she pulled the jeans over her hips.

"He's just shootin' bull," Melissa laid back on the bed, "his best friend turned gay on him two years back and he's still trying to make sense of it. They done everything together, hunting and fishing, camping out and they used to pass on women to each other when they were done. Then one day Jake went down to Charleston to beat up a queer but this boy was built like a mountain and kicked his ass."

"Uh huh," Jodie fastened the jeans, "and what happened next?"

"Jake stumbles into this bar all covered in blood but he didn't know it was a gay bar. This gay guy got him all cleaned up, took him home and converted him. Now Jake is as queer as a three dollar bill and my brother is trying to make sense of it all."

"Makes sense to me," she fluffed out her hair, "a lot of homophobic people are like that."

"I ain't," Melissa sat up and looked out the window, "I'm more the curious kind," she looked at her for a moment, "so what does that make me?"

"Curious," she undid the top button.

Melissa said nothing to that but she was staring at her and Jodie hesitated before undoing a second button, and caught the slight smile on Melissa's face.

"So, we ready to go?"

"Yeah, pretty much," she undid a third button and fluffed at her hair, "we taking Dog?"

"We don't have to if we're taking your car."

"He's a part of you, we'll take him," she decided.

Dog's tail thumped on the floor and Melissa chuckled.

"I swear that dog is half human."

They headed out a little while later after collecting the essentials. A water bowl for Dog, and some water, a couple of root beers and Jodie let her hook the phone up to her stereo system.

"I gotta get me one of them for my ride," Melissa sighed.


"So," Jodie looked over as they neared Charleston, "have you told your boyfriend about me yet?"

"Josh?" she looked across and pushed her hair over her ear, "not on your life. If I told him he'd be wanting us to go doing the sixty nine push up while he sat and jacked off. No way am I telling him about you, you're my dirty little secret."

"I guess not," she smiled crookedly, "I like a little privacy."

"So you're normal," Melissa looked across.

"Yeah," she slid a hand under her silk blouse, "God, it feels weird when a straight says that, it sounds like I'm some kind of weirdo."

"You're not weird," she shrugged, "you're cool, so not like the women around here and you're doing a great job at the mill. My daddy has been raving about you and I've been puttin' in the good word to the boys at the mill as well, you're doin' just fine," she grinned.

"He's a really cool guy," she mused, "I've emailed a college in Charleston that has a small business course, it'd be great if he could be his own boss."

"I guess," she stared at a sign, "it's gotten me thinking about what I could do with myself, not much work for a high school graduate although I've always liked drawing and painting, reminds me, I

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