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While waiting for the show to start, we put on our own.

If she were my sister, I could under the old law take her. He chuckled as he imagined what that would do to cousin Liam, to take his true mate from him and condemn him to a lifetime without a mate.

Finn turned to leave, "this is not over. Not by a landslide," he murmured through his teeth.


I must have passed out because when I came too I was lying on a rich leather couch. A blanket had been pulled up over my shoulders. Thomas sat brewing in the corner.

I was angry, so I sat out to pick a fight, which was maybe not the best idea.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You do realize that you just kidnaped me?"


"Hey asshole you do know that this is a felony. Big time, big boy prison and all."

I wandered about the room snooping. No matter what I said, or did he just followed me around, opening doors, for me scowling and grunting, is this his 'job' I wondered?

So eventually I sat on the luxurious couch in the ridiculously expensive and old mansion brooding about Liam, He called me his, claimed me whatever that meant, it sent a curious thrill to my belly. As did that little comment about spanking me, which even now caused my spine to tingle like little pop rocks going off then spreading up my spine. I looked up at Thomas and caught him staring. Redness creeped up my upper body, could he tell what I was thinking?

I wiggled into the corner of the couch drawing my legs up and under me, making myself as small as possible. My heart rate accelerated, those pop rocks were going off again and dam if I wasn't getting wet just because my body knew he was close.

Thomas knew as well, he met them at the door, his brow raised in sarcastic humor. "Are we using the door now Sire?" Liam narrowed his eye at him and gestured with his head for him to leave. With a slight bow Thomas and Derick left the room.

"Are you really a King?"

"After all you have seen that is the question you lead with little one?"

"Look Liam, King, Sire I appreciate you rescuing me from that other err Vampire but I can be on my way now."

"NO, I meant what I said you are mine and you will be my queen."

"Aren't You overlooking something? A little thing called freewill."

"You are my mate freewill has little to do with it."

I started to speak, but he held up his hand.

"You need to understand something little one and because you did not grow up in our world, it will take some adjustment but adjust you must."

My mouth fell open in shock. Did he really think he could just demand that I ...

"Are you seriously saying that I...?"

"Not another word, there is much to do and little time to do it in. first you must understand you are not human. The fact that you can speak to me in our minds alone proves that. No human can do that. In addition, only mates can hear each other and then usually only after the mating ritual is complete. Our bond will be very strong indeed. We only ever take one mate and it is for life there is no going back."

I reached to get the bottle of water from the coffee table. My hands shook so badly I could not open it. Liam sat beside me gently took the bottle opened it up passing it to me. He watched as I took trembling sips of the cool water.


I can feel the waves of anxiety flowing over her. I wish I had longer to explain, to draw her slowly into our world. But now that Finn knew I had found my mate, she was in danger until such time as I can complete the transformation, and there was no rushing that.

"Come." She placed her tiny trembling hand in mine. I sent soothing energy out to her then led her to the kitchen. "Derik has gotten us some food we will eat then you can take a nap. We still have the minor matter of your disobedience to address."

"You're not saying you plan on..."

"Paddling your luscious ass. Yes ma'am. Here. Eat." She had the good sense to keep her mouth shut and no matter if it was her hunger or anger she ate. Exactly the reason I brought up the paddling.

"Paddling my ass, he will never touch my ass luscious or otherwise.

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