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An encounter after the game.

She sounded a little rushed. Her voice echoed a bit, I'm sure she was sneaking a phone call in the bathroom.

"That's ok. I'm sure you'll do great. Paint your nails too, and you can use my favorite perfume, I'll be home at regular time. Don't worry about making dinner. I ordered it, just set the table for us and light the candles and incense... Oops, I have to go, I love you."

"I love y..." But I couldn't get the last words out. She already hung up. I proceeded to get ready. I had four hours to transform.

I was proud of myself. I was done after three and for the final hour I practiced walking in my heels. I was startled when I heard knocking. I hoped it was because she forgot her keys again. It wouldn't be good for any neighbors to see me like this, but after opening the door I saw her carrying a bit too many packages. I helped relieve her of her bags, except one. I followed her into the kitchen, a bit proud that I could walk in five inch heels without stumbling, the practice really pays off. Normally, I am on my knees when I wear them or on my back. I bent over to kiss her, but she stopped me.

"I don't want to ruin your lipstick... just yet. I can't wait to see that color red on a black cock. Unpack everything and let me get ready. Have some of the wine, and pour me a glass." She left the kitchen to walk to the bedroom with a black bag that said "Dazzles", our favorite toy spot.

I'm not a wine drinker, in fact I hardly drink at all since it takes so much, and normally I'm the designated driver. Wine however just disagrees with me, but she likes when I drink it. She says the look makes me girly. I got two glasses and unpacked everything, but clearly there wasn't enough for two.

"Honey, are we both eating tonight?" I called out loud enough for her to hear me.


"Did you forget something?"

She walks out at this point, and looks at what I unpacked.

"Shit, I must have forgotten one. It's probably still on the restaurant counter. Enjoy your wine and I'll be back before you know it." She left kissing me on the cheek. As she exited the kitchen heading for the door I hear one last comment. Normally it's "I love you", but this time it was "mmm, so fuckable."

Smiling, I popped the cork, probably the easiest bottle I ever opened. Pouring the red wine into the glass and swirling it around to bring the aroma out, it smelled different, sweeter even. I laughed at the thought she might have poured some Manichevits (cheap kosher wine) into an expensive wine bottle to add to the allure of the evening. I proceeded to sip it as I walked into the bedroom, my balls and ass were tingling at the words she said as she left, wondering if I was supposed to even hear them.

Trying to walk as sexy as I could, I entered the bedroom and there on the bed was a brand new strap on. I guess this was the black dick she wanted my lipstick on. It was thick and twelve inches long. My heart raced at the fear of taking it all, but I knew once I started I would have to bury that monstrosity in my ass. The thought made my dick stretch my panties. I left the room knowing that if I soiled my panties this early in the game I'd be in trouble. I must have rushed too quickly because exiting the bedroom, I staggered. I went back to trying to walk as sexy as I could while I sipped some more from the glass. I staggered again. It might be better if I sat down. Luckily I didn't spill any, those red wines' stain like nothing else.

After fifteen minutes of waiting I finished my first glass and my second. I decided to start a third. Surprisingly, the normal effect wine has on me, was not an issue with this particular vineyard. She should be back soon. I sat at the table smelling the food wondering what was taking so long. I was hungry, but more so, I was getting tired. So tired that the sexual excitement I felt gave way to blackness.


"What do we have here?"

I fell asleep.

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