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He's back in the Hunt.

I lapped greedily at the love nectar she was producing while she did her best to make me forget everything in my life except my hard cock slipping in and out of her mouth.

I had to concentrate to be sure I gave her as good as I was getting. I was able to slide my tongue between the lips of her pussy and plunge it deeply into her snatch repeatedly, almost in cadence with her taking my cock down her throat. I soon won the race to make her cum first and felt her juices running down the sides of my face. She was holding my head captive with her thighs, her cunt pressed hard against my mouth. She stopped nursing on me, raised her head, closed her eyes and concentrated on my tongue pushing in and out of her. She was grinding her snatch against my face. When I knew she was close, I wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her in position, found her clitoris and sucked it between my lips. Each time I caressed it with my tongue, she quivered and let out a little moan. Very soon, she was jerking so hard it was all I could do to contain her with my arms. I knew I had done my duty when she let out a loud sigh, released my head from the grasp of her legs and wilted on top of me.

As was our custom after one of these events, she was almost in a stupor as she swapped ends and unhurriedly settled on my swollen, neglected cock. With her hand, she poised the tip of it at the lips of her vagina and carefully lowered her self, bit by bit, down on it. The sensation of warmth and encasement as it slipped slowly into her was ecstasy. She began to post up and down and I knew she liked to watch my face as she brought me to the edge of euphoria. She was smiling as she rode, hands on my chest and watching my face. It wasn't long before I succumbed to the sensation of my sensitive flesh sliding up and down within the sleeve of her soft pussy.

I could feel my climax building like a storm on the horizon, growing, swirling until it was overpowering and finally exploded out the end of my cock, shooting cum deep into her. My body gave her every drop of semen that it had stored in my balls since our last session. It took at least five good squirts to ejaculate it all but soon I was done, spent and almost comatose with sexual gratification and pleasure.

Later, as she lay cuddled in the crook of my arm, she said, "I've changed my mind. I don't want you to trim my pussy hair; I want you to shave it."

WOW! I think I could do that.

The following morning, as we showered, I asked, "Are you ready for your shave?"

"I think so but you better be careful, I don't want you to cut me."

"I got everything I need yesterday at the drug store. Go lay down and I'll be with you in a moment. Put a towel under your ass so we don't get the bed wet."

When I came out of the bathroom, armed with one of the new vibrating safety razors, a can of shaving cream and a pan full of warm water she still looked uneasy.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Relax. Just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy."

She did as I said and let out an almost imperceptible sigh as I covered her entire groin with a very warm, wet, hand towel. When I removed it and started to apply the shaving cream that I had warmed in the water, she smiled and opened her legs a little wider.

"Ooh, I like the feeling of that."

I did too but I had a job to do. I carefully spread the cream all over the hair around her pussy (She already had it fashioned into something called a Bikini wax). I couldn't help but think how much it looked like whipped cream and thought of another game we often played. Now and then I 'accidentally' let my fingers slide along and into the lips of her vagina.

Each time I did that she gave a little start and finally said, "Either shave me, eat me or fuck me but do something soon."

I knew I would fuck her later so I applied myself to the task of shaving her sweet beaver.

Carefully I swiped the hair and shaving cream away, rinsing the razor in the pan of water between each stroke.

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