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She would be devastated. To say her heart will be broken would be an understatement. The royal siblings had a bond like no other; they were of a closeness that rivaled even twins. Granted, they hadn't seen one another in years but the two never once faltered in the absence.

Mayce passed the throne room where King Cassius would no longer reside in. He passed the grand dining corridor where the king would no longer feast. He passed the conference room where King Cassius would no longer make ultimate decisions on war and peace.

His king would no longer step foot on the stone flooring where his home sat.

Up the stairs to the Royals Wing, Mayce tapped lightly on the solid wooden door. He noticed the flickering of light coming from beneath it before a young maiden gingerly cracked the door. She was beautiful and frail, her blonde locks falling in pieces around her angular face. She must be some sort of elf. With no mind to that, Mayce tried to push his way through.

"I must speak with Lady Velorina," he murmured in a rushed tone. Soon to be Queen Velorina, he added as a thought.

The elf girl chewed on her bottom lip. "She's indisposed at the moment, I'm afraid."

Mayce placed a boot in between the gap as the girl tried to close the door on him. "It's about the king," he gritted out. He must have had a worried look on his face as she looked down and fought some inner battle. Her brows scrunched together before she nodded minutely.

"My lady, one of the king's men is here. He needs to speak with you."

Mayce groaned inwardly at the possibility of leaking the news to every gossiping wench in the kingdom. Thank the gods however as Lady Velorina only had two maidens with her in her chambers. He nodded his thanks to the girl as he approached the now queen.

"My lady," he dropped to one knee and placed his forearm over his black chest plate.

Lady Velorina sat up in her lavish, four poster bed, her belly extending beyond the sheets that formed around it. Gods, how many babes was she carrying? "Mayce, is it?" Her tone was sweet and kind, not one fit for leadership. She wasn't ruthless and uncaring; she was quite the opposite.

"Yes, my lady," he muttered.

She smiled a radiant grin and motioned for him to stand. "You don't have to bow for me. I'm not like my wretched brother," she joshed and the two other women guffawed.

Mayce's lips tugged but his heart sank.

Lady Velorina immediately took notice. "My, what is it? What's happened to him?"

She didn't mean her husband and Mayce picked up on that.

"The king is dead, your highness."

Chapter Thirteen

Joy ran through Toros' veins.

"Dead? The king is dead?!" He practically screamed with both surprise and happiness when he found out earlier that night.

His plan worked? Of course, by complete coincidence that Thalanil broke the king's neck the same night Toros slipped something into the king's goblet. Not poison or anything deadly; no, it was an herb to make him weak and lose his senses. To be perfectly honest, Toros was praying that Cassius would become disoriented and perhaps fall from his balcony. Never did he think that someone else would do the job.

He almost felt envious of the brute.

He was surrounded by a select few who despised King Cassius in the conference room of the castle. He'll rename it to the War Room as he planned on attacking Drovalor and Edrein. He wanted Asna to himself. Iselal wasn't enough; he had to have it all.

The coronation would be in a fortnight but he was pushing for sooner. After all, Ieslal did need an immediate monarch and according to the laws, he was now king. Aye, he married into the royal family but, his wife was still gestating and would not be fit to rule an entire country. So, Lord Toros was now King Toros.

"Just falls right off of the tongue, doesn't it?" He asked aloud.

Curious faces of generals, lowly lords, and advisors glanced at him. One even had the gall to question him. "What does, my lord?"

"It's your highness," he hissed.

A few nervou

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