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Coming together. Sunday.

He knows exactly what I'm feeling," she realized a sharp blush steeling up her face. It was then she noticed the shapes of the flowers. Maybe it was just the odd mood that had struck but some of the more open ones looked like. . . well, like. . . "Labia," she couldn't help saying softly in her mind even as she felt herself becoming damp. Her blush intensified when she notices some of the flowers had a long reddish bulb-like appendage extending out from the middle of the flower. Isabella closed her eyes, becoming damper and she felt the delicious thrill of something petal soft gently sliding along her . . .

She hadn't noticed Lucian's state of discomfiture and dismay until his voice broke through her growing excitement. She tried to block him out wanting to just feel. She felt the growing telltale signs of an orgasm as what must have been one of the bulbs though seemingly larger than anything she'd known before began demanding entrance small spike adding just that bit of bite. The sarcastic thought that she was surprised she'd would even recognize the feelings leading to an orgasm appeared briefly then disappeared as the sensations began to wash over her like waves, the huge bulb too large to enter her fully, pressing again her entrance with increasing force until she wished it would force itself inside her, consequences be damned."

"We needed to know Lucian," a female voice said.

"Not like this and not before even speaking to her," Lucian replied sounding a touch angry

"Isn't it better to already know her responsiveness before we speak of the matter?" another male voice joined the conversation.

"And had she not responded or barely responded it would have told us nothing. She's human. They aren't as open to such things as we are and even some who have married within started out closed off and unresponsive to such . . . stimuli, " Lucian replied.

"Why can't they all just be quiet?" Isabelle thought dreamily as she rose on the torrid scent and petal touch soft over her nub in contrast to the slightly painful thrust of the giant pod against her entrance but going no further. She seemed to be opening more and more as if trying to engulf the strange pod. The petals continued stroking her. . . oh, she was so close. . .so close" a moan escaped her lips.

"Oh no," Lucian said sounding quite disturbed. "I'll get her and Sylvie, you remove those flowers. . . No on second thought you get her and I'll remove those flowers."

Isabelle felt an arm around her tugging her in a direction away from the sensations he was so enjoying. She fought to stay near, she was so close, so, so close. . . wait, why was she coming back down? That wasn't the right direction at all! No! After all this time. . .

She heard a door close and then another slowly beginning to take note of her surroundings - an elevator she thought as they began to go upward no not like she had been moments ago to her disappointment. And there were two other women with her one holding her tightly around the shoulders, both who seemed aware of exactly what she had been going through to her dismay.

"It's alright Isabelle. It's a perfectly natural reaction to the flowers," she heard one of the women say though still as if from a distance.

"For a claimed one perhaps," muttered the other voice with a touch of laughter sounding in her words. "A claimed, bonded, fully mated, one, at that," the voice finished with another slight laugh. That voice also sounded far away.

"Zelda, hush! Do you want to scare her before we even have a chance to talk to her. She may be the one Zelda. All the oracles show it to be so. We have waited so long. . . "

"He has waited so long," Zelda stated. "And it must be the right one, not close, not almost, but absolutely the right one."

"Of course it must be, she must be," the woman Lucian had addressed as Sylvie replied. "But they'll know if it is so. They would have to know. It can't be helped.

"But we have had women who either resisted or temped one of our men to choose incorrectly.

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