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Sexy woman wakes up her lover.

I was going to give him the best blow job of his life.

I ran my tongue around his cockhead, and down his shaft to his balls, and then I sucked one ball into my mouth and used my fingers to push the other one in as well.

With my mouth full of his balls, I firmly stroked his shaft, and sensed he was getting close to cumming.

Suddenly Sue said "Hang on guys - wait." and for a second I thought she was calling a halt to proceedings.

But she came over and stood between us, and said "This may be the only time in my life I ever do this," and she grabbed a cock in each hand and started slowly stroking us.

Kevin looked a bit shocked by this turn of events, but seemed pleased that his wife was getting into "the mood."

What happened next shocked him even more, as his wife - still stroking us, got on her knees between us - looked her husband in the eye, and put her lips to my cock and kissed it.

Then she slowly licked my cock head, and slid it into her mouth.

I didn't expect his, but I wasn't about to stop her either.

Kevin was looking really shocked now, as his self confessed "non cocksucking wife" was sucking my cock like it was the tastiest thing she'd ever had in her mouth.

She stopped for a moment to remove her clothes, revealing a slim body with small but firm tits in a lacy black bra, and a tiny g-string with see through mesh in the front.

She got back on her knees, and alternately put our cocks in her mouth, sucking and stroking each in turn.

She even tried putting both our cocks in her mouth at once, but mine is quite thick, and Kev's head was way too big.

Kevin was now looking more shocked at this unexpected (for me as well) turn of events.

His demure wife, who only a short time earlier had told me she was not that interested in sex, and didn't like giving head, was now acting like a wild animal who couldn't control herself.

She was talking dirty as well, saying "Your cocks are beautiful - I'm so wet," and she was rubbing her tits and stroking and fingering herself.

I wasn't sure what was happening - or what was going to happen next. But I decided to just go along with whatever direction it took.

Sue took off her bra and panties, got on her hands and knees on the thick shag pile (giving literal meaning to "shag") carpet, put her arms straight out on the floor, stuck her ass up in the air, (revealing a nicely shaved pink pussy), and said "I want you to take turns fucking me!"

Kevin now looked a bit distraught, and said to his wife - "Sue, are you OK - you're acting so strange, I've never seen you like this?"

Sue got up, put her hands on each side of her husband's face, looked him in the eye and said "I love you babe, so much, and I know it hasn't been easy for you hardly ever having sex for the last 10 years, and never having me suck you. I know you have needs that I wasn't meeting - and I'm sorry." She started crying.

"But when I saw Mike start sucking your cock, and the look on your face - you looked like you were in heaven, and I knew you were going to cum soon, and I'm sorry I stopped him, but I was jealous that he was making you feel that way - not me.

I want to be the one making you look like that. I want to be the one on my knees letting you fuck my mouth, and swallowing your cum.

I'm your wife, it's my job to make all your fantasies come true, and seeing Mike suck you made me realize what a fucking bitch I've been. I love you babe, and I love your cock, it's beautiful and I promise from now on you can fuck me and put your beautiful big cock and cum in my mouth whenever you want."

Kevin was almost crying as well, and they both looked at me - it was a touching moment.

I said "OK guys, I guess my work here is done - it was great meeting you, and I hope everything turns out OK."

I reached for my clothes, but they both said "Wait!"

Sue said "Don't go Mike - I guess we both owe you a lot, and since this may be a "one off" let's finish what we started?"

"Oh look guys, you don't owe me anything - really - I'm just happy that you've found each other

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