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(Non erotic) News alert: ET contact, but...

Her high platforms made her tower over the other women. I asked her to make love to a short black prostitute while I watched. The prostitute asked for 100 dollars. I told her that if Sue made her cum I would pay nothing. If Sue didn't make her cum, I would pay double.

"Sue, if you cost me any money I will beat your ass, and put you on the street to earn it for me."

The whore laughed and Sue dropped to her knees, lifted the black woman's skirt and began to eat the prostitute's pussy. The black woman pulled Sue's head into her crotch hard, telling Sue to show her how much a little white bitch likes eating black pussy. Sue continued to eat the woman as the Black woman reached down and twisted her nipples. The slut-slave groaned as she continued to lick the black pussy. I could tell the prostitute was betting close by her moans and by the smell of her juices. After a little she began to shudder and shake. After having a strong orgasm she let Sue go. Sue rose to her feet and smiled at me through her cum stained makeup. Then she got out her compact and began to fix it. I gave the whore 100 dollars anyway as a tip.

After Sue finished her makeup, I led her to the entrance of the club. My hand was stamped and Sue was made to bare her butt that was stamped with the same number as my hand. It was explained, that if anyone wanted to borrow or return her they would know who she belonged to. I got a collar and leash out of my bag, and fastened them to her. I led Sue to the bar and ordered a drink for myself. Sue being a well-trained slave, knelt at my feet as all the other slaves were doing.

While sipping my drink, I opened the chains that held her vest closed, baring her breasts to anyone who wished to look. I then reached into my bag and brought out two weighted nipple clips, and handed them to my slave. She immediately put them on, and presented her breasts to me for inspection. I tightened them until I heard her groan, then flicked the weights to watch her reaction. One of the masters looked at me and said.

"May I?"


He reached down and pulled on the weight. Sue did not move, but stayed there, awaiting his or my command. He called his slave over, and commanded her to kneel before me. As he took out his cock, and shoved it into Sue's mouth, holding her by the hair, He told me that his slaves name was Linda, and that she would follow my commands. I took out my cock and told Sue to suck it. He introduced himself as Vinnie, and me as Steve. We talked as the women sucked our cocks. We decided that we would sum on their faces and have them lick each other clean. We soon covered both women's faces with sperm. We then led them up onto the stage and had them lick each other clean for the audience.

The contest was soon to begin.

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