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Mark Numan meets his gal-friend Annelie's stunning daughter.

"You like my feet, tiger?"

Mac feels her foot rub softly against his crotch, and mumbles, "Yes... so much."

"What do you want to do to my stinky feet right now?"

"W-wor... worship them..."

She brings her left foot to his lips. "You wanna kiss my feet?"

"Yes... yes..."

"Do ya? Hmmmm...?"

"God, yes!"

She smirks again at him. "Hehe, go ahead, then... kiss my feet."

Mac gulps, and grabs her left foot desperately, pressing his lips all over her arch as much as he can. "That's it... kiss it. I want to hear loud wet ones, ok?" Delilah lustfully says, and watches him with sexual interest.

Mac takes deep, sloppy and loud smooches, finally getting a true taste of the feet he craved for the past few years. He kisses her foot with the purest love and lust he's ever had. Del groans at the feel of his lips, slightly using her left hand to grab her crotch beneath her pulled up skirt. Pressing into her crotch, she groans again, getting completely taken over by her own pleasure. "Ugnnh, that feels so amazing. Keep kissing! Kiss my feet, tiger. Yes... my soft, pretty, sexy feet..."

More wet smooches evolve from Mac as he gets more into his worship of Del's foot. She flexes her toes as Mac plants kisses all over them. The sensation eventually becomes too much for her to withstand, and she scrunches her toes over his lips. Mac kisses them with even more desperation. Delilah softly cries out, enjoying this more than she had expected. "Please don't stop... Oh, God... Suck my toes, Mac! Please suck them!"

Mac happily obliges, shoving her first two toes into his watering mouth. He closes his eyes again, and begins a steady suction of her toes, lapping his tongue all over the sweaty pantyhose. Delilah squirms even more, and sticks her hand between her skirt, doing her best to pleasure herself. "Ugh..." she grunts out between breaths. "Uggnh...."

Mac continues by taking a long slow lick over her sole, making her toes flex highly. Smacking his lips, he smiles, satisfied at the expected sweaty taste. Delilah's groans become more louder, and she opens her eyes with a fierce determination. Mac goes back to licking her toes, forcing Del to groan again.

She finally sits up from the armrest and shouts "God, I can't take this anymore!"

Using both of her hands to grab her free right foot, Delilah carefully brings it back to her face. In a possessed fashion, she plants several kisses all over her foot, scrunching her toes for her own admiration. Mac looks on in engaged arousal as Delilah worships her own foot. The magnificent sight causes him to breath hard, and he feels his manhood throb right through his shorts. But nothing can prepare him for when Del begins to lick onto her arch.

After a few seconds of watching her, he finally gathers the courage to ask, "How... how does it taste, Del?"

Del looks up at him, and says while smacking her lips, "Salty... very salty... hehe, but I like it a lot." Bringing her toes back to her lips, she lets out one final sigh and whispers, "My feet taste so good..." Delilah then closes her eyes and shoves her own big toe into her mouth, softly sucking on the pantyhose that cover it. Mac watches on, not even noticing that he is rubbing her left foot onto his hard cock through his shorts.

Del opens her eyes, and laughs at him for looking at her. "You are such a dork! Haha, so, you're just gonna watch me suck my own toes?" Playfully winking at him, she knows she is pushing his buttons again with her teasing talk. She shoves 2 more toes into her mouth, and sucks hard, looking directly at him. Mac softly (but lustfully) leans his crotch into her left foot, feeling her toes curl over his cock through his basketball shorts. Delilah resumes her erotic banter:

"I should've seen the signs that you were into my feet, even before the incident last year. You used to always compliment my black socks whenever I took my shoes off in class. Hehehe, you don't fool me, dude. I always saw you looking at my feet whenever I played with my converse sneakers."

Mac bites his lip hard, and can only listen as Delilah b

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