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PI Joe Fox will do anything for a friend.

I greeted him and the door and gave him a big hug and kiss. He knew something was up when I gave him the kiss as it wasn't the typical "welcome home" kiss. He asked how my day was and I told him I went shopping with a few friends. Right then, an idea popped into my mind and I told him to put his bag away and then come into the bedroom and I'd show him the clothes I bought. (I hadn't bought anything, and so that's exactly what I would show him - nothing.) I ran into the bedroom, stripped off my clothes, and waited for him to come in. I was standing naked next to the bathroom door when he entered. His eyes grew wide when he saw me and simply muttered, "um".

"Well babe, I didn't buy any clothes today, so I have nothing to wear."

As he approached, I decided it was time to make sure I got what I wanted, so I told him to stop. Five feet from me, with a somewhat puzzled look on his face, he stopped. "If you want to come any closer, you're going to have to get naked too." He quickly obeyed as I knew he would.

I looked him over a bit, but my eyes focused on his dick. It was clearly bigger than it had been a few minutes ago, but it certainly wasn't hard. He took another step towards me, but I stopped him again (it was time to have a little fun with him). "I thought you'd be happy to see me."

When he replied that he was, I pointed at his dick and countered, "Really? Because it looks here that you're only somewhat happy to see me."

His dick immediately bounced a bit as blood pulsed into it. Watching that made me happy. He knew that I had something up as I never really acted like this before. I decided that I'd tease him a little first, so informed him, "You know we're not going to have sex."

Again, the puzzled look returned to his face. I approached him slowly before suddenly grabbing his dick with my left hand. I wrapped my thumb and fingers around the shaft and felt it harden some more then added, "So if we're not going to fuck, what should I do with this?"

I'm not sure if he was trying to think of a response or just trying to figure out what had gotten into me, but either way he stood there speechless. I adjusted my hand on his dick while he thought. He started with, "Well..." but then trailed off. Even with the slight movement of my fingers, I could feel his dick continue to grow. I knew why he wasn't speaking - he didn't need to. Why should he speak when he had a naked girl holding his dick in her hands?

"Well, I guess I could suck it." As his eyes widened at this obviously pleasurable suggestion, I felt his dick pulsate as more blood flowed into it. Suddenly, I squeezed it tightly and added, "No, I don't think I'm really in the mood to suck it."

Again, the confusion struck him. Who knew what was going through his mind? I certainly didn't, but I did know what was going through mine. With a firm grasp on his shaft, I walked him over to the bed and lay down. He crawled into bed after me and started to lay on top when I had to remind him that we weren't going to have sex. Finally, he managed a coherent sentence, "So what are we going to do?"

"Well," I started as I dragged him into bed. Never letting go of his cock, I guided him over me so that while I was lying on my back with my head propped against a pillow, he was kneeling over me, one leg on each side. I tugged him up towards me so that his dick was right above my breasts, a little less than a foot from my face. I continued, "Well, you're not going to do anything..." with that, I finally let my right hand join the party and with both hands on his dick, I looked him in the eyes and added, "but I'm going to make you cum."

Already I had noticed that his dick was leaking some of that oh so sweet clear and sticky juice, but certainly with that last sentence, I felt a little more ooze out.

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