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Who knew a conservative girl like Gloria could be so freaky.

It could be made absorbent to reduce swelling from infection or secreting to deliver time released drugs at a measured rate into a patient's wounds.

In this particular case Doxy had made the bandaging compound into an endothermic-secreting-hollowed-out plug. When placed inside the egg chute it quickly heated well above normal human body temperatures. And in addition when born down on by dexterous egg chute bone spur flexors it would secrete a light lubricating composite. So for William it made the Saurian egg chute into a red hot pussy that responded to his actions by lubing at the discretions of its host. It was perhaps the single most diabolical replica of human femininity that Doxy had fashioned. It was convenient, ever at the ready, maintenance free, reliable, user friendly, disease free and gratis of all satisfaction requirements in other words everything the genuine article was not.

One century later the richest man on earth held a patent to a design very similar to Doxy's current construct, it was his only invention and he was only 18. He got the patent in the same year he turned 18. When he was 17 he was a busboy a very inventive busboy.

Interstellar travel even employing a Faster Then Light Point Drive can still be an unhurried afair, the main factor in travel delay is the ratio of power to gravity. An interstellar Point Drive works by "folding" space. it brings two distant points together. When a ship enters the "folded space" it emerges at the origin of the distant point. The trouble was gravity. Think of space as a flexible stretchy rubber two dimensional sheet, you could in theory fold the sheet up into a very small pile, except for gravity. Again think of space as the same rubber sheet with two people sitting on it. If you wanted to grab up the sheet and stretch two distant bits of it you would have to be some distance from the people sitting on it. You could still with some effort stretch the rubber and bring two bits of the sheet that are each closer to the seated people but distant to each other together. The more effort you apply the closer you can be to the seated people where you stretch the rubber.

Thus a ship with lots of power can engage its point dive much closer to a gravity well such as a stellar body and overcome its gravitic distortion on space. The little comet tug of the Joined with its moderately powered Point Drive had to travel outside the stellar system's Oort Belt before it could engage its interstellar engines, which made for a long journey. The Joined didn't mind though, William would need time to generate a fortune in seasons for them and Foxy just enjoyed all the attention he she would summon from him.

==From the Romance Files, How To Ruin A Date==Appendix 3

It was Foxy that had come up with a possible explanation. It had taken some time because while the porn files were well indexed by subject, actions, number of participants, etc. The romance section was indexed in absurd meaningless way's making it impossible to conduct organized research. Such topics as "Re-new your romance with him", and "the secrets men keep from women and why" made research impossible.

Even the topics were misleading! For example the latter topic, she knew that men didn't keep secrets from their women. However women reacted very poorly to revelations a man might make that they didn't like to hear no matter how obvious. Furthermore they had little difficulty in behaving as though that given matter did not even exist until a man told them of it, then no matter how unjust the situation the woman would invariably blame the man, no matter how little connected he was to the situation. So she knew that the index was both false and misleading, its topics meaningless. However the shear dimensions of the romance files prohibited any form of brute force approach. So it was left to random chance that she had come across what she believed explained William's probing of their chest harness.

It oddly had been more of piece on instruction, warning young h

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