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No good deed...

"Did you see anyone while you were out last night?" I asked.

Katrina played coy, but with a wicked glint in her eye. "Well, I think there might've been a couple of guys there from your work, but I'm not sure whether they saw me." She added, "Then again, I wasn't paying them too much attention so I couldn't really be sure either way."

I was on a week off work so if what she was saying was true, it'd be a while before I found out, although I knew that gossip like that would spread like wildfire around my office so within a week half the building would know. The strange thing was though, while I was nervous as to how I would handle any awkward questions, the thought of people talking about Katrina and how she was maybe having an affair behind my back was a thought that I found quite arousing, albeit just mentally as my cock was unable to get more than semi erect at the best of times.

Unfortunately, the week off had also meant a lot of time alone at home, Katrina out at work and doing god knows what, while I was left frustrated. Still, it was what I wanted and Katrina had over the last few days began to use my chastity for her own ends, having me spend ages licking her pussy in the hope that she would finally relent and allow me some release, but she hadn't so far. I was so confused, I desperately wanted to cum, to feel an orgasm ripping through my body, yet I also loved the fact that I couldn't.

Anyway, despite asking me about going out with Steve, Katrina had every intention of going regardless of what I said and it was tomorrow (Saturday) that she planned on meeting him. Katrina had taken today off work and was upstairs getting ready, having told me we were going into town to get her some new clothes for her 'date'.

She came downstairs looking gorgeous as always; she had also picked out my clothes, making me dress up slightly more than usual as I was to buy her lunch out. Even so, my CB 6000 was securely in place, covered in a pair of pink lace panties underneath my jeans, which I had deliberately chosen as they were a slightly looser fit.

"You look gorgeous," I told her, "Good enough to eat."

"You will be later, don't you worry," Katrina replied, "Seeing as you've been a good cucky this week I'll maybe let you buy something to wear tonight, as a treat seeing as you'll be alone tomorrow."

I wondered what she had in mind, though was pretty sure she didn't have anything manly in mind. We headed out and spent the day touring female clothes and underwear shops. I was paranoid that my device was noticeable under my jeans but Katrina said it just looked like I had a big cock tucked in there. I wished!

Katrina was constantly teasing me, putting sexy clothes up to herself and asking if Steve would like her in it; I was fairly certain whatever clothes she bought wouldn't be on her too long anyway. I said this to Katrina but she corrected me. "Oh no, not at all dear hubby, I intend to spend the weekend with Steve as if he was my husband, we're going to go shopping, have dinner etcetera. I want to let people look at us and think we're a real couple."

I thought about this for a second and could feel my cock stirring, imagining them holding hands as they walked around the shops. What if Katrina started to have feelings for him more than just sex, what if they fell in love? Would she stay with me?

Katrina seemed to guess what was going through my mind. "Don't worry, it's you I love, this is all for us," she reassured me, "Though I'm sure I can keep two men in my life happy, aren't you?"

"Come on, here we are, time for your treat." Katrina pulled me towards La Senza and went straight over to a display of bright pink satin panties, bras and camisoles. She grabbed my hand and made me touch the material, "Like?"

I definitely did, I loved the feel of the satin and imagined how it would feel over my new hairless body (Katrina had made me shave and Immac all my body hair earlier in the week).

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