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Rose makes an evening alone even hotter.

But the problem is, of course, a woman doesn't always feel like cumming. Fanchon had cum twice that night, Alf had gone to bed orgasmless...and suffered during the day watching Kissler Systems's hot little secretaries walking back and forth in the office! No running to the lavatory to wank off then!

The next night, he'd brought Fanchon to two orgasms again, and when he'd pouted as she turned over to go to sleep, she'd become annoyed, and she'd tweaked one of his nipples, HARD, and told him to quit his bitching.

Alf hated it when a woman said he was bitching. It was such a feminine term, you know? But he'd rubbed ice on his nipple and gone to sleep in the chastity belt, which he was really beginning to hate.

The next night, Alf had brought Fanchon to three orgasms, and she'd unlocked his belt...but she wouldn't fuck him...she was tired. "Just jerk off quickly and I'll lock you up again. And hurry."

Alf suggested timidly that she go to sleep, and he'd take care of himself, but Fanchon was not going to let him jerk off several times. He had to do it once and lock up...immediately! So he'd done so...and what a hot orgasm it was!

He'd thrown away the soiled Kleenex, and Fanchon had locked him up once more, telling him. "Now I don't want you to ask for any more orgasms this week. I want you to give me three orgasms a night until next Friday (this was on Wednesday) not this Friday, and then I'll let you fuck me NEXT Friday, if you've been a good boy."

And she'd rolled over and gone to sleep!

To say she made it difficult for him with all the teasing and denial was an understatement...and was she manipulative! Cruel, almost.

One time, when Alf had been 24 days orgasm-less, it was bringing him down...it was only six more days until he'd be allowed to jerk off, as by that time Fanchon had shut her pussy down to him except for Christmas and his birthday...and he was getting depressed.

That night Fanchon sat down next to Alf, and was rubbing his back. "What's wrong, honey? You've got the blues, huh? Can you tell me about it?" There was true compassion in her gorgeous Italian-Irish brown eyes.

Alf almost spoke, then hesitated. "I-I don't think I can talk about it. You told me not to, you said you were sick of hearing about it and--"

Fanchon shook her head. "Whaddya mean? You can tell Fanchon anything...I love you, Alfred, and I want you to be happy. If you can't talk about things with your spouse, what can you do?"

Alf smiled. "You-you mean it? You don't mind hearing about my problem?"

Fanchon had given Alf a long kiss. "Tell me, baby. What's wrong?"

"I'm just depressed about wearing the chastity belt so long. I know it was my idea, and all, but I-it's really difficult to go a whole month without an orgasm, and especially since I can't stick my dick in your tight little vagina anymore, honey...that's what it was--you know?"

Fanchon had smiled and kissed him harder. "Of course! And why were you so reticent to talk about it with me, darling?" She patted his crotch and gave him an impish grin.

Wow! Was Fanchon softening up? Maybe she'd--give him a break, maybe even FUCK him. "Well, Fanchon, you know you said if I even mentioned wanting to get out of the chastity belt, you'd give me another thirty days to be locked up, and that's why I was scared to talk to you about it---so I was trying to be strong and silent and wait out my six days until I get to masturbate , but---"

Fanchon smiled, pooching out her full lower lip. "Baby...of course you can always talk to me, I love you so much! I really appreciate you being able to open up to me and I know it will be hard to wait out the next thirty-six days, but I am glad it helps to talk about it."

Alf had babbled with relief at first. "I'm-I'm so glad you understand, Fanchon, and maybe we can--thirty-six days til my masturbation date? No, honey, it's only six days, right?"

Fanchon shook her head, smiling.

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