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Step sister and step brother fuck hard.

" I watch as his eyes darken. He strokes me a few more times and then stops. Just stops. "Please. Please make me cum."

"Sshhh. Who do you belong to?"

"I'm yours. Please, Marcus." I put my hand on his wrist and try to guide him back to my core. I'm so close.

"KNEEL." I am kneeling, and then I remember my hands are supposed to be on my thighs. As quick as I can, I put them back in place. I stay as still as can be, eyes on the floor. My body shudders, but it's not because of fear. Lust, desire, and a deep need are coursing through my veins.
He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me toward him. "Do you remember trying on dresses this morning? I told you to bend over, and without permission, you stood up. Do you think you should be rewarded for disobeying me?"

"That woman was touching me! What was I supposed to do?"

"You were supposed to stay bent over. That's all I asked you to do. That's all, and you disobeyed me. You were a bad girl. I won't punish you, because it was before we discussed things, but I won't reward bad behavior. You do not have my permission to cum."

What? It feels like the floor dropped out from under me. What? "Please, Marcus please let me cum, please."

"Shhh girl. I told you about rewards and punishments. You were not a good girl this morning, you do not get rewarded. You gave yourself to me; your mind and your body are mine to use. I can reward you or punish you as I wish." The word 'Fucker!' is coming to mind, but before my mouth can get me into anymore trouble Marcus gives me one of those looks that just shuts me up. I just sit there, glaring at him as he starts to stand up. I can't help but think about the ugly orange dress I refused to wear. That had to be worse than standing up, right?

I don't want to crane my neck to look up at him, so when he's up and standing I just look down at the carpet. Fucker. He can't get me horny like that and then just let me stew without letting me cum. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a snap, and then the unmistakable sound of a zipper.

Marcus' hands are opening his pants; he slips a large hand in and pulls out an equally large, thick, dark penis. His pants slip down to his hips and his semi-hard cock is awakening just in front of my face. I've never seen a man completely shaved clean before. My mouth goes dry, my breathing increases, my palms are sweating, and my pussy is still demanding attention.

I'm actually startled when Marcus speaks from above me. I hadn't put together that the glorious cock bobbling in front of me was actually attached to a man. His hand is in my hair again and he tilts my face up. "Did you hear me? Beg me to use your mouth."

What! He can't do that, can he? He rubs his cock over my face and the wonderful masculine scent envelopes me. He feels velvety and warm against my skin. My tongue slips out to taste him and he pulls away, his hand still entangled in my hair.

"Beg." His eyes are piercing into mine. I know I'm lost. The scent is driving me crazy. The sight of him in control makes me want to give him everything. I've been on edge for weeks now. I am so horny I know I would do anything he asks. I need to give him everything.

My knees are spread wide; my back is arched, pressing my breasts out; my hands are palms up resting on my thighs; and my tongue slips out, just barely touching the head of his cock. I need him. "Please Marcus, I'm yours. Please fuck me. Use my mouth. Use me. Please let me cum. I'll be good. I'm yours. Please."

I look up to Marcus to see if that was good enough. He looks triumphant, standing tall over me, his cock twitching with excitement. "Please. Use me. I'm yours." My begging is rewarded with my first real taste of this large imposing man.

He presses himself against my lips and I part them to let him in, just the head to start.

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