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Mandy makes some improvements on an old bathing suit.

Little by little Jackie was egging them on, getting them to talk about the things they liked and in the process, get a little excited by all this sex talk.

"I like them all."

"Come on! Don't be so lame." Cassie surprised herself by butting in, but she didn't stop. "He likes to be on top. He likes to be in charge."

After a bit of pause, Jackie added, "Nothing wrong with controlling things. I'm kind of like that too. My turn." She picked up a card and smiled. "What is the naughtiest, dirtiest sex act you have ever done? And with whom?"

With that question, she didn't even pause. She stood up and undid the buttons on her jeans. Stepping out of her pants, showing off to everyone the tiny black matching panties. Tom thought "OK, this is her plan. I bet Paul follow's suit."


Paul smiled and stood up, undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. He was wearing black silk boxers punctuated with a huge hard on tenting out the front.

"I'm glad to see you're enjoying the game," Jackie said back on the couch. Tom was watching Cassie's expression. She wasn't oogling Paul or glancing at her nearly naked friend next to her. She was deep in thought, probably he figured, wrestling with telling the truth or taking off her top. "Jackie has her right where she wants her..."


Tom popped back into the moment. "Yeah, the question." What was the most naughtiest, dirtiest sex act he was involved in? His mind didn't have to go too deep to remember and he was embarrassed by the thought. He didn't really want to tell them about what he did to that girl the night she passed out. It had been so long ago and he was so drunk. She seemed so willing to do anything earlier and he was so frustrated when she passed out. The woman didn't even remember it or at least acted like she didn't. He was actually very ashamed that he had his way with this woman, especially in that way. "Well, Jackie will get her wish..." He couldn't tell them, so he pulled off his shirt, folding it up and laying it on the chair next to him.

Cassie was watching him, but he could tell she was more concerned about her response. She saw her husband strip off his shirt, but it barely registered.

Jackie spoke up, "Tom, that was a two part question."

"What do you mean?"

"Answer one half or take off another item."

"Technically, both you and Paul only took off..." but he didn't want to get in an argument now. Thinking to himself he said, "She's good. She wants to accelerate this evening along." Tom stood up and started to undo his belt buckle. Tom standing up snapped Cassie back from her thoughts. Seeing him unbutton his waistband, Cassie wondered what underwear he had on tonight. He had gotten dressed while she was putting on her makeup, so she wasn't sure. He bent over, dropping the pants down to step out of them. He had on his blue bikini briefs, one of her favorites. Boxers might have been a safer choice tonight, but Tom was showing off a bit more than his clean underwear. Cassie, hell Jackie and Paul for that matter, saw he was as hard as a rock and in these briefs there was no where to hide it. The mushroom like head of his penis was straining to pop out the top and he adjusted the waist band a bit before he sat back down.

"Reminds me of swim team," Jackie said not hiding the fact that she was staring at the bulge. Watching her husband strip was surreal, but seeing her friend drink in the image of her husband's hard on was... well, it was like a weird dream and...

"Cassie. Care to join us?"

Now all eyes turned to Cassie. Tom could tell that she was very nervous. "I wonder what the worst she's done..."

Cassie didn't want to mention the horrible act that her old boyfriend strong armed her into doing.

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