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The girls chatted about their varied shopping expeditions and talked fashion, school and college options. They split up around ten o'clock and headed for their respective sleeping arrangements.

"They are correct, you know; we need boyfriends," Ann said as she slipped her arm into her friend's bent limb.

"Yeah, I know. I really want to fuck your brother first. He's hung! He's gentle and kind and a lot more mature than the guys we go to school with. He lasts longer than 30 seconds when you blow him," she grinned. "I want to be able to say my first time was with a guy that screwed me properly and left me satisfied." Janice paused, dragging her friend to a halt. "We need to get your brother to vet his friends for us! Once we're practised at old fashioned guy-girl sex, we can maybe be good enough at it that older guys will not look at us as kids." She looked at Ann looking at her. "I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?"

Ann laughed, "Yup, way ahead of yourself! Let's go back to your place and load some batteries into your new vibrator. Alex left some in the bottom of the server case." She tugged Janice into motion and the pair strolled homeward in companionable silence.

Janice loudly announced that they were safely home as the girls slipped into her bedroom.

"I need to get into pyjamas quickly before Mom pokes her head in and sees what I'm wearing under the vest," Janice whispered as she tore her clothes off and threw them behind the laundry hamper. She had just managed to pull her sleep shorts on when her mother opened the door. She turned to her gaping parent with a hand over her breasts and complained, "Mom, we're not decent! You could knock first!"

Janice's mother looked at her daughter's statuesque body and generous tits, then over at Ann with her jeans around her ankles and stuttered, "I-I just wanted to make sure you were OK, dear. H-have a good night, you two." The abashed woman backed out of the room and pulled the door shut.

Ann leaned close to her half-naked friend and whispered, "Your father was in the hall when your Mom barged in. He got a good look at my ass and a really good look at you standing there yelling. He's probably in shock right now, and probably has a bit of a woody."

"Eew," Janice responded. "Don't put pervy thoughts in my head. I don't think my parents have had sex in, well, forever. Mom goes to the gym to burn off any lust that builds up and Daddy probably uses his hand for relief. She's so terrified of me getting knocked up that I'm certain she's afraid to have sex herself."

"Maybe we should anonymously mail her a porn movie," Ann teased. "You know, get her thinking about how much fun sex was. After all," she commented as the sweater cleared her bare breasts, "they did have enough sex to make you, then did it some more 8 years later for your brother. She may worry about you but that doesn't stop her from getting horny. Look at what a hornbitch you are." Ann reached up and tweaked one of Janice's nipples, feeling it respond immediately.

The topless duo stood in the middle of the room and kissed hungrily. Ann molded her body against Janice's taller form, loving the sensation of naked flesh against flesh. Janice pushed them apart and knelt to remove the cover from Alex's present. She pulled the velcro shelf out of hiding as Ann quietly removed the drawer from the desk. Hidden shelf in place, they silently loaded the butt plugs into the new concealment. Ann retrieved her brother's donated batteries, loaded them into the vibrator and hid it under a pillow.

Ann removed the racy clothes from beneath the dresser and hid them in the server as Janice folded and hid the new bra.

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