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Fall out from doing the right thing. crime story.

Georgina screamed with ecstasy.I fondled her breasts through her black blouse. Georgina kissed me hard on the lips. She then pulled up her moist panties, tidied her clothes and left the toilet. I waited five minutes then returned to my office.

There were two women in my office, that I wanted to have rampant sex with. They were both married and would be very difficult to win over, but my love drug would put them at their ease. Sue Lewis was 45 years of age, married with two grown up sons. She was petite with short, brown hair. Sue was very attractive for her age. She had enormous breasts, which I wanted to own. Mike Lewis's pretty, welsh wife will soon be my kinky sex slave.

Christine Wells was Sue's best friend. A very sexy, married women of 59, with a similar hairstyle to Sue, but darker. My main aim was to fuck her in as many positions that I could. I also wanted Sue and Christine to become lovers. Then to have a threesome with them, showing a video of it to their husbands.

My office had cameras trained on everything my girls did. Zooming up on the breasts of Sue Lewis was a favourite hobby of mine. I was now watching Joanne Parr. Her black, satin, short dress, with red flowers on, was mean't for me to wear. I could only dream what lingerie she had on underneath. That pink handbag on her desk, was making me very excited. I so much wanted to put her makeup on. Then to my delight Georgina entered, with coffee for Joanne. Soon Joanne Parr would be mine to explore. I would be the new Joanne Parr. Christine Wells was chatting to Sue Lewis. I turned up the sound, playing with myself at the sound of their sexy voices. I then decided not to drug them. It would be better to humiliate them, then fuck them. Joanne Parr had now fallen asleep. Georgina smiled into the camera. Georgina helped her on her journey to my office.

My office had a mattress on the floor, a large table and a leather chair. Posters of my cousin's wife Sue George covered every wall. Sue George in her royal, blue, nurses uniform was my idea of kinky fun. There was a knock on the door. I helped Georgina to carry Joanne into my office. We both spread her out on my desk.

"Well Georgina Harries, my clever, ginger slag, a very big thank you for bringing this cute Barbie doll to me,I will reward you for this," I said.

"Think I will ring Ashley to come over as well, we can have one big,kinky party," she replied

"That's a lovely idea Georgina, can't wait to suck the pretty boy off," I laughed.

Georgina looked through Joanne's handbag. She then made me keep still, as she put my makeup on. Her pink, sticky lipstick was the best. A Joanne pink, paper hanky was used on my lips to prevent my lipstick smudging. I slowly removed Joanne's clothes. I was delighted she was wearing pink, satin lingerie. Joanne Parr was now naked. Her massive breasts resting in my hands. Georgina dressed me up in Joanne's clothes. Her tight, pink panties pressed against my bulging cock. The black, satin dress looked so pretty on me. Georgina was stroking it to keep me sexually aroused. Georgina kept the best surprise until last. She produced a Joanne Parr blonde, curly wig. I was the new Barbie doll, sissy Joanne Parr. Joanne started to wake up.

She looked shocked to be looking at a twin of herself. I stroked her hair, making Joanne faint back onto the table. Georgina laughed, as she fondled Joanne's breasts. There was a knock on the door. In walked Sue Lewis and Christine Wells. Both looked amazed at the sight of me. The door slammed behind them. There was no escape, for my play things. Ashley arrived ten minutes later. I now had a serious erection in my Joanne Parr panties. Georgina kissed her boyfriend, which was making me jealous.

"Why don't you both come and sit on my lap, one on each knee, my young pair of lovers," I asked.

Georgina and Ashleigh did not need to be asked twice, I wasted no time in opening the front of Ashley's jeans.

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