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Battle Training, Tearlag Moves into the Keep.

I could smell the fresh scent of lavender lotion on her body and then caught a glimpse of aunt Kate's nipples as she stood up and apologized for how she acted with one eye tearing. Her face suddenly changed from sad to a lusty looking face as she stood there in thought and turned to me.

"Do you wanna fuck me?" She asked with a horny look on her face which caught me by surprise.

I didn't know what to say so . "No aunt Kate that wouldn't feel right" not realising what I just said because I wanted to fuck her real bad. After all these years of fantasizing about my aunt and here she wants me to fuck her.

"Can you help your horny Aunty Kate out please. I want to feel your young cock deep in me and I need you to fulfill my needs. I can tell you want to fuck me and you will be doing us both a favor" she said while smiling at me.

What could I do? Here I was with a horny milf who happens to be my aunt offering me sex on a plate, how could I refuse? Realising she was serious I wouldn't let the chance slip through my fingers.

"Oh aunt Kate, do you have any idea how bad I want to fuck you?" I asked while rubbing my cock through my trousers giving her a lusty look.

"Your uncle never looks at me like that...." she said while going down on her and slowly placing her hand on the top of my leg.

"I think I have a slight clue about how much you want to fuck your aunt's pussy" she said with her hand on my leg stroking my thigh until she reached my by rock solid cock. She cupped my balls in her hand and released my throbbing cock from my trousers and using her hands she started to jack me off. I watched her lick, suck and slurp and slowly taking my shaft into her mouth, sucking at my cock and my tightening ball sack in a way I'd never experienced before. She started to suck me deeper, right into the back of her throat groaning loudly as I did so.

"Oh aunt you like sucking my cock. Oh Oh Oh suck that dick" I said as the sight of her luscious lips all over my cock had gotten me very horny.

I felt my balls tightening and cum coming along and her amazing head pushed me over the edge. "Oooooooh aunt Kate I'm about to explode in your mouth" I screamed and I shot my load down her throat and I must have squirted 5 long ropes in her mouth. She gagged a little but she swallowed it all.

"Mmmmmm I never knew that cum would taste so great" she said and adding it was the first time she ever swallowed cum.

"Come closer to me, I want your pussy" I slid my left hand up her towel. My fingers caressed her pussy over her moist panties and so I asked her if she liked getting finger fucked as I moved the panty to one side and slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy. Rubbing vigorously on her clit I forced another finger into her pussy allowing me to feel her hot juicy cunt swallowing my 3 fingers each time they plunged inside her.

"Oh Craig, I like the way you finger fuck me, get aunty's pussy ready for your cock!" she almost screamed at me.

With that I slipped another finger in and hammered her pussy with four fingers and went down and tongue fucked her as well.

"Oh Craig, keep doing that. Oh oh oh. Your uncle would never fuck me this good!" She shouted as I finger fucked her till orgasm with her pussy juices all over the couch.

We stood up and she was standing infront of me looking horny as fuck but wanting more. I took her towel off, revealing her big firm breasts that didn't sag a bit and underwear that was revealed to be a black G-string filled with pussy juice.

"Oh aunt Kate you have the most perfect tits I have ever seen."

"Don't be shy, these are yours now. Do whatever you want with it.

Still standing I grabbed her 36C tits and I drifted my hand across her tits until I felt her erect nipples and her breathing started to get quicker and louder as I fondled with her breasts.

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