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Tommy abandons the cowl & interrupts Power Girl at work.

After four hands Bev suggested, "Why don't we play by Big Boys Rules?"

Kathleen immediately said, "No!"

"What are Big Boys Rules then?" I asked.

"Well, they're about making the game more exciting in that there are forfeits if you lose a trick or the whole game."

"Stop it Bev." Kathleen said quite forcefully.

"Ah Kathleen, sure it's only a bit of fun," replied Bev. "Unless you prefer to keep Big Boys all to yourself."

Kathleen glared at Bev before I interjected,

"Sounds like it might be fun, Big Boy's Rules, and I'm up for it."

Both girls descended into fits of laughter while I looked on mystified.

"Sorry, Jack," Bev said trying to compose herself, "Ignore us. We're just two giggly girls. Let me explain. This version is called Strip Jack Naked. As the name suggests, if you lose a trick you don't just pick up all the cards in the middle but you also have to remove one item of clothing."

"Oh, I see. It's a bit like Strip Poker then."

"Exactly, but a lot more fun! You're up for a bit of fun Jack, aren't you?"

Actually, I was feeling quite apprehensive, but I couldn't let the two girls see this. My teenage libido overcame my innate reservations.

"Yeah sure, I'm up for it."

"I'll be the judge of that." said Bev mischievously, and the two of them fell into another fit of the giggles.

Bev was sixteen, about five foot four in height, with long blond hair down to her shoulders, a lean face and thin body. She wore a flowery blouse and blue jeans with black ankle boots. I couldn't help notice, that while her breasts were not as developed as Kathleen's, nevertheless she made the most of them squeezing them forward in an uplift bra that exposed generous amounts of flesh.

Kathleen, on the other hand, was dressed in a T-shirt and pink cardigan and wore a short black mini skirt raised about three inches above her knee. She had on matching pink bobby socks with little flowers on the sides and a pair of sneakers. Kathleen had a round face, short black hair and the sweetest smile permanently on her lips. She also had the largest breasts I'd ever seen on a girl, but she kept one arm folded across her chest keeping her cardigan pulled tightly around them.

"Come on Kathleen, shuffle those cards girl, and deal me a winning hand." said Bev.

Kathleen did as she was requested and soon we were each looking into our own hand of cards and rearranging them feverishly.

"Everybody ready? Then Jack, you lead since you're sitting to Kathleen's left."

I put down the first card, a four of diamonds. Bev added a 5 of spades and then Kathleen produced a Jack of spades. Bev squealed with delight.

"Oh she's keen to whip them off you Joe, you'd better watch your step."

I placed a card on top, a three of clubs and lost the first trick.

"Off, off, of!" squealed the girls in unison.

I put my cards on the coffee table between us and pulled my jumper over my head.

"Right, your lead" said Bev, with a hint of excitement in her voice.

As we played our hand we won and lost tricks pretty evenly. There was great excitement from the girls when I was sitting there, bare chested, with no shoes or socks on my feet and a pair of blue Levi's. I lost the next trick. I looked over at Kathleen who still had on a T-shirt and mini-skirt, and then Bev, who was sitting in her bra and panties but still had on her ankle boots for some reason.

"Off, off, off" screamed Bev,

"Off, off, off" they both screamed as Kathleen joined in.

I stood up, undid my belt, unzipped my fly quickly and pulled my jeans down to the ankles bending almost double to reach down and pull each leg free.

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