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Ted was citing Revelations under his breath, certain that damnation would find him in this compromised state and carry him, unwillingly, in the arms of dark angels to the bowels of hell... where he'd spend eternity getting fucked by Zeke the perverted dog.

He muttered harder and Nurse, confusing his talking in tongues with the signs of an incipient orgasm, began to concentrate on his rather smallish cock. She sucked it's whole length like a cocktail frank into her mouth and nearly swallowed his balls in the offing. Her superb ministrations produced a shriek of delivery from the would-be missionary and he let loose a torrent of jism than took Nurse by surprise both for it's violence as well as it's volume. The boy was plugged! She had uncorked a lifetime of self-denial and it was like an Oklahoma gusher coming in at the last possible moment!

"Damn!" said Dixon..."All that cum outta that tiny needle-dick?" Nurse smiled up mischievously at Dixon Carter Lee. Her mouth still foaming with the pent up seed of the unlikely invitee.

"So...Dixie...Whatcha gonna do to impress me now?" Nurse cooed. Dixon stroked his hard cock and suddenly pushed Nurse onto all fours. He rubbed some of his own precum onto his big knob and slid it tightly against the small brown pucker of Nurse's rectum. "You want something different? OK, baby... you got it!!" he said as his cock inched into Nurse's ass.

Kat came into the light from the edge of the crowd and got under Nurse and sucked lightly at her wet cunt while Dixon rammed his pole into and out of her tight ass. The stimulation from below was too much and it pushed Nurse into a frenzy of face fucking as she shoved her sex-swollen mound against Kat's delicate lips bruising them with her fury and desire. Kat lapped obediently and teased Nurse's clit until it pushed her over the edge. The resulting cry of "Oh god, oh god, oh god, ohhhhhh....dammmnnnnn....fuck!!!! fuck!!!! hereeeeeee I cummmmmmm!" brought forth chortles of amused laughter as everyone realized what a good time they were all having. Dixon, grunted loudly as he unloaded his weapon inside of Nurse. "How'd you like THAT? Hullo???!!!" She turned and merely smiled at him.

Bluesman, barely aware of the nearby frivolity, began to feel the familiar twinge of an orgasm welling up in him. He grabbed Laurel's ankles...held them wide apart, ignored a few well-meant calls of encouragement, and slammed the last few penetrations into her in an attempt to force the cum to fruition. Laurel was shaking and responding in perfect rhythm to him and at the exact moment that his thighs and calves quivered in involuntary spasms, he felt Laurel releasing beneath him. Her body went limp and Bluesman watched as her pretty head tilted back and forth in the finality of her climax.

Deborah looked lovingly down at Laurel as Laurel's face started to drain of the pink flush that had accompanied her arousal. "You c-c-c-crazy b-b-b-bitch!" Laurel chided Deborah, and everyone cracked up!

Crystal was now attracting the attention of those not carnally engaged with her virtuoso display of fellatio as she smoothly alternated between Fallen's hard cock and Michael's stiff prick.

She was kneeling in the sand between both of the men and while still stroking Michael's cock, she licked the entire length of Fallen's and pulled the purple prick wholly into her mouth.

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