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Lois helps bachelor with his decorating problems.

"I bet it's it is just where they keep the supplies" said Chloe. Jay then began the class.

"Good morning girls, my name is Jay Quigley, but you can call me Jay, and to my left is my assistant Kyria Jacobson, she will be demonstrating the poses, while I go around helping you through any poses that you may struggle with. So everyone please stand up."

Jay then began to instruct the girls.

"O.K. so the first pose will be the basic downward dog." The girls all got on all fours as Jay walked around the room, secretly inspecting the girls' butts. When he made it around the room he then instructed the girls to go into Diver Pose, where you bend downwards while on the ball of your foot. With this pose, Jay noticed that Aliyah was struggling. Jay then walked up to Aliyah and asked her to come with him. Aliyah asked where she was going so Jay walked over to the mirror with a door knob and opened it.

"Kyria take over for me, I am going to give Aliyah a private lesson."

Aliyah rolled up her mat and walked in to the room. Once in the room Jay told Aliyah to bend over, which she did. Jay the spoke.

"So, you are Brazilian right?"


"You know what they say about Brazilians right?"

"No, what do they say?"

"They say that they are packing booty, and you definitely are."

Jay then slapped Aliyah's ass, watching it ripple. Aliyah then said "A big ass needs a big cock, can you deliver?" Jay then pulled out his 9 inch dick.

"Will this work?"

Aliyah then turned around and got on her knees. "Definitely."

Aliyah then opened her mouth and started to tease the head and stroke his shaft.

"You like that Jay?"

"Fuck yeah! Go deeper."

"Whatever you want."

Jay then grabbed Aliyah by her hair and forced her head down on his cock to the point where he could feel the back of her throat. He then started to fuck her mouth as he thrust his dick in and out of her mouth getting faster every ten seconds. Saliva starting to flow out of Aliyah's mouth as she started to gag and tear up.

Jay then let Aliyah up, Aliyah then said "You are a little too rough for me." Jay then walked over to a box in the corner of the room, and pulled out a needle filled with a blue liquid, Aliyah did not see it at first.

"I thought you might say that." said Jay. Jay put the needle to the side at first, because he was afraid she might break it. He walked over to Aliyah and grabbed her by the throat. He smacked her ass as hard as possible and pulled her butt against his cock and started to hump her, Aliyah still struggling to get loose.

Jay the ripped Aliyah's pants open, revealing her fat ass in a green thong. He then ripped her thong off and shoved his dick in her wet cunt. He began to thrust his cock into her tight pussy. He then pulled Aliyah up by her waist causing her to be in a handstand. Jay then shoved his foot on her face as he spanked her ass until a dark red color appeared on her ass cheeks.

"You're going to make me cum!"

Jay then sped up, squeezing her ass tightly as her pussy began to tighten. Aliyah then let out a loud scream as she cummed on Jay's dick.

Jay then dropped Aliyah onto the ground, pulling her ass onto his dick. He began to through her up and down, making her ass clap on his lap. Jay then spread her ass cheeks, and moved his pipe into her tight asshole. Aliyah then tried to get free but the feeling of Jay's dick in her butt caused her to relax, and began to moan begging for him to shove his dick deeper. Jay continued to bounce Aliyah on his dick watching her ass cheeks jiggle with each clap.

"I want you to lick your own pussy."

Jay said as he pushed her head downwards towards her cunt.

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