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A slut learns to take it no matter how it's dished out.

Without hesitation, I felt Darla spread my cheeks and pour some lube over my virgin hole. The cold liquid made me shiver and I soon felt Ollie roughly shove a mid-sized butt plug into me. He then stood me up and held me while Darla snapped a leather cock ring around my hairless cock and balls, which had shrunk to a small size due to the shower and my embarrassment about greeting them in the nude. When this process was completed, they stood in front of the second bed and asked me to remove their clothes.

I started with Darla but was quickly redirected toward Ollie. I unbuttoned his shirt and helped take it from his arms. I leaned forward and kissed his nipples. Then, I reached down and unfastened the snap and zipper on his jeans. I immediately noticed that he was as hairless as me with a smooth stomach and no hair leading from his navel to the package, below. As I pulled his jeans down, he pushed me down to my knees. Out sprang an already hard 7inch boner above a firm package of balls. I bent in and kissed the head of his cock and then moved lower and ran my tongue across his sack, which was already beginning to pull-in.

When he was naked, he sat back on the bed and motioned me up to Darla. She stood about 5'6" and weighed about 175 lbs, I guess. When I stood face to face with her, I looked down into her eyes and she lifted her arms over her head. I took the hint and raised the dress over her head. I was surprised when I dropped the dress into the chair as she was naked, no bra or underwear, just naked. Looking at her large tits and ample curves caused a warm stirring in my cock.

Darla sat on the bed with Ollie and they both commented about my shaved body. Then Ollie explained that they wanted to fuck and that I needed to get them ready for action. A suggestion was made that I should start by working on Darla until she was ready and that I should then help Ollie. I immediately stood next to the side of the bed nearest Darla and reached down to rub her body from head to toe. While doing so, I leaned in and began kissing her neck, shoulders, collarbone, and the deep valley between her tits. I was getting harder by the minute and the ring was making my cock throb.

I began sucking Darla's nipples as my hands reached lower and pulled on the outer lips on each side of her trimmed pussy. She was already wet, but I know that both she and Ollie wanted to watch me eat her before they started their bout. I worked my way down her body and started by sticking my tongue as low as I could reach and licking the entire length of her slit to the hood of her clit. She had fleshy lips, the kind I find sexy, and my cock became uncomfortable confined by the ring. I felt Darla's hands directing my head toward her personal pleasure spot and I began licking her in earnest while stuffing two fingers into her pussy. It was only a couple of minutes before she closed her thighs over my ears and rammed her pubic bone into my face. She was coming and she came hard and long.

I now turned my attention toward Ollie.

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