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A new job in a bordello.


"She did go," Mark replied. "Only you probably didn't hear that she there was another party in a different part of the house."

"Oh my God. Are you sure? I didn't see her there at all."

"I'm sure. I followed her to the house. Actually, I didn't see anything, just heard it," he stated, then explained about vent, and then how he convinced her to leave and head to the casino, and how he confronted Andy and what happened to Veronica.

"Well that ass, Andy deserves to go to jail. I know he had this thing for her, but what he did with Veronica, that wasn't right. She's your wife and he's a dirt bag."

"I know all about him. What do you know?" Mark asked, wondering how much was common knowledge.

She sighed, then looked him in the eye. "I know everything. I know about him, and a few others. I'm sorry Mark, I shouldn't be saying this."

Mark smiled. "It's okay. I found out about her sexual exploits last night."

"You found out about all of them? Damn, Mark, I'm sorry. I wanted to say something, but didn't think it would be right, since I work with her."

"I know about Andy, some guy named Paul, Brad, and maybe a couple more."

"Well when Mr. Thomas finds out what's been going on, I think some of those guys are going to get the boot, probably Veronica too.

"She won't get the boot.

"Why not?" Amanda asked

"Because your boss is one of those having sex with Veronica".

"Shut up. No way. He's married."

"Well he also likes to fuck around. I got it on video if you want to see it," he said.

"Oh my. Hell yes, I want to see that. I heard some of the comments he made in the past about Viv, and a couple of things he said, which now make sense. But Mr. Thomas is married. I even met his wife. She's very pleasant, tough, but nice. Look, I have to keep an eye on my friend's dog. Can you come over and join me?" Amanda asked.


Mark awoke and looked out at the setting sun. He turned in the bed and bumped into Amanda. She was already awake and looked at him. "Well tiger, I guess you're a bit more relaxed now," she said, kissing him suddenly on his lips.

Mark returned the kiss, any feelings of guilt now gone. "I take it you really enjoyed that video."

She looked him straight in the eyes. "Yes and no. Viv is. Was my fiend. I guess I figured what she did was her life, but I like you Mark. I always have. What she did was wrong. Maybe that's why I didn't feel bad when we got in bed. Does that make sense?"

Mark smiled at her, pushed back the covers a bit, exposing the upper part of her body and then put his lips on her breast, licking and sucking it. Then he felt her hands grabbing his cock and pulling on it, and with a happy wheee sound, she was under the covers and soon had his member in her mouth. He had cum twice during the night, and now she was doing her best to get him worked up again.

"Oh Amanda, I don't know if I can get it up again so soon."

Amanda suddenly popped her head out of the covers. "Oh come one, Mark. You're young, I'll get I up once more, then one last fuck before you take off."

Mark could only smile as she did a good job. He tongue on his cock soon got him hard once more, and in no time he was inside her in the Missionary position, his favorite. He loved being able to lay on his lover and being able to look her in the eyes, something Veronica didn't seem to enjoy as much. She always wanted him to take her from behind, so he could pull her tits as he fucked her. Then he thought about last night, how he had watched Andy taken her the way she liked. Maybe that was something which had contributed to his wife's cheating.

However these thoughts quickly faded for Mark as he entered Amanda, fucking her like he used to fuck his wife. He didn't know why he wasn't angry at her, but instead used the memory he had of his wife to fuck others to help him fuck Amanda. For some reason he found the memory of Veronica fucking Mr. Thomas so very erotic and he was thinking about this as he came one more time in Amanda.

Now really spent, he kissed Amanda a bit more before telling h

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