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Friends hook up while on spring break.

She put the tip of her nose to Sarah's, and stared into her watering eyes.

"If I say we're going to fuck," she snarled, "that's exactly what we're going to do."

She threw Sarah's head forward as she released the hair.

"Now get your fucking pants down," Vicky insisted.

Sarah did as she was told, while Vicky lubed up her end of the dildo, and gingerly slipped it inside herself, gasping as she positioned it.

"Like my cock?" she asked Sarah, stroking its length a few times.

Sarah nodded, and Vicky crawled on the bed, bringing the lube with her. She turned Sarah so the younger woman faced the bedroom door, then knelt behind her. Her right hand drifted between Sarah's legs; sliding up her inner thighs to her pussy.

"Oh, my God," Vicky said. "You're soaking wet."

Looking back over her shoulder, Sarah remained silent.

"You little slut," Vicky giggled. "I don't even need the lube."

Before Sarah could reply, Vicky pressed the head of the toy to her slick lips. Nudging it forward, the head entered Sarah.

"Fuuuuck," Sarah sighed.

"I know you want it, my little whore," Vicky purred. "Take my cock."

Slowly, Vicky worked the latex into Sarah, moving in and out, going a little deeper each time as the toy became covered with Sarah's juices. This was the first time she'd used the toy with another person, and as the other end of the dildo shifted inside her, Vicky delighted in the sensation. Her mind was clouded in ecstasy, and she clawed at Sarah's hips, pulling her back. It didn't take long to sink the entire length into Sarah's pussy.

Vicky's mouth fell open, and a low moan spilled out. She glanced down at Sarah's ass, and the dildo disappearing inside her. The tightness returned to her belly, and she knew she couldn't hold off much longer. Reaching up, she once more grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair.

She lifted her right hand, preparing to smack Sarah's butt cheek, when a thought appeared through the fog of bliss. Vicky stopped moving her hips, no longer thrusting into Sarah, but Sarah rocked back against her...then forward...then back.

"Holy shit," Vicky blurted. "I knew you were spaghetti. You want to fuck as much as I do."

Her hand came down, landing on Sarah's flesh with a loud smack.

In the living room, Eddie heard the noise, but had no clue what it was. He glanced at the clock, and realized they'd need to leave immediately to make it to the theater in time. Standing up, he walked to the door, and peeked in. The sight that greeted him made his jaw drop.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Eddie exploded.

The voice startled both women. Sarah froze. Vicky laughed when she saw Eddie face. She'd been waiting for this.

"Well, Eddie," she said, as she resumed shoving her cock into Sarah. "I have good news and bad news."

Eddie stepped closer to the bed, and Sarah tried to pull away. Vicky slapped her ass hard and she yelped.

"Don't you fucking move," Vicky ordered.

Eddie repeated his earlier query, with less volume this time.

"The bad news is your girlfriend likes pussy," Vicky giggled. "But, the good news is your girlfriend likes pussy."

"What..." Eddie scoffed, staring at Sarah, who hid her face in her hands. "Are you some kind of dyke?"

"Eddie," Vicky yelled. "If you ever say that word in this apartment again, I will beat your ass."

Eddie glared at her.

"If you need a label, it would be lesbian," Vicky said. "And, no; Sarah is not a lesbian. If she's anything, she's bisexual."

"I don't get it," Eddie mumbled.

"She likes dick and pussy," Vicky said.

"How did this..." Eddie started to ask.

"I was drunk," Sarah protested, dropping her hands.

"And, who was just riding my cock like she couldn't get enough?" Vicky retorted.

"I can't believe this," Eddie raged.

"Eddie, you have two choices," Vicky said, reasonably. "You can either get pissed off, storm out, and never talk to Sarah again. Or, you can come over to the bed, open your pants, and let Sarah blow you."

Vicky could almost see the wheels slowly turning in Eddie's brain.

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