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Five footballers celebrated their win in style.

Plus, asking myself why I had even listened to Reina or told her anything in the first place. I had this sudden feeling that I had already dug a hole and now I was about to bury myself in it."

"Let me tell you something Karen. You have immediately impressed me with your personal honesty. BUT, and I use that word with great emphasis, there is immense safety in distance and even more so when talking on a phone to someone you have never met and can choose to never meet in the future. I have three requirements for us to continue. Trust, honesty, and obedience. The first takes a lot of time, effort and determination. The second is what determines who you really are in your unique life. And, in your case, the third is what will allow you to discover personal fulfillment. All three must be total and absolute or none will work. Do you understand what I have just said to you Karen Kelly?"

"Yes I do. I have great difficulty in trusting people. Especially men as they have proven time and time again, at least the ones that I have met anyway. Just about all they want is to use me for their own personal needs and satisfaction. Honesty comes easy to me which makes it all that much more difficult in finding happiness or love or even a decent relationship because I have always been surrounded by dishonest people in my life. Obedient, in my world, is the definition of a person not worthy of recognition or respect."

"Karen Kelly, I see that we may have a great deal to talk about and learn from each other and to experience with each other. This is obviously of great interest to you or you would not have called me. This tells me a lot about you. I have several questions to ask you right now. Do you want to answer them? If you say yes, you must make a personal commitment to me and to yourself to answer every question. They will be extremely intimate in some cases and I can't tell you how many there will be. We will both find that out together when I don't have any more to ask. You cannot lie or be half truthful. I may not recognize a lie or a half truth but you certainly will and that alone will permanently destroy the very purpose of this phone call that you chose to make to me. I want you to hang up and think about what I have said for an hour. Reina has told me that you have a number of sexual needs, desires, and fantasies that you want to explore. During this hour you will make the decision to either continue on in life without ever understanding or experiencing these needs and desires or that you are now ready to commit yourself to yourself and to another person and finally work on what it is that has you so confused and unfulfilled as a woman. I guarantee nothing. I can only promise to do my best to help you find your way through your confusion. I may or may not succeed. That depends completely on you and you alone. You are free to explore just as you are free to end the exploration. That will be your choice also. Everything else will involve trust, honesty, and obedience without question. I don't want you to say anything now other than to answer two questions before you hang up. After you hang up, I want you to find a place in which you feel at peace and spend the hour as I have instructed you. I don't expect nor do I anticipate anything from you at this time. You will call back or you won't call back. That is also your choice to make. Do you understand what I have said Karen Kelly?"

"Yyyes. I do. This is probably an important moment. Maybe the most important in my life."

"It could very well be just that. Are you naked right now?"


"You have sixty seconds to strip totally naked. No clothes. No jewelry, And, the time is starting right now"

I heard the phone drop immediately and I could hear the rustle of her removing her clothes and whatever else she was wearing.

I heard the phone being picked up again and fumbled with and then an out of breath voice saying, "I am naked now. Totally naked." Forty eight seconds was not bad.

"Are you fingering your pussy right now?"


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