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A sordid tale of vengeance.

At home we would have plenty of time to fuck while Jack was at work. Were we going to do that or should we. You can't hide something like this for long if it continues. People get to know each other too much to miss it. One throw off comment might work but then it gets to be a pattern.

We went through a great museum we all three wanted to see and bought some new sets of glasses at a glass factory. We always saved room in the SUV for stuff we bought. Ben rode in front with Jack in the morning then he drove in the afternoon and I sat in the front so Jack could relax with the extra room in back. We found some great eating places and were never disappointed. That afternoon we got our usually room with double beds. We unpacked and ate and took in a movie. A very nice one.

Sometimes I shooed Ben over in bed with Jack so I could stretch out more and did this time. Sometimes after midnight I head Ben go to the bathroom then Jack. After he got back I sat up and said, "Jack, come keep me warm." We always put lots of comforts on and cut the air conditioning way down. It was more like home.

"I'm driving in the morning," he said. "I want to stay here and rest. Ben can cuddle up and keep you warm." I was opening my mouth to say something to hold that idea off but Jack said, "Ben. Cuddle up with your mom. She likes to steal your heat so get close. Its good training. Your wife will probably be just like that. Pull the covers up too."

My bed wasn't right beside Jacks. It was over on another wall in the far corner. The air conditioner was right beside Jack and always on with the fan on medium for background noise. I sat there with my mouth hanging open some with big eyes watching Ben get out of bed and pad over in his boxers. He could at least have had briefs on and a top. I couldn't ask him to change now and I couldn't change either. It would look funny.

I had on a gown. About down to my upper thighs. Knit type lace around the bottom and around my breasts. They didn't cover my breasts very much. If I sneezed they would pop right out. They were for support, not coverage. I got back down under the covers. I had them pulled up on either side so they were loose. They piled up across me like that. I reached down and pulled my gown down more. It seemed to be very short.

Ben climbed in and got down on his left side behind me. He didn't say a word. He put an arm over my waist on my stomach and got comfortable. His whole body was against me and he was spooning my butt. He wasn't up yet but it wasn't going to be long, not with that much personal body of his against that much personal body of mine.

There wasn't a chance either one of us were going to go to sleep, not with an eight inch dick between us. I had my knees out in front a little for spooning and had everything squeezed shut. My eyes were staring at the wall and I breathed as quietly as I could so he would go to sleep. Then I put one of my hands over his on my stomach. Damn. HIs toe moved. I felt his breath on my neck or shoulder or hair or somewhere. I would figure it out later.

Ben really was warming me up, I mean it was nice and getting more comfortable. I was tight with it being a little chilly but now I was feeling looser, not totally alert like you get in cold. I liked his breath. That was warming me up out from under the covers. Minutes later he slipped his hand from under mine and combed my hair back a little with his fingers. It must have been tickling him somewhere. They he put his hand back under mine. I lifted mine when he did so now he knows I'm still awake. Damn again.

He said, "Is that comfortable?"

"Yes, very," I said. "Get some sleep."

"Mmmmm," he said.

I wanted to raise my head and look down the piled up comfort on my side of the bed to see if Jack was watching but Ben would know so I didn't.

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