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Kim makes Darnell's dream come true.

You pulled me off the counter and down to the kitchen floor. There was a sofa about 15 feet away, in front of the big-screen TV that was probably still showing the porno of the blonde and the cowboy, but you didn't care about comfort. The cold, hard floor served fine as a surface to 69 on. You pulled me to the floor, straddling your face. Immediately, your fingers moved the thong and pulled it aside. You stared hungrily at my gaping pussy, dripping juices down my thighs. You licked the inside of my creamy thighs, keeping your eyes on the bare mound that rests above the delicious parting of my lower lips leading into my wet heaven.

I unzipped your pants and pulled your throbbing cock from your boxers. I immediately took the tip in my mouth. There was no pre-cum yet, but the gorging veins running up the thick shaft left no doubt of the degree of your total arousal. I ran my tongue along the sides, licking hungrily as you sucked my labia into your mouth, getting delicious drops of my cream running into your mouth. I pushed my pussy down on you and your nose bumped against my clit, sending a shiver down my spine.

Your tongue snakes into my pussy as I take several inches of your huge cock down my throat. The slurping sensations each of us are making with our mouths fill the room. I massage your balls softly and you clamp down on my clit in reaction to the unexpected sensation. I pull off your cock and scream in absolute pleasure as you suck at the entrance to my pussy, my cum spurting into your waiting mouth. I continue to moan as I take your cock back in my mouth, massaging it with my tongue, moistening it.

You press on my hips trying to get me off of you, and you stand me up. You press me back against the counter, kissing me madly as you take my hand. My need is still so animalistic and pressing.

The thought crosses my mind to completely seduce you. I toy with the idea. I walk ahead of you through the hall to the stairway. I take the first step, swaying my hips. I spread my legs slightly as I walk, then turn suddenly on about the fifth step. I sit down but put my foot out to your chest, stopping you. You stand there, in only your boxers, me in my thong, wondering what I'm doing.

I slide my 2 long fingers into my pussy while you watch, spreading my legs in the air, exposing my warm wet flesh to you completely. You move forward but my leg sticks out again. You just stand there in amazement, and begin to stroke your cock. You've never watched me play with myself intentionally before... there have been times when you've heard me moaning and groaning and peeked in the door as I'm cumming... but I've never been an exhibitionist for you. You enjoy it thoroughly.

I kneed my fleshy breasts as I rub my clit in quick circles. I breathe raggedly and my moaning escalates. You see my body tense and you know I'm about to orgasm again. You stroke your cock rapidly as I do, feeling your balls tense. Unsure of what action to take, you thrust your cock into my mouth as I cum hard, unloading your sperm into my throat. I take load after load, swallowing, sucking the tip of your cock as I do. You remain hard after you've cum, and pull me to my feet, kissing me intensely. I suck my own cum off my fingers and rush up the stairs, your eyes piercing my body as I bounce in front of you. Not satisfied. You need more. You need to be in me, fuck me, cum in me.

You need me.

You rush after me, finding me in our bedroom. The urge overwhelms you. You grab my hips and pick me up and put me down right next to the bed. You push on the back of my neck so I'm bent at the hips. Your finger presses the thong aside as you thrust your huge cock inside of me. I scream, overwhelmed with pleasure. The whole situation is so exciting: the urgency, the position, the hardness of your dick, the roughness... all of it piles into another orgasm for me.

I grip the sheets of the unmade bed as I thrust my pussy back into your hips.

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