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Howard and John get him alone.

.. His penetration would be deeper this time. Soon more than half of his dick was inside and Roberta gave up all resistance. In fact she was shamelessly aroused now. Her ass still felt uncomfortable, but the burning sensation excited her too. Mike infallibly picked up the change and directly exploited it. He brought her legs far over her head and let her hold on to her own ankles. Her breasts were shaking, inviting him to have his pleasure. He badly needed his free hand to pay his tribute to those miracles of Mother Nature. When Mike was finished molding and kissing her bouncing breasts, the magnificent mountains felt firmer and her nipples harder. Of course, during his manipulations he never forgot to stir his stick in her hot cauldron. When Mike eventually freed his cock from the smoldering grip of her ass, Roberta knew what to expect.

This is nasty... she thought when he scrambled on the bed with his joystick ready to go.

Yet the panting Playmate held on to her ankles like a good girl. He knelt above her. Between the V of her widespread legs the screen showed how his joystick, just moving around in her ass, started moving the same way in her mouth. Mike held her wrists over her head but it was not necessary at all. The lusty Playmate was perfectly willing to pamper his glistening pole with her sucking mouth, without any help of her hands. Of course he also gave her all opportunity to show off her perfect deep-throat technique. Eventually she had to gasp for air.


Mike knew exactly what she meant and if he was still in doubt, Roberta made it abundantly obvious by slipping from the bed and crawling over the thick carpet with her moving ass cheeks high. Her brown orifice exposing and her wiggling hips sent out a shameless invitation. It was an invitation, impossible to refuse. With his wide legs around her Mike positioned himself over her wobbling behind. He let his cock slide over the edge of her gaping opening as a subtle caress. Roberta rattled in heat.

"Fuck me... fuck me in my ass..."

Mike rewarded her hoarse pleas with a slow powerful thrust of his impressive penis. His flesh tool entered her dark crater in all its glorious length. Roberta shouted loud when she felt how his penetration stretched her anus more and more. The contractions of her sphincter were not of this earth. It felt as if a tight glove of smoldering lava was slipped over the whole length of his cock. He kept her hips in an iron grip to keep himself in the saddle so he didn't have to miss one second of this burning pleasure

Roberta sobbed and wept for mercy but her upper legs on the carpet were fully absorbing the forceful and merciless thrusts into her dark pit, the center of the fuming friction of their mating. Suddenly, unannounced, she experienced a smoldering delight she never felt before. It was like a fire, just ignited, smoldering, hesitating... The flames were licking and flickering higher and higher. A burning sensation, starting from her shit hole... spreading through her skin... Roberta felt her clit burning, followed by her nipples, armpits and other erogenous zones she never realized having them before.

Again Mike infallibly picked up the change from the way her hips were moving and her anal channel was squeezing. What a wonderful piece of ass! Mike grabbed her breasts dangling free under the rhythm of their coupling. Farther down he found her swollen clit, stroking it with delicate strokes. She was so easy to excite, a wonderful toy in heat... It was unbelievable. This Playmate was a natural... she was made for anal sex... now, she was soft as butter... the perfect time to cash in on the promise he made to himself...

"I am going to take my cock from your ass... You know what to do, do you...?"

"It is so nasty..."

Mike felt her shiver. He lifted his hand, a signal to concentrate the cameras on the area between his legs where the next spectacle would take place. Roberta sobbed in disappointment when she felt his cock pulling out from her ass.

"Stay low..."

Roberta turned and crawled low on the

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