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The falling out of Calie and Leah.

My cock immediately shrank. There I was stark naked, wanking away at lets face it pretty lame visual material, when up pop to women who for all I really knew hated even the sight of cock. I couldn't say anything.

'Hi' said the redhead ' you must be our new flatmate, hey don't mind us, carry on, please enjoy'

I let go of myself as the shorter one held out her hand and said

'I'm Julie. This is Kim. Assuming Simmy filled you in you know the score with us. Kim meant it, if you want to carry on wanking, its fine by both of us - promise'

Feeling awkward but strangely aroused my cock, all of its own accord sprang back up. Given the circumstances, carrying on seemed the only thing to do. I thought they would disappear, which Julie did but Kim sat down and started chatting, alternating her gaze between my face, my cock and Julie who I couldn't see. She explained that they had cut their trip short because the resort was crap. Then Julie came back and slipped a video in the machine. At this they both stood up and wandered into their bedroom with their bags. The video kicked in and I was treated to two lovely blondes in a 69 going hell for leather towards their orgasms.

'A bit better, don't you think?' said Julie as she wandered back into the room. She had taken her clothes off and sat down opposite me wearing only her panties and bra. Her body was wonderful with a deep tan. She lifted one leg up leaning her chin on her knee which lewdly caused her pussy to eat the thin fabric. I came. Not sure whether or not to be embarrassed or thrilled I came in massive spurts, dumping my white stream on the coffee table. All the white the Pussy Cats continued chatting away as if everything was normal. Of course to them everything was normal. I got a cloth to clean the table only to return to see the two of them lying on the sofa, kissing and becoming more and more urgent with their caresses.

I watched for a bit and then slunked off into my room. I wanted to watch a lot but really wanted Simone there as well, simply because I knew I couldn't touch and once hard again I would need more than just my own hand. I did get some work done but only after they had both completed their cries of orgasm and gone out shopping.

When Simone got home I confessed all, glad to be getting it in before they did. She couldn't have taken it better. It wasn't long before they got back and the evening loomed. To begin with we acted quite normally, making coffee with Simone putting a light supper together. Then they disappeared for a while, all three.

When they came back I was taken into the living room and sat down.

'OK' Simone said, 'we have a proposition for you. I didn't just lie about you being the only applicant. Truth is Kim and Julie wanted a man as well. Julie is 23 and still a virgin, at least in the sense of actually shagging a man and although Kim had a boyfriend some years ago she is approaching 30 and wants to have a bit of cock as well. I was to chose primarily for myself and then the girls would decide if you were right for them also. If you weren't it didn't matter if I wanted to keep you. You pass, they want you. You up for it. It means...looking after all of us'

Part 7......Pussy Cat Pile

OK I hear you. I know it all seems a bit unlikely but that's how it happened. There I was, sitting on the sofa being asked if I would become the shagging stud for a woman who blew my brains (and fortunately my cock) and two lesbians, gorgeous lesbians at that, who wanted 'a bit of cock every now and then'.

The only thing was that I wasn't allowed to initiate anything with the Pussy Cats until they were ready. Apparently they wanted the four of us, as two couples to live together being uninhibited with our lovemaking to each other, although Simone had told them about the theatre box and that she really wanted to have them herself. To begin with I was going to have to watch them pleasure Simone without touching the two of them.

What was I supposed to say ...no thanks I'll nip back to that bedsit with the battle axe landlady!

That eveni

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