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Ginny follows a strange signal in the middle of the night.

I cannot resist. I turn my head and lick at the drops of sweat on his face. Almost a kiss.

And when I realize this, I am going into another Orgasmus! I am the insane, and I can not hold back a long, loud groan. The pleasure is too much! My cock is shooting my surrender and submission high up into the air, all over my own chest and dribbling down into my cock-hair. My whole body is on fire with the lust and unbearable pleasure-frenzy! Mein Gott, what this man can do to me!

This is two times! The two most atom-bomb sex-pleasures of my life within fifteen minutes! I am insane with the bliss. I cannot think. I am a piece of meat for this man. He has make me his whore, and may god forgive me, I am glad for this.

When I hear his groan and I feel a hot fullness inside me, I know Lowell has shoot his seed into me. I am getting a strange feeling--pride. I am carry Lowell's samen!

And too soon I feel him pull out this wonderful pole. I cannot deny it. I wish he would put it back in me. Drunk. I am dreamy with having my pleasure so terribly powerful two times! He releases my legs and lowers me to the ground, where I collapse and roll over onto my back.

I look up at Lowell, the huge black man. How he has controlled me. And there is that wonderful cock. I cannot deny. I love it. I realize: never have I fall in love so fast. I know all my life I have been looking for a man to fuck me.

"You're a hot piece of ass, cop. Didn't know they had queer officers in the Autobahn police."

"I am not queer." In the polizei, to be a schwuchtel is a shame.

"Hey, man, you cummed twice just from my cock up your ass. That's pretty gay to me." He looked me in the eyes. "You wanna do it again?"

And with these words I can almost hear something snap inside me. Is beyond my power to resist. Almost I don't open my mouth, but automatically I hear my voice. Very soft.


"Well, tell you what, Fritz, rather than us doing all the work, I think you ought to do something, too." He smiles. "How's about stripping off that uniform and dancing around a little? Maybe give us a lap-dance?"

I feel my face burn hot with shame. This is a humiliation no man can stand. But what is to matter that I go naked before them? They both have looked at my genitals. They have feel me get the hart Schlange for them. They have watch me get fucked and--as they say--cum twice. What matters that I show them the rest?

I can feel the heat on my face, and I know it is red as the beets. I cannot look at them. But I unbutton my shoes and take them off. I shuck down my pants and Boxer-short and jockstrap the rest of the way and off. Then off with the coat, the tie, the shirt.

And I am naked.

"Now dance."

For this I am not too good. I hold onto the tree and slink in and out as women do in the bars. But is not to dance for them that I want. I want to feel the flesh of Lowell, this big, black god who has take me two times to heaven.
I slink over to him, trying to walk as sexy as the whore he has made me, and I reach out to touch his shoulders. Suddenly he grabs me and pulls me to him in a kiss!

Ach, mein Gott! I kiss a man!

But is fabulous, and his lips on mine are like I kiss the battery cables. I am electrocute! Helpless! I tremble and shiver in shock and the frenzy of man-love.

When I feel his tongue jab out from his lips, I suck on it like--Gott, I realize is true--I want to suck his cock. But he wallows me back and forth, his lips drooling over mine, spreading his spit all over my face, and I am again crazy. Almost I feel the Orgasmus coming again.

When he finally release me, I am panting, such hard breathing that he laughs. "Fritz, you are the hottest straight guy I ever saw." He pushed down on my shoulders, and I know what he wants.

I drop to his crotch, grab his huge, wonderful cock, and open my mouth over it.

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