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She is taught the true meaning of respect.

I stepped forward and picked it up by its head... and was rewarded with the sight of May's pussy lips extending as its suckers held on tight to her tender flesh. Worse (for her), my supposition had turned out to be correct. One of its suckers had attached itself right onto her clit, so my action made her scream out loud.

I dropped it. Yeah, I know, I could've done it on purpose, but the truth was I was so aroused by the sight of the thing clinging on to her pussy and clit flesh and so surprised by her yell that I dropped it right between her legs. The octopus slapped right back down, its body right over her vagina. I saw more of its tentacles slide between her lips, pressing them apart as it struggled to find a hiding place in the slippery flesh.

"Sorry! Sorry! It's slippery!" I said as she yelled again: "Charlie! Stop it!" I quickly grabbed at it before it could bite her once more, and pulled it away from her. Two of its tentacles retained their grip on her pussy flesh however, and I had to pick each one out of her now wet and squelching slit. I was as gentle as I could with the one on her clit, but she yelled out loud nonetheless when I removed it. Her clit looked raw and angry, the tiny little bud standing stiffly out from under its hood.

I'd thought that was the worst of it, but I was wrong. There was still the tentacle in her ass. I lowered my eyes and saw that there were now two inside, twisting away as the poor creature tried its best to escape my grasp. "Oh! Oh! Get it out, get it out!" May panted as I hesitated.

I grabbed hold of the two offending tentacles and pulled, noting how her asshole pouted before it gave up the two intruding probes."Aaauuuww!" she groaned when I did so, then she fell onto her back on the table while I threw the octopus into the bucket. "Oh! It still hurts! Oh!"

I looked at the split of her groin. Her pussy lips looked even more puffy and red, and there were two blood-filled crescent-shaped indentations on the top of her mound, just milimetres away from the top of her slit. She was bleeding from the octopus' bite, poor girl. She lay there on the table top, making no attempt to cover herself up or even bring her splayed legs together. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, nipples still stiff under the thin shirt she wore.

What else could I do? I squatted in front of her open groin, lowered my mouth to the bite mark and sucked on it, conscious of how close my lips were to her luscious lower ones. Then I turned to spit out the blood and did it again. This time, I did not spit... I just let the tip of my tongue brush against the top of her slit. Her thighs jerked, then fell apart as I did so. I took this to be encouragement, so I began lapping at the top of her slit.

After a few moments, May responded by pushing herself further forward, thrusting her vulva towards my mouth. Her hips were now at the table edge, her legs parallel to it as I continued licking, dropping my tongue further down and touching her clit. She jerked once more, closing her thighs around my head. I heard her draw in a sharp breath and stopped, but she relaxed once more and opened her legs, inviting me to continue.

I guessed that her clit was a bit too sensitive for direct contact, so I focused my attention on the fleshy lips around it, sliding my tongue about the slippery flesh. I think I might have tasted a little pee when I started, but as I went on, all I could taste and smell was the tangy, almost sea water-like musk of her cunt. After a while, I realised that she was sighing and cooing, especially when my tongue approached her clit.

I took the cue and brought my tongue closer and closer to the little nub of flesh, noting the trembling in her thighs as I brushed lightly against it.

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