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The girls get a yen for some 'strange'.


She shrugged again and stretched out, her arms behind her head against the door, gingerly resting her ankles across Jerry's lap. He took a slug of tequila and winked. She was a sight. Big full breasts looking straight up at him through her halter top. A strip of bare tanned midriff, then a full swelling mound of zebra-stripe tights between shapely dancer's thighs.

"What the hell you looking at?" she demanded.


She rubbed her calf across his lap. "You're a sick vulgar pig."

"Enforcing the law is tricky business." He rested a hand on her knee closest to his stomach. "Sometimes you forget the social niceties other people take so much for granted." She took the bottle and drank.

"Don't know what I like about you the best," he murmured. "I think it must be your eyes. Now I'll ask again. Have you got a gun?"

The bottle came away from her mouth with a pop. She shook her head.

"Can't accept that at all. Guess there's just one thing for me to do."

Smiling shyly, she clutched the bottle between her big heavy tits. "Frisk me?"

"There's plenty places a woman can hide a gun." Slapping her knee lightly he slid his hand up the long curving inside of her thigh.

"Really?" Her legs parted as his hand went up between them.

"Oh yeah." Tickling over that mound, he gently squeezed and fondled the nice spongy pad of fur inside.

"I must say," Her legs were spread, one foot on the head of the passenger seat. "I've never been frisked like this before."

"Women got all sorts of tricks. But I'm trickier." Finding the cleft of her vagina he caressed it. "I'm thorough."

"You tickle, just like butterfly kisses."

Jerry chuckled. "Butterfly's looking for a flower."

"Whatever for?" Her lip-sticked mouth puckered into a surprised o.

"Taste the nectar. Poor butterfly gets thirsty. Need to drink that nectar real bad."

Mighty pleased with himself he sat back and took a long pull of tequila, his other hand doing its feathery movements between her legs. She was a princess allright. Her big breasts trembling as a soft panting came from her mouth.

"Fraid I'm goin' to have to remove this garment."

"What ever for, officer?"

"See if anything's concealed."

"What do I do?"

"On your knees, facing away from me," Jerry grinned. "Hands on the side of the car."

Languidly she climbed up and knelt on the seat, pushing her big heavenly behind at him. "Like this?"


"What now?"

"Enjoy the scenery." Running his hands over that big comfortable butt, he chuckled. "Like I am."

"That tickles!"

"Hands on the car, Miss Cantaloupe," he barked.

Hooking his thumbs inside the waistband of her tights he tugged down. They were as tight as they looked. The going was tough. Grunting and cursing he finally wrenched the fabric over her buns. Startled, he looked at the big bare cheeks and broke into laughter.

"Enjoying the scenery, officer?"

"Sure am. Found a real nice valley with a g-string running straight down the middle!"

"I swear I don't know what you're talking about." "My," he said fingering the fluorescent lilac cord. "That's real clever. Goes around your waist, then disappears straight down the hole like a magic trick."

"Stick your hand inside your helmet and you'll find a rabbit."

Jerry laughed again as he pulled the tights down to her knees. He gave a slap across her behind that sent a shiver right through her.

"You fat bastard!"

"Sorry, Candy. Bad cop, good cop routine. Regulatory procedure." He pulled at her tights again. "Who wants rabbit anyway? I'm looking for pussy."

Sighing in exasperation she lifted her feet one at a time as he pulled the garment over her high heels.

"Find anything, pig?"

"Oh yeah. It's going to need further examining. Ain't going to offer no resistance, I hope." Removing his helmet, he dipped his head, and buried his face in her behind.

"Sure, pig. I'm always ready to ass--Oooh!" she squealed as his hand slid between her legs to cup the mound of her crotch and squeeze.

"Hot and humid in Love Gulch!" He grinned up at her.

"Hmm?" Closing her thighs on

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