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He watches her and touches her.

The forty year old Vic felt the kid again as she often did with Jim. Her hands went down to grab his ass and lift. He could feel the slit of her hot cunny along his cock through her panties and his pants as she squeezed down onto him. Both had thoughts of being outrageous and pulling away the obstructions and having Jim sink himself deep into Vic's cunny.

Because of Gene being farthest back in the booth, he was given freedom to release his cock without being obvious. Claudette unzipped and pulled it out. It was a fine instrument, tall and proud, a perfect penis. A little larger than normal, it still paled in comparison to the club of Jim's stretching down the leg of his pants. Jim watched Claudette's lithe fingers pull on Gene's cock. He watched Gene continuing to slide his dampening fingers inside her pussy and around the lips. Their beautiful blue eyes were glazed over and their lovely mouths were panting. With Vic ever so slowly sliding up and down his club with her hot panties covered pussy lips, Jim was feeling the earliest pressure of his balls filling with cum.

Vic too was loving the friction she felt at her nether lips. She had not had enough of that magnificent cock these last few months. Having it there again, there alone, soon to stretch her pussy open and make her scream with pleasure, made her blissfully happy. Whatever was to happen that night, she knew his club would be hers for as long as the night lasted and probably well into the next day. Glancing lustfully through the bar, she finally met the eyes of a likely victim. She unsaddled herself quickly and moved out onto the floor, without looking back at her love. She swayed towards the victim. The impression her love's cock made was manifested by the movement of her luscious ass.

Jim watched her depart, seeing that the game was afoot. He too scanned the room, leaving his new friends to their caresses without his voyeur eyes. Their sighs were background music to his search. He spotted a petite red head who filled out her tight t-shirt and jeans with just the right voluptuousness. Rising from the booth, his cock in proud display stretching the fabric of his slacks, he walked over to her and gently tapped her shoulder. She had a full round cherub face which looked down, seeing the impressive swell straining his pants, before looking up. Her face changed over the few seconds before he spoke. Moving from fear to awe, it eventually revealed an open smile of desire.

"I have a booth over there if you'd care to sit," said Jim.

"Okay," she said. She liked this man. He seemed gentle yet sure. She liked the combination. Jim noticed her drink was nearly all ice.

"What are you drinking?" he asked as he guided her to the table.

"Long Island Ice Tea," said the cute red head as she sat.

"How appropriate," said Jim. She looked at him fetchingly but perplexed. He should have taken it to heart when she didn't get that she was drinking the namesake of where they were, that is, Long Island. Instead, he turned to seduction. "A girl after my own heart." Her eyes twinkled lustily. The intoxicating concoction he ordered at the bar was probably not her second. The girl wanted to get drunk and fuck. He hoped she wasn't getting too drunk. They would have to speed this up so she wasn't.

"She's a cuty" said Vic as she sauntered up next to Jim at the bar. He leaned down and kissed her lips, which were hot. He darted a tongue inside, and she returned the gesture. His club returned to full hardness after a momentary softening. She tugged at his hardness, her fingers rubbing the pant leg. She ordered the double scotch for her victim, who she had sat beside the red head.

Despite having received the drinks they remained at the bar for a few minutes.

"I hope they hit it off," said Jim. "She's not your body type or complexion."

"She is a hot little vixen, darling," said Vic. "Not to worry." They shared a wicked smile.

They kissed again. "He's a stud," said Jim blowing the words seductively into Vic's ear.

The guy in question had dark hair, combed carefully aw

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