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A king goes down - part one.

She held my head in her left hand and pulled me towards her. She rubbed her breasts against my arm and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered, "Helllo sweetie", as she rubbed her crotch against my thigh. "I'm Shelly, pleased to meet you."

I was in much the same state as I was the day before, speechless. Kasey approached from the right and her left hand grabbed my right cheek and her right arm reached across the front of me and pulled Shelly into her, with me in between. They kissed, right in front of my face.

Despite my horniness at this situation, I was overwhelmed by the thought of the consequences and said, maybe a little too loudly. "What the fuck is going on? We had an agreement that no one else would know".

Kasey moved her right hand down and stroked my upright prick, ever so gently through the material of the apron and the knickers. "Don't get your knickers in a knot", she laughed at her own pun, "Bring those glasses and that wine to the lounge."

She and Shelly extricated themselves from me and went and sat next to each other on one lounge. I carried the wine to the table, furious about this betrayal of trust, but still doing what I was told. I leant down from the side of the coffee tables to put the wine glasses down, but Shelly said, "Come over here and do that", as he pushed the table further away from them with her foot, "Serve us from this side."

It wasn't until I looked up at her saying that, that I realised what they were wearing and in fact, what Shelly looked like. They were dressed almost identically and almost like Kasey wears to work every day, almost.

The both had white blouses on, but they were made of a very thin cotton and were completely see through. Underneath Shelly had a lacy black, quarter cup bra, which held the weight of her c up breasts and proudly displayed her dark, puckered, stiff nipples. Kasey looked exactly the same, except her bra was purple, but her nipples were equally as hard.

The big difference was their appearance. Kasey is a reasonably tall woman, with strawberry blonde hair, big breasts, long legs and the butt and stomach of a mother of two, in other words, magnificent. Shelly was slightly shorter, medium sized breasts, shorter fuller legs and a slightly bigger butt and tummy, with all the curves in the right places. Again, magnificent.

The both wore black, pleated skirts, but the were micro mini. They didn't even pretend to try to hide their black and purple matching stockings and garter straps. I could clearly see that Kasey was wearing purple knickers to match the rest and Shelly wasn't wearing any at all. In fact, now that I came to think of it, the panties that I was wearing would have matched the rest of her outfit.

Still filled with anger and oblivious to how ridiculous I must have looked, I stood between the women and bent over to put the wine glasses down. As soon as I did, Shelly said, "Stay in that position while you do the wine thing"

As usual, I did as I was told and then felt different feminine hands, including manicured nails, fondling each cheek of my butt. It felt great and assuaged my anger for a short time. Shelly said, very matter of factly, considering sexually charged I was and I assumed they were, "Just spread your legs a bit, Panty Boy." I bristled at the fact she knew that much that she was aware of the name Kasey called me yesterday.

At the same time, I'm sure I groaned as my butt was being fondled and I obediently move my feet wide apart, probably a lot wider than I needed to, like a slut. I felt Shelly remove her hand and then I felt the fingers of one of her hands grab hold of the elastic of each leg of my/her panties and the other cup my balls. I felt Shelly manoeuvre the string between my plums, dividing them within their sac.

"There, that looks much neater", Shelly said, sounding pleased as one of her hands snaked its way from my scrotum and along my shaft, outside my panties, "that way, your nice little peenie can stay warm.

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