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Erin sets her sights on Bobby's mom and gets the prize.

Now, for a Blood Elf, Niona wasn't exactly small breasted. To avoid confrontation, she wore a tight fitting leather piece that helped hide her size. However, without it to protect them, her large breasts protruded from her chest noticeably.

All three men's eyes widened in lust and Niona couldn't help but blush underneath their intense stairs. The Tauren made a grab for her tits, but she quickly leened back, narrowing her eyes at him. "I will not be made into a whore, Tauren."

The Tauren leaned forwad and hissed, "You don't have a choice." He shoved her down onto her knees and pushed down his trousers, revealing an already bulging mass beneath makeshift underwear.

Niona widened her eyes at the mass beneath the animal skin and glanced up at the Tauren whos eyes danced with power. "I hope you have a good gag reflex," he chuckled, tugging down the cloth.

Grabbing at the back of her head, he shoved the full length of his cock down her throat. Niona pressed her hands against his hips, attempting to give herself some breathing room.

"Fuh," she tried to curse around his cock. He pumped in and out of her mouth, groaning louder. Out of the corner of her eye she was able to see the Night Elf and human rubbing their already hard cocks before she was once again choking on the Taurens shaft.

As his cock grew thicker in her mouth, Niona realized he was about to cum. She tried to pull away, but the Tauren held her, his balls against her chin, and cummed into her throat. Her stomach filled with the warm liquid and Niona resisted the urge to gag.

Panting, he released her and Niona fell backwards, wiping her mouth with her sleeve. "Fucking disgusting," she spat. The Tauren merely grinned and stepped out of the way for the Night Elf.

Male Night Elves are bigger than humans, but not nearly as large as Taurens. Still, Niona wasn't prepared for the long cock that erupted from the Night Elf's trousers. "Sunwell be damned," she murmured under her breath. The Night Elf picked Niona up by her waist and pinned her against the cave wall. Holding her hands behind her back with one of his hands, he used the other to tug down her tight skirt. Impatient, he shoved his hand into her cunt, rubbing fiercely at her clit and kissing her neck.

Niona resisted the urge to groan for only a moment, before moaning loudly at the immense pleasure coming from her wet vagina.

"The whore loves a good fucking," the Night Elf hissed into her ear in Orcish. He removed his fingers and began to painfully squeeze her tits, moving to insert himself into her.

The Night Elf wasted no time ramming the whole of his cock into her vagina and Niona's moan echoed off the stone walls. "Fuck," she panted, tensing her muscles.

The Night Elf fucked Niona and he fucked her hard. She bounced up the wall, her tits pressing against the cold stone and his hand. She couldn't move much, though, as even her face was pressed into the wall. Still, when she turned her face, she saw the human and Tauren jacking off to her.

"Elune," the Night Elf groaned, picking up his speed. Through their groans, one could easily hear the slapping of his skin on her legs, the wet precum dribbling down Niona's thigh. Niona felt her body wrack with an orgasm and her tensing sent the Night Elf into a frenzy. Finally, he rammed into her one last time, his warm cum filling her up.

"Yes, yes," Niona heard herself crying, her fingers tightening and untightening in his grip.

Finished, the Night Elf pulled out and began to dress, done with her. The human eagerly hurried over, jacking his cock. He was followed less frantically by the Tauren who had hardened his thick shaft again.

"Are you ready for round two?" he laughed. Niona cringed at the sound.

The Tauren pulled her from the wall and, laying her on her hands and knees, rubbed the head of his cock around her asshole.

"Please," Niona whimpered, "no.

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