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Young female takes to swinging like a fish takes to water.

His eyes peered past the slit mini-blinds, looking at the flashing lights and people moving downstairs in the club. As he looked on, he spoke to her.

"You're in the prime of your life right now in those wonderful twenties. You're an amazing girl, you've got great charm and flash. I'll be turning forty-one soon this month. I've got one failed marriage under my belt, I have a son who is close to your age since I became a father in my teens. And, well...

Turning away from the window, he looked back at her while finishing speaking.

"I don't make time that I should for things that matter. This club, this is my life. As pathetic as that may sound, you deserve better than wasting your time with a man like me. For all I know, I'll be managing this fucking place until I'm in my fifties, if I live another nine years. You don't deserve to be stuck with me."

With no answer from her, she couldn't push herself to look at his face. Emily raised her hand under her chin and then a trailing tear ran down from the corner of her right eye. She tried to hold it back, but to no avail. Once she had dreamed that someday love would sweep her up away. She truly had passionate feelings for this man, even still as he stomped all over her heart with his words. Now it appeared that she would be all alone once again, here come the tears.


"Ohhhhhhh, yeah!! He love this fat ass, hahahahaha!!"

Nicki's voice roared over beats as she came to a close on performing her song. Within the room she led Antonio, five guys were seated and a mini-stage was made with a clean floor. An instrumental song played as she gave these five chosen men a private performance. After six minutes, she came to a close teasing them as the song was about to end. She positioned herself on all fours, starring back at the men as managed to grind her hips and force her thick huge fat ass to bounce in the position. Her cheeks pushed, moving almost in a wave as she teased them.

"Fuck yeah!! Look at dat ass, hell fuckin' yes!!!"

A loud mouthed pale white man with long hair and a southern accent cracked up yelling from across the room. He had a silver tray in his hand, lining up a straw to snort another line of coke. Nicki had the men seated in chairs across from her, as this was a show for them. Antonio was in the middle, sitting between two black guys who clapped and cheered. The young man found himself remaining silent, his eyes locked on the show as an erection grew in his pants. Nicki's eyes looked up at Antonio as she began to grind her hips, forcing her thick ass to move in the position on her knees and hands. As her booty rocked, she screamed out the ending lyrics of her song.

"Yeah!! This one is for my bitches with a fat ass in the fucking club! I said, where my fat ass bitches in the club!?"

With all the horny men in the room, they chanted and clapped senselessly. Antonio still stood in silence within his chair. Nicki quickly got up from her knees and then turned around as her heels planted into the floor. She bent over and began to twerk, causing her ass to bounce and grind around within the small tight black shorts she wore. The other four men besides Antonio clapped their hands and cheered like a bunch of football hooligans.


From the moment Emily had broken down into tears, Steven had rushed over and embraced her in his arms. She found herself hugging the man that she would be saying goodbye too. As they stood up and hugged, Steven walked her back to the chair and sat down. He cradled Emily in his arms, she sat on his lap forgetting time as she had her moment of sadness. By now, Steven had truly felt horrible for crushing her feelings like this. Everything was sharp and to the point with not an ounce of subtlety. Thee were no words between them, just silence as the thoughts of loneliness crept in their minds. Emily sat up in his lap, drying her tears with her hands before she unwrapped her arms from around him and moved to stand up.

"Emily, I'm sorry..."

"Don't be

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