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Sister gives him a birthday he'll never forget.

They seemed loud enough that they must have been heard in the next apartment, and I wondered how any college kid ever got any studying done.

I moved my fingers in time to Blondie's humping -- every time she came down on Evan's dick I rubbed a little quicker. This was no time for a gentle teasing orgasm for either Blondie or me. The tremors between my legs gathered for a quick ride to heaven, and I gritted my teeth together so I wouldn't cry out.

Suddenly Evan moaned and pulled Blondie down hard on his dick with his hands on her waist. She buried her face in his shoulder and curled up into a ball. Evan came inside her, straining so hard to bury himself deep in her pussy that she was lifted from the bed.

I was so close to cumming that I couldn't stand it, but I couldn't manage to push myself over the edge. It had all just happened too fast. And now that they weren't frantically kissing and fucking it suddenly seemed too quiet. Their after sex cuddling wasn't making enough noise to cover the sound of my almost-there panting. I leaned back into the hall, swallowed hard and closed my eyes, but I didn't stop masturbating altogether. I tickled my slit lightly to let her down slowly, promising her that this was just a tease on the way to a good cum when I wasn't in a doorway hiding from my brother and his lover.

When I peeked around the corner again they were right where I'd left them -- Blondie curled up in a post-cum ball on top of Evan's dick. They were both still dressed except for the important parts. Her skirt was pushed up high around her thighs, her legs bare except for her clunky shoes. Blondie sat up and closed her eyes. She stretched while Evan rubbed her back through her t-shirt.

"Was that good, baby?" she asked, quite pleased with her quickie.

"Mmmm," Evan purred, still stroking her back lightly, his energy all spent inside his cute little blonde lover.

He was about to drift off to sleep. But then it happened. Blondie's eyes landed on his computer screen, which was silently replaying the video I'd been watching. The schoolgirl in the green plaid skirt was on her back on the desk, her skirt flapping around her bare legs while her naked teacher fucked her bald slit silly.

Blondie sat upright, her temper showing in her posture as well as her eyes.

"Evan! I thought you weren't going to look at this stuff any more!" Her jaw was set in anger and her eyes were on fire with indignation, which must be hard to do when your pussy is dripping sperm onto your lover's dick. He twisted so he could look up over his shoulder to see what she was yelling about. The look in his eyes was more fatal resignation than surprise. The girl in the plaid skirt dropped to her knees in front of her teacher and opened her mouth wide.

"Dammit!" Blondie said, slapping Evan hard on the shoulder. She lifted herself off of him and stood up, furiously reaching beneath her skirt to tug her panties back into place. Evan sat up, his thick dick wilting tiredly in his lap.

"That stuff is just sick," Blondie said. "I don't know why you think plaid skirts and schoolgirls are so hot. I told you I am NOT going to wear one of those, and I told you what would happen to us if you didn't stop looking at that disgusting stuff online."

"C'mon, Kelsey. It doesn't mean anything." His voice was bored and tired, as if this argument had been had before and he didn't want to put any energy into having it again. He tucked his spent manhood back into his shorts and zipped them up. "Schoolgirls are just hot."

"What are you?" she said. "Some kind of pervert? I mean, why are you always looking at some bimbo in a plaid skirt doing it? Don't you think I'm enough for you?"

"C'mon, baby. Of course you are. Why are you always getting so upset? I've told you it doesn't mean anything. What difference does it make to you what you're wearing if It's something I like?"

Kelsey wasn't mollified by his argument, or lack thereof. She folded her arms in a huff and nodded fiercely at the computer screen. "I suppose you want to do that, too."


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