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Monstergirls take over a city. Lady's Tithes' Prequel.

Emmy sat looking pleased and still surprised.

"What?" He asked, lifting his coffee for a sip.

"You," she smiled, "You introduced me by my name - my father's name. Thanks."

"Don't mention it," he nodded.

"What does that word mean that you called me when you introduced us?" she asked.

"Associate? It means that we work together or we're in some kind of venture together. Around here, I'd guess that it means that we're aircrew together," he said.

"Ok," she replied with a bit of an uncertain look, "It sounded like we were doctors or something."


A meadow outside the community of Cascade, Idaho in the mid-morning sunshine.

They walked, the three of them, headed off to Farmer Thorpe's place. His eyes weren't what they'd been for a while and he found that he needed a little help from Amelia to keep the population of rabbits culled every now and again, so it seemed a logical place to start.

"What is there between you?" Rosa mimicked Rebecca's voice as best she could, "I guess that I must be softening up or something."

She scowled as she drew her pistol and checked to see that there were cartridges in all of the cylinder chambers but one, "I would have wrecked everything by telling them to fuck off and mind their business."

She looked around for a moment, "And it's too late to just saddle up and move on now."

She thought about the three of them and smiled over, "Not that I even could anymore.

But I still almost told them."

She sighed, "But I couldn't. I love them - as nosy as they are sometimes."

"They gave us the nod," Amelia said with a smile, looking over so that Rosa could read her lips easily, "They love us too, all of us. I think that they were just concerned and wanted to hear it from us.

Me? I'm really happy today. I got fucked pretty much everyplace last night and I slept really well between two people who love me."

She chuckled, "They didn't even kick me out of the club."

"What club?" Rosa asked.

"The Women of the Family Club," Amelia chuckled, "You better prepare yourself, Rosa. I can tell that they'll pull you in too. I just know that they think of you as family now anyway by the way that they spoke to you the same way that they spoke to us."

What are you taking about?" Craig asked.

Amelia laughed and walked on with a grin across her face that just wouldn't go away. "It's like getting to sit with the elders and being involved in family things. You'd probably fall asleep and I wouldn't blame you a bit.

But you gotta be a girl to join. It's not open to boys. It's for when the women of the family talk about things that only women care about, mostly.

Besides, you're probably not missing much, and anyway, you've got two women to talk the ears right off your head any time you want."

Craig walked on, his eyebrows up about as far as they could go. Amelia saw that he wasn't looking at more than his own feet, so she waved her hand subtly to Rosa, who looked over.

Amelia's fingers were signing to her and Rosa began to grin.

She liked the idea after a minute. Being in a bed naked with three other women seemed like a nice thought to her all of a sudden. She'd always admired Rebecca and Marjorie.

She just hoped that the discussion part didn't go on for long - or she'd be like Craig, sound asleep.


Downtown Pueblo, Colorado.

Even though they took a cab into town, they were back in ninety minutes with clothes for Emmy and she felt a lot better.

"You can keep the seven-fifty for yesterday," she said in the back of the cab on the way back, "I'll need to work a little while for nothing to pay for what you did for me today. I can't remember having clothes this nice."

Quinton wanted to argue, but she told him no; that was how she wanted it. The way that she sat there holding onto the things that he'd bought said that she wasn't exaggerating even a little, so he let it go before she thanked him for the bra.

They cleaned up in the plane and Emmy did m

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