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One last battle with the help of some well known friends.

"Uh oh." he said.

As Kim talked on the phone she flipped a pencil through the fingers of her right hand. She dropped the pencil and bent over as only woman can do, bending straight from the hip. Ike was the shocked recipient of a full moon. The crack of her ass opened up showing him her wrinkled brown anus and her fur lined cunt. Ike was still paralyzed and now he was struck speechless.

Alex took this most embarrassing opportunity to shout out,

"Surprise! Happy birthday Mom!"

Kim turned towards them. She was so startled to see Ike that she dropped the phone. Her face blushed a deep pink. At first, she was too surprised to even attempt to cover up. Her freckled titties and hard nipples pointed straight at Ike. Her dark brown bush blended in well with her all over tan.

Flustered, Kim said a little too loudly, "Wh...wha...what are you doing here?"

Silently, Ike stood and stared at her. Two thoughts ran through his mind, "She's beautiful and she's Naked!" Ike could have spent a life time there and considered it a life well lived.

Surprisingly, Ike's eyes moved off of Kim. His unconscious brain reacted to movement. Ike glanced at the kitchen area where Josh, Kim's son, who upon hearing his mother's raised voice quickly entered the room. He too was naked, his substantial dick swinging to and fro.

"My that's a big one," Ike said to himself.

"Oh, Hi," Josh said calmly when he saw it was Ike. Ike nodded acknowledging him.

"Shit," Alex said as she looked down on her shirt. She had just noticed a big drip of cum on the front of her shirt. She didn't want to have to explain to her mother where it can from so she quickly ripped it off. Her boobs bounced about and her little pink nipples grew pointy. Her skirt was next, the belt clanked as it hit the floor. Since she hadn't worn any under garments, she was naked.

Ike turned in Alex's direction to investigate the noise and saw the 5' 2" nude teen-ager trying to act casual. Alex, like her mother and brother, had a full tan. As always, Ike noticed the tits first: Firm and high on her chest, modest in size, but a nice endowment for her small frame. They were topped off with hard, small pink nipples. She had a tiny waist with an outie belly button. A thin strip of light brown pubic hair rose vertically from her otherwise shaved sex. Her legs were shapely, athletic looking and her cute little feet had toenails painted shocking red.

"Alex! What are you doing taking off your clothes in front of Ike?" her mother screamed.

"What? Like you aren't naked," Alex replied defiantly adding, "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 18 years old."

Ike at first thought her smart-alecky crack could have been made to deflect unwanted attention about the cum stain on her shirt, but then he theorized that the intensity was fueled by their mother-daughter dynamic.

Ike knew there is often a sense of competition between women. It can be about looks, they are always commenting on each other's outfit. Or, it can be about power. Since Alex was the youngest in the family, Ike guessed that she was sensitive about any comments that made her feel she was being treated as a child.

Alex's tone was still a little too strident when she added, "This is a nudist camp. He's going to see me naked."

Ike stood with the birthday present in his hand. His head moving like the head on a bobble head doll. His head bounced and swiveled as he looked both naked women over from head to toe. His eyes scanned Alex's young, tight body and then studied Kim's beautiful mature figure.

Alex took a deep breath and explained, "Mom, Ike is my gift to you. I know you guys hit it off at Kay's party. He is here to spend the week-end with you."

Finally, Ike moved. He walked over to Kim, smiled, kissed her on the cheek and said more calmly than he felt,

"Hello. Happy Birthday. This is for you."

He handed her the little wrapped gift. Kim, still a little flummoxed, took it and said,

"Oh, you didn't have to get me something."

She hugged Ike and said, "It's nice to see you again."

When Kim release Ike she said,

"So my lit

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