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Kinky lady lets her friend watch.

... just keep watching Peter, while I lie on the floor and open myself up just for you ....Oh Peter please look."

Kayla reached her hands behind her and while continuing to gaze at the darkness outside, she lowered herself down on the soft carpet and lay right back with her feet towards the window. She opened her knees and reached her hands down over her soft flat stomach so that her thumbs pressed down the sides of her pussy, effectively holding herself open again.

As she did so, she closed her eyes and looked away as if shy; but the remainder of her body lay purposefully exposed and vulnerable for the enjoyment of her two voyeurs.

Their English friend continued to stare, his moth slightly open in astonishment at the beautiful vision before him. He couldn't believe how erotically she was displaying herself with her pussy held open and her hard nipples standing up from her those beautifully firm young breasts. It took most of his willpower not to jerk himself to orgasm.

For his part, Jake was still finding it difficult to realise that it really was true how his wife had been acting and talking to 'Peter'. She was on open display in front of their new friend, with absolutely nothing hidden. Although he was only touching his cock now without moving his hand up and down it any more, he could feel the beginnings of an orgasm and immediately let go, in order to stop it developing. Just in time he felt the orgasm subside and his cock just stuck out in front of his jeans, twitching slightly.

He was so excited by the situation that he was almost losing control. He found himself responding to Peter's earlier remark and as he turned to face him, he noticed that Peter also was no longer holding his erect cock but was trying to contain it in his pants as he did up the zipper.

"Sorry to interrupt you Peter but I really wanted you to see Kayla like this." He gestured towards his nude wife who was now rubbing her second finger above her clitoris and occasionally slipping it in and out of her vagina.

Regardless of the sexiness of the vision in their bedroom, Jake had to know what Peter had in mind. He sensed it would be even more erotic than the sight they'd been witnessing and he had to find out. He tore himself away from the vision of his wife's beautiful nudity and taking Peter's arm, nudged him back out of Kayla's earshot.

"What's that you were saying just now Peter - I think you mentioned something about a wicked idea?"

"Well yes, I do have a wicked idea but right now mate, I've got to get home and sort this out, or I'll get no sleep!" He looked down at his crotch by way of indication. Then, as an afterthought he said,

"On the other hand, I think I will tell you about it now but you'll have to come over to my place 'cos Kayla might hear us if we talk here.

"What about Kayla though .... I can't just leave her like this. You've seen how hot she's feeling and it wouldn't be fair!"

"No, of course you can't Jake ..... er .... wait a minute, I have an idea. Go into your place and tell Kayla the camera's gone dead and you've got to get a couple more batteries for it from the store .... that you'll be back in ten to fifteen .... and she's to rehearse what she wants to do the meantime. How about that?"

Jake snorted and then laughed nervously,

"I don't reckon she'll think much of it to be honest .... the fucking batteries ran out the last time we did this too. Don't you remember, I told you about it in one of those e-mails. Anyway, I'll try it and come across to yours in a minute."


A few minutes later, Jake arrived at Peter's house and said that although Kayla was more disappointed than mad, she was feeling so hot that she'd readily agreed to finish her posing when Jake got back.

They talked briefly about the events outside Jake's bedroom window.

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