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Peggy goes black in New Orleans.

They were talking, just talking, but she was in love with him. She told me that to my face. At least she was honest."

She swung around to face me and this time there were tears.

"He actually said, he actually said to me, that it was easier to talk to her than to me, that he had more in common with her than with me. He was more COMFORTABLE with her than with me."

She glared at me. At that moment I was just another no-good male.

"Don't you tell me that I was the bad guy. Maybe I fucked Cameron first, but Robert was involved with that bitch and he could lie all day long that he wasn't in love with her, but I knew better. I knew better from the moment he said her name. He deserved everything he got, from me, from Cameron, from Cameron's friends. He deserved every bit of pain that Cameron put on him."

I had never heard that version of the story before. She had obviously never felt the need to enlighten me, even after Mary first left, when we had talked after she rescued me. It did put a vastly different light on it but, whatever the cause, just as with Mary and I, they were history.

"Want me to kill him?"

She stared at me for a moment, then couldn't help grinning.

"Would you...please?"

"At your command."

After a moment she shook her head.

"We are a miserable pair, aren't we, Hugh? Everybody else is able to move on. Why can't we?"

If it was a test, I'd have scored zero, because I didn't know the answer.



It was 2:30 p.m., Thursday, September 17th. I will never forget the day, the hour or the minute that the phone rang. I was in my office so I picked it up and my secretary said, "Hugh...."

Her voice broke and I knew something very bad had happened. She clicked me through and a man's voice came on. It took me a few moments to realize who it was.

"Simon, what is it? What is it?"

It's one of those times that make you believe in telepathy, or premonition. Before I could make out one word clearly, I knew who it was.

"Nicole. What's wrong, Simon? What's wrong with Nicole?"

"It's - she...Hugh, come up here! Please!"

"What is wrong? What happened?"

"We're at NY - NY Presby...byterian. Nicole, she's hurt...hurt real bad. I.." then his voice broke.

A moment later another man's voice came on.

"Mr. Davidson?"

"Yes, who is this? What's happened to Nicole?"

"This is Dr. David Sloane. We're here at New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell. Your daughter has suffered severe injuries in a traffic accident."

"How severe?"

"Really severe. She has fractures and there was substantial damage to the left side of her face, but -"

"There's more?"

"We know she's also sustained some degree of brain damage from the accident - we just don't know how bad. You should really get up here as soon as you can."

He didn't have to add anything else.

"Let me talk to Simon again."


"Just hold it together, Simon. I'm on my way - whatever she needs, money is no object. Let them know that. Tell them, money is no object!"

I was walking quickly toward Gail's office when first Percy and then Bobby intercepted me.

"How bad, Hugh?"

"Bad as bad can be - I've got to get up there."

Bobby peeled off.

"Tell Gail and I'll have her jet fueling on our runway and ready to go by the time you get there."

Percy was with me when Gail stepped out of her office.

"Something's happened to Nicole?"

"She was hurt -- bad -- in an accident. There's...", just for a moment I couldn't get the words out because, somehow, saying it made it more real, but I rallied, "...brain damage, they don't know how bad. The doctor just said to get up there as soon....as soon as..."

"Where is she?"

"New York Presbyterian.."

"Percy, use my corvette. Don't stop for any lights and, if any cops chase you, keep going. I'll call the Sheriff personally and clear the way. I want Hugh in the air in 15 minutes. Hugh, get to New York. I'll get on the phone and see what I can do."

Before I could turn she had her arms around me.

"Let them know, money is no object! Get her the best a

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