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The first time coupling of a man and his stepdaughter.

They fucked like two dogs on a mission, each one wanting to extract the most pleasure out of the other's body. When they finally came, it was almost simultaneous. Stars collided and cymbals crashed as they clung together, their sweating bodies pressed tightly against one another.

At last their passion subsided and they rolled apart. Morgan kissed her gently. She smiled at him. "That was so wonderful," she said, responding to his kisses. "I have never experienced such intense pleasure."

He smiled at her. "Yes," he said with a slight grin, "that really was certainly something else."

They rested for a while gently caressing each other's bodies and then he took her again. This time their love making was more gentle, and longer lasting. Betty experienced several orgasms before Morgan again released his juices into her and they dozed together in each other's arms.

Morgan released himself from the sleeping girl's body. His clothes were crumpled and messed up.

He made his way to the bathroom where he showered and then changed into fresh clothes. He returned to the lounge to find Betty still asleep. He looked down at her naked body. It was a little messed up from their lovemaking, but it was still an incredible sight. He thought about Friday. Yes, he thought as he looked down at her, the viewers were certainly going to get their money's worth.

He decided not to wake her at this moment. She looked so peaceful sleeping, so he went through to the bedroom and found a spare duvet with which he brought back and reluctantly covered her. Then he poured himself a drink. He knew he hadn't spoken to her about the pay TV spot, but that would do in the morning.

He went to bed and slept soundly. He was exhausted. He was awakened in the morning by Betty coming into his room wrapped in the duvet, to find the bathroom. She smiled at him. "Thanks for letting me sleep over," she said. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and he heard the shower running. About fifteen minutes or so later, she came out looking pink and refreshed and wrapped in a large white towel.

She came over and sat on his bed. "I had a lovely night last night," she said. "I want to thank you." She leaned over and kissed him. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards him. She was still damp and warm from the shower.

"I think we both had a lovely night," he said with a smile.

He suddenly had the urge to loosen her towel. She did not object as it fell from her body and she was revealed to him once again in all her naked beauty. He turned back the bedcovers and she accepted his invitation and crept in beside him. Soon they were tightly clasped in each other's arms, their naked bodies pressing together.

He took her again, this time gently like the last time. Their lovemaking was sensuous and satisfying, and afterwards they lay together in each other's arms. "How are you feeling about Friday?" he suddenly asked her.

She turned to him and smiled. "A little nervous, but in a way, I'm looking forward to it, raising all that money for the children."

Morgan nodded. "It looks like being a big event. We have already so many pledges, and that's what I want to talk to you about." She looked at him slightly puzzled. "You know we said we would set the levels high," he said, "so that you might not have to go all the way. Well, the response has been far greater than we expected and it would unrealistic to set them any higher." He stopped and looked at her, pleased when she smiled at last.

"So that means that the viewers are going to see everything?" He nodded. She cuddled up to him. "Well, I suppose it could be worse. At least it's for a good cause."

He knew he was going to have to say something to her about the special pay TV show. He looked at her. "I'm afraid it does get worse, Betty," he said. "Before I start, I want you to know that I personally have nothing to do with what I am going to tell you about."

She pushed him away. "What is it, Morgan, what could be worse than having to strip myself naked on TV?"

He looked at her.

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