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The Captain finds more than one canal in Panama.

My Mother purchased this Mirror from an Antiquities store in Haiti's 30 years ago. Mother claimed this Mirror had magical powers. Rumors were it was cursed or it hung in the den of a voodoo witch priestess a long time ago. It was always a joke in the family that the Mirror offered a whole world in reverse on its other side. Or my brother and I would say, "Mirror Mirror on the wall...Who's the most handsome of them all."

The Mirror was brought in just the other day to "The Oasis." The new addition to the master collection of antiquities at this lavish resort. In the bungalow they called, "The Honeymoon suite."

The resort administrators purchased the Mirror at the estate sale of the Falcon Mansion. Might as well have been a garage sale. My Grandfather surely is rolling over in his grave for it was he who built the Falcon Empire. It is now crumbling and divided up among the greedy as well as the honorable family members. One in particular.

The knock at the door broke the sound of silence. She pulled the sheet around her bare skin while she went to answer it.

"Who is it?" She yelled out while looking through the peephole.

"Room service." Came a deep voice from the hall. She opened the door and a tall man with a suit and tie walked in with confidence. His large frame towered the young woman.

"Darling." The woman said with a sensual tone. "I knew it was you."

"Oh, you did?" The man's voice was deep and sharp. He walked into the room looking around as she shut the door and locked it. Turning towards the man she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him wildly. Tight grasps and hungry lips over took them. Affectionately embracing each other as the sheet falls to the floor.

She tugged at his jacket pulling it off him. Loosening his tie while his tongue twirled with hers. Fingering for each button while undoing his shirt. His face buried into hers with heated kisses.

They side stepped closer to the bed, falling into each other. I got the front row seat of tonight's entertainment, behind closed doors. Frozen here in the beautiful and mesmerizing antique Mirror.

He pulled his pant's down and leaned towards her. Feverishly he pressed into her. She opened to him spreading her legs as he began his humping strides. His lips hungrily ravished her flesh with licks and nips about her shoulders. His large frame pumped at her vigorously with rapid thrusts. Driving deeper and deeper inside her.

Moans and pants created by their heated desires. Tightening fingers and muscles pawed at each other for closeness. Highly excited by passions embrace they drove into each other with yearning desires. The man's breath gasp as he began short pumping drives. His body tightened as she felt the warmness inside her. Slowing their stride as their bodies began to relax.

He fell to her side on the bed. Breathing hard and panting. She curled up into him with watchful eyes. The large man lay there with his back to me.

"So did you tell her?" The woman asked. The man glanced at his watch.

"My look at the time. I gotta run." The man said while sitting up and begun fixing his tie and straightening his clothes.

"Go? You just got here." She spat angrily. Sitting up she brought her hands up and rested them on her hips. "Tom White! If you're just stringing me along to be one of your bimbos..." The woman scorned.

Tom White. The governor of our great state? I thought I recognized the voice, I just couldn't place it. There before me was Tom White and obviously not his wife.

"No Sheri! Now you know my life is complex with media and ratings. I can't just divorce Lillian, I have to show just cause and I have guys working on it." Tom said while retrieving his jacket.

"I'm warning you Tom. You better get a divorce soon or I'm going to rate your sex drive to the media." She said with a serious tone. Tom whipped around and took her by her facial cheeks with his fingers tightly.

"Don't fuck with me little missy.

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