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Lured into some kinky adultery by wife's college classmates.

Finally Brenda got all the responses back on the email she had sent out to Walt's other 'girlfriends' and then called Walt to put her plan in motion.

"Hi, baby," she practically purred when he answered the phone, "is this a bad time?"

"Not at all, my beloved," Walt replied.

"Good," Brenda said. "I just found out I'm going to be down by you this Friday. Do you think I could swing by your house? I promise to wake you up in a way you will love."

"Yes, oh God yes. Please tell me how you plan on waking me up."

"I'm going to sneak into your bedroom and tie your hands to the bed so you can't get away. Then I'm to slowly lick your neck up to your ear and let the tip of my tongue play in there for a while. If you are wearing any clothes to bed, I'm going to have to cut the shirt off you because your hands will be tied so make sure you either go to bed naked or in old clothes, OK?"

"Oh God, baby, I want that so bad," Walt hoarsely whispered.

"You will have to wait until Friday to find out the rest of it. I wouldn't want to tell you everything and spoil the surprise."

After hanging up, Brenda once again contacted the other women by email telling them her plan was a go. What a surprise Walt was in for and he had no idea. It wasn't going to be what he had in mind, that's for sure!

Friday morning, Brenda woke up early and began to get ready for her last meeting with Walt. It was important that she dress with care and not give away her true reason for being in his house too soon. Walt believed she was coming over to live out a fantasy of his so she dressed the part, putting on nylons with a short skirt because he had often complimented her legs and loved the feel of nylons. For a moment, Brenda faltered, remembering the wonderful times she and Walt had shared over the past year before her anger flared up once more.

"The pig deserves everything he has coming today," Brenda thought viciously as she picked up Walt's favorite sandals to take with her so she could put them on once she was in the house since Walt had a foot/sandal fetish as well.

On the way to Walt's house, Brenda steeled herself against feeling sorry for him. All the wonderful, tender, romantic, special moments she recalled meant nothing to him. Less than nothing because of how many women he had apparently shared the same moments with.

Brenda quietly let herself into Walt's house and changed her shoes into the ones Walt liked best. Walking on the outside edges of the stairs, Brenda made her way to the second floor where Walt was sleeping, probably dreaming of fantasies to be fulfilled. Leaning over the side of the bed, Brenda wrapped one of the bondage straps he had given her to the frame and then tightened the other end to his wrist. Slipping over to the other side of the bed, she did the same thing before pulling back the covers to reveal Walt's body. He had often shared with her his fantasy of being woken up by a woman, having his clothes cut off his body and being forced to please her before she raped him.

"Well, at least part of his fantasy is going to come true today," Brenda thought and then had to cover her mouth to muffle a giggle. Kneeling on the bed, Brenda licked Walt's neck trailing her tongue up to his ear before painfully biting it. His body jumped under her and he woke up screaming in pain.

Picking up one of his belts, Brenda gave him a powerful swat across his butt with it, hissing, "Shut up or the neighbors are going to call the cops. Am I going to have to gag you?"

Walt whined, "Well it hurt. Not exactly how I was expecting you to wake me up."

"Oh, today is going to be full of unexpected surprises for you," Brenda promised him in a menacing voice.

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