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Sebastian's mum and his bully star play on-stage lovers...

I'd hardly started the preparation of the pancakes before they all joined me, the two girls in their pyjamas and Matsui in a gorgeous cream gown with a huge red and gold dragon embroidered over the entire back.

We carried it all back upstairs on the two biggest trays that I owned, eating cross-legged on top of the quilt. Four pancakes each, washed down with a large mug of coffee made a good start to the day.

Genie broke the silent contemplation which had followed our repast. "I want to get fucked by Matsui and I don't know of any way of progressing except by talking about it; Kira told me that it was incredible when it happened to her."

I was still trying to sort out the incredible jumble of thoughts that her comment was running through my mind when Kira broke in to the lengthening silence.

"I looked it up in the library at college, Mum, and there's no law against two related women making out. Genie and I sleep together nearly every time that you're away for the night; the first thing that we talked about when I told her that you'd got a girl friend, was whether or not either of us was going to get to make out with you."

Her addendum didn't help me order my thoughts and the look that Matsui was giving me made me realise that my chin had dropped almost to my chest. I closed my mouth, still trying desperately to make decisions about things which I had never considered before. Incest was supposed to be bad, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a single reason on either a medical or psychological level as to why it was bad. Inbreeding could multiply genetic weaknesses but no such worries seemed to stay the plans and actions of horse, cattle, dog and cat breeders.

Matsui spoke. "If it will help, darling, I'm of the opinion that sex is okay between any two consenting adults. Of course it would be a pleasure beyond reckoning to be included in your lovemaking, Genie, but we must let your mother decide how she feels about things. I love both you and Kira, but it is nothing compared to the feelings that I have for your mum... we have to be fair. We've all known for a long time what it was that rang our bells, but your mum's only had a month to find out about it herself."

Suddenly it was easy; I wasn't going to let our personal circumstances be ruled by a book written a couple of thousand years ago in a place a long way from the one we called home. Kira could tell... she shrieked, "Yippee... let's get her!"

All of them overwhelmed me at the same time; my gown was wrestled from me and I was pushed backwards onto the quilt. As I straightened my legs so that my knees hung over the edge of the bed things started to get a little wild. Matsui was kissing my cheeks and then my lips, her tongue forcing my teeth open and grappling with mine once it was in my mouth. One of her hands gripped my lower jaw whilst the other first smoothed my right breast and then tweaked my nipple. I couldn't identify the owner of the hand which caressed my other breast as I was being kissed with such intensity that I almost lost control and orgasmed immediately. My legs were gently but firmly spread and I felt the warmth of someone's breath on my pussy; the bed moved as somebody got off it and I heard Genie say something incomprehensible to her sister.

"You get her ready...I'm going to get my new toy."

Matsui stopped her kiss; her eyes wide with excitement and her voice slightly quavering as she entreated me, "I'm so turned on... will you eat my cunt and make me come, my darling?"

I could but nod; it just took a couple of seconds for her to slip out of her kimono, dropping it behind her onto the bed.

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