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Our pair ended up secretly watching others.

"No, I think this is exactly how I want to be when I confront him. You will supply me with a copy of the video?"

I took the SD card from the video camera and she followed me to the study, where I made a copy for her on USB. "The DVD in the player is yours."

She stood on tip-toe to kiss me. "Such a gentleman. She's a fool, you know."

"I have my faults."

"Don't we all?" I walked her to the door, her DVD and USB in her purse. I put her coat on her, and accepted a very warm and passionate kiss in the doorway. She smiled, brushing her fingers through my hair. "I'll need a few days to get everything in order. I'll call you."

"Looking forward to it, Diane," I called out standing in the doorway, naked.

Margie passed her on the way into the house. "Jack?"

Perfect timing. "Good evening, Margie."

She stood slack-jawed, and then turned and watched the beautiful and elegant Diane get into her BMW. "Who was that?"

"I believe that was the soon to be ex-Mrs. Bill Grindy."

"Oh my God," she gasped. "You didn't..."

I turned to the table, and placed a stack of pictures of naked men in her hand. "I've heeded your warning. We're now even."

"Even?" she squeaked, looking down at my lower body, the fluids of my time with Diane caked within my pubic hair, the evidence of enjoying her anal passage still present on my cock.

"Do you want a divorce, Margie? Is that why you decided to cheat on me? I can't think of any other reason to have sex with another man, and to flaunt it as you did."

"I...I got carried away. You must know that. I never intended it to go that far. It's your fault you know..."

"No, I don't know. If you had a problem with me, I believe a discussion might have been in order. Not full-fledged adultery. I'll ask you one more time. Do you want a divorce? I'll help you carry your bags to your car, if you do. Perhaps your lover will take you in, since it's likely he'll soon be single."

I saw the tears in her eyes. "No, Jack. I don't want a divorce. That wasn't what this was all about."

"Are you certain? I've spoken with my lawyer. He believes the video evidence of your affair is quite damaging. Adultery, and mental cruelty, are both quite satisfactory reasons to divorce. At least satisfactory for me."

"You spoke with a lawyer?"

"The first thing I did after calling Diane," I explained.


"Mrs. Grindy."

Margie blushed. "You know I'll lose my job over this," she said softly.

"I doubt that. I'm sure there are other mid-level managers who would love the availability of a resident slut. You may even get a raise. As a matter of fact, once word gets around, I'm quite certain, you'll produce a significant number of 'raises'."

She walked past me, sitting on the couch. "Could I have a drink, Jack?"

I prepared my second Long-Island Iced Tea of the afternoon, and handed it to her. "Can we talk, please?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Do you even want to? Apparently you had no interest in 'talking' before you decided on delivering your warning to me."

"Please, Jack?"

I sat down, and she turned away.

"Does my nudity bother you, Margie. I wouldn't think that would be a problem. We are still married, and it's not like mine's the first naked body you've seen today."

"He wasn't naked, and it's not your nudity, it's the evidence of your time with Bill's wife."

"I'd prefer you don't refer to your lover by his first name in front of me. I'm not very happy with him at the moment."

She nodded.

I retreated, cleaned up the evidence on my dick, and came back out wearing a robe. "Satisfactory?"

"I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean for it to go that far. It was the only time I've been unfaithful. I got carried away, and I'm ashamed and sorry."

That's what I needed to hear. I put my arm around her shoulders. "Thank you for the apology. That means a lot to me. It doesn't erase the image of you with him, but it helps."

"I was hurt, to find out you were looking at pictures of naked women. You weren't paying attention to me. I was very angry. I never thought..."

"I know.

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