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The truth behind the accident--but will Angel tell Cullen?

Her whole body lifted off the bed and jerked almost uncontrollably as the orgasm exploded like before. On and on it went as she screamed in her ecstasy. Her convulsions of pure sexual pleasure were out of control.

Mike quickly pulled out and lifted Angie back onto the bed and rolled her onto her tummy. He then lifted her hips high until her bottom was up in the air, spread her legs as far apart as they would go, then pulled her arms out until her head was on the bed. He then entered her again in classic doggie fashion and the penetration was very different for Angie as he pushed as far into her stretched pussy as he could. Off he went again until Angie suddenly felt that now familiar feeling again. Her third full orgasm erupted with almost as much force as the previous two. Mike hung onto her hips as her banged into her dripping wet pussy until her orgasm started to subside.

Mike then lay on his back on the bed and asked Angie to ride him which she so dutifully did. Angie had seen porn films but this was the first time she'd tried the positions and her fourth orgasm burst inside her in no time. She was then ordered to ride him facing away from him and orgasm number five ripped through her after a few strokes. Mike then lifted her off and stood up with his erection pointing skywards as stiff as ever and picked her up under her shoulders and lowered her onto his erection.

Once she was completely impaled her slowly walked round the room just holding her lightly in the middle of her back. Angie had never felt anything like this before with the depth of penetration and a little sixth orgasm made her shudder again as the walking movement touched areas no man had reached before.

Mike then started to lift her up and down on his weapon as Angie's orgasm continued, and she could now feel the tension in Mike as she realised he was about to come himself. He got even harder as his orgasm built and Angie hung onto him for dear life as he shuddered and jerked them screamed "God I'm coming."

Angie had never felt Gary's semen when he came but she definitely felt the hot stream as Mike's eruption burst from him deep into her womb. It was only at that moment of pure delight for them both, as Mike shuddered almost uncontrollably with his sperm flooding her pussy, that Angie realised that she was not on the pill nowadays. Gary had had a vasectomy and they did not need protection. It was too late to worry about that now as her orgasm drained away and Mike's jerking slowly subsided.

Still impaled on his weapon Angie reached up and kissed Mike. Mike stood there kissing Angie, holding her tightly as his erection died and slowly slipped out of her pussy, allowing a stream of fluid to run out of the gaping vagina.

As he lowered Angie onto her feet, Angie staggered as all her strength was gone and she went onto the bed and lay down. Her pussy lips were still gaping from the enormous stretching that it had received and Mike's sperm was still dribbling out onto the bed. Desperately trying to keep awake she noticed that the whole wonderful session had only taken 20 minutes so she closed her eyes.

Mike woke her after a few minutes and suggested a shower together. As the warm water flowed over them Mike gently washed every inch of Angie's naked body concentrating on her red and dripping vagina. Angie loved the feel of his fingers even though she was totally spent sexually. She washed his flaccid dick for him and it was still bigger than Gary's even in that state. They finished off and dried each other off, before working out how best to get back to work without being spotted.

Once dressed Angie left first after making sure there was no one around that might see her.

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