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Dimitri's eyes scanned over the computer screen.

He's starting to creep me out, and Gracie isn't that unaffected either.

Grace was the first to see the old man in the shadows near the front door.

She put down her luggage and she raced towards him. "Grandfather!"

The old man stepped from the shadows into the light, and Gabriel got his first look at Yukio Nakimura. He was a very powerful looking man, with an air of immense wisdom. His long white hair was secured with a long black ribbon, but some tendrils had escaped to frame a face that exuded great strength and intelligence. His eyes were so brown that they were almost black, and they seemed to have the ability to draw a person in completely, to captivate and mesmerize.

He watched as Grace and her grandfather embraced. Now I know where Gracie got her eyes.

They parted and they both went down the front stairs into the garden. Grace looked back and forth between her grandfather and Gabriel as she made the introductions.

"Grandfather, this is Gabriel Knight. Gabriel, this is my grandfather, Yukio Nakimura."

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Nakimura. You have a very lovely house here, " Gabriel said as he shook the older man's hand. Yukio's eyes twinkled with a hint of amusement.

"Thank you very much. I hope that you'll find your time here pleasant, Mr. Knight."

Yukio looked over Gabriel's shoulder at Takeo, who was watching the three of them with an unreadable expression. Yukio cleared his throat and Takeo shook his head and blinked as if waking up from a deep sleep.

"Takeo? Would you please bring their bags in while I'm showing them around the house?"

Takeo bent over to pick up the bags after muttering, "Sure. No problem, Father."

The old man led his guests into the house, leaving Takeo behind in the garden.

The large entry hall was filled with many family photos, old portraits, and mirrors. The library was filled with many volumes of the classics in Latin, English, and Japanese. They continued to tour the many rooms of the house, seeing the art studio, the game room, and the dojo. They made it as far as the kitchen before Grace decided she couldn't take any more of the suspense. She brought them all to a halt.

"Grandfather, what's the deal? I'm sorry to disrespect you, but could we please talk about what's going on instead of touring the house like nothing's wrong?"

Yukio sighed deeply. "You're right. I don't know why I keep stalling when it I know it will only delay the inevitable. Let me show you both to your rooms, and we'll talk about it all you want over dinner."

Without another word, Yukio led Grace and Gabriel up the stairs towards a set of sliding doors. The old man slid them open to reveal a very lovely room with a large canopied bed. Grace's bags were already placed on the bed.

"It's beautiful, Grandfather," Grace said.

"It's your old room, my dear."

Yukio glanced at Gabriel, who was taking in the surroundings, especially the bed.

"Gabriel, your room is there." Yukio pointed to a door that led to a connecting room.

Gabriel grinned and glanced at Grace, who was watching both men with amusement.

"Dinner will be ready in a little while, so you two can rest and unpack. And don't worry, all of your questions will be answered to the best of my ability. I'll let you know when it's ready." With that, Yukio left the room. As soon as the door closed, Grace let out a sigh.

"Gabriel, do you think I was too hard on him?"

Gabriel cleared the bed of the luggage and sat her down.

"No. You wanted to know exactly what the emergency was. We found it out from Takeo already, but there's nothing wrong with a second voice in the matter."

Grace shook her head. "I guess, but I'm starting to have a weird feeling about this whole thing. Is that all there is to it, this big secret? Maybe it's so big to them because they think that I haven't been exposed to this sort of "Defender of Light" thing. Maybe they think I'd faint or go into hysterics at the revelation."

He cleared

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