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Lady & her son attend the bloodstock centre.

After they were finished, Leif asked sweetly-

"What do you wanna do today?"

And Lynne piped up quickly that she wanted souvenir shopping.

He lovingly swatted her ass.

"Okay sweetness. Go on and get your shower while I clean up the kitchen," he offered.

Lynne hopped out of his lap, opened the sliding glass door and ran toward the bathroom with a carefree giddiness that made him smile.

As soon as she was out of sight, her phone rang, with an unrecognizable number.

He picked it up in one fell swoop. First fucking ring. He prayed she didn't hear!

But he didn't say hello yet, because he did not want Lynne to hear him talking on her phone and wonder who it was. He was hoping whoever it was would think it was a bad connection and identify themselves before he bothered to answer,"

And sure enough-

"Hello...hello..." said Gladys.

Bitch! He knew she was Lynne's mother but that woman was such a Bitch. Sure she had not been behind all of the meanness her father displayed but he didn't stand up for her daughter at all. She put her false religion first. And he didn't know what the hell she wanted, but whatever she wanted could wait until they were back in New York and off of their lovely honeymoon.

Leif looked around to be sure that Lynne was in the shower.

"Lynne asked me to tell you not to call again until our two week honeymoon is over, she doesn't want to be bothered right now," said Leif harshly.

And he hung up the phone. He didn't even want to give the old bag a chance for a rebuttal. It was time, now, finally, for his baby to find some peace.

He breathed a sigh of relief hoping that an answer, with a harsh directive not to call again, from Lynne's big, strong husband would be the end of the shit for a while.

Today, when they went souvenir shopping, he'd tell Lynne that a creep had gotten ahold of her number, get her number changed and give her a brand new phone.

And she'd be glad. And for once she'd be able to live her life without fear, obligation, or guilt.

He was doing the right thing for his baby right now. Protecting her and helping to maintain her happiness on her honeymoon with her new husband.

No one had ever cared about Lynne's happiness before and protecting her feelings.

He didn't want his baby to have any hurt whatsoever.

Loved Lynne so much that he adored watching her sleep. If he could, he'd count each hair on her lovely head to make sure that none of them were out of place and she had what she needed.

He cleaned up the kitchen and joined her in the bathroom.

"I think you have a creeper on your phone lovely. I picked up the phone, and all he did was breathe on the receiver. And then I hung up," lied Leif.

"Eww. Gross. A perve. I wonder how they got my number. I've tried to be careful about my number," said Lynne.

"Who knows, it might be a fan from the night club. I'll take care of it," said Leif.

"Alright. I trust you to take care of it for me. There have been a few creeps on and off who would come to my performances. But I want my favorite creep to join me in the shower," said Lynne.

"You mean your biggest fan! You're the creep. You're the one who watched me from the dumpster, after you were too shy to return my calls," said Leif.

Lynne guffawed with laughter until she snorted.

He hoped that ignoring those damn calls would make it that easy to maintain Lynne's happiness and security. He didn't want them bothering her ever anymore, but especially on her honeymoon with him!

This time, instead of him doing the fucking, Lynne seemed to want to have her turn at him, in the shower.


Lynne was so excited to be getting gifts for her friends and her new family. The family she found in Leif. Even though it seemed that she'd lost her family she'd gained so much with him.

She wrote a huge list of friends and family whom she wanted to bring back souvenirs.

"Shit Lynney, I'm gonna need to buy you a whole new suitcase just for all that shit.

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