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A woman and her young lover are punished.

"I don't mean just some backstreet whore who gives you her affection until your money or your nylons run out. Or a local village girl you've raped. No, wait, I'm forgetting, it's the Ivans who do that, isn't it, not Uncle Sam's clean-cut boys."

I had never been with a whore in my life, or with any other woman since three weeks before I left the States. When it had been clear I was soon to be shipped out I got a wedding license and Katie and I married immediately. I'd had just a week with my darling before we were separated again. Although I'd fooled around in college, we'd both been virgins until our wedding night. When the other guys in my company had gone out looking for the cheap pleasures on offer from European girls reduced by the war to selling themselves in order to eat, I had stayed in camp, with my letters from my beloved wife and my bible. I'd heard guys in the john too, releasing their stress with their own hands, and I'd resisted that as well. Rainer continued his monologue.

"No, I mean when was the last time you were with someone you really cared about, and who cares about you? We're both soldiers now, we know how it is. You spend every moment of every day wondering if it's your last day on earth; wondering if you will ever again be with the one you love, feel their lips on yours, their soft caress on your skin, the pleasure as you and they..."

"For the last time, shut up!" I hadn't meant it to emerge as a scream, but I was dog tired, and this German kid, with his delicate body, his pretty face, his soft voice and tantalizing words, was really getting to me.

Ignoring my outburst, in little more than a whisper, he said, "I know how it feels Sergeant, I feel the frustration, the isolation, too. And I can help you with it. I want to offer you a deal."

I didn't understand what on earth he meant. Even if I'd wanted any woman other than my Katie, there was nothing for miles around expect bombed out farmsteads, trees, and lots of grey uniformed bastards who would kill me in an instant. Wearily, I said, "What the hell are you talking about, what goddamn deal?"

The cigarette tip glowed red for a long time, as he took a deep pull on it. Then, still in that half-heard, seductive voice, he said, "If you set me free, I will help you get back to your lines. And I will let you fuck me."

I leapt from the bed in a fury. "You goddamn fruit! Do I look like some kind of queer to you? I'm a married man, you little faggot. Shut up right now or I'll knock your fucking teeth down your throat." I stood shaking with rage, panting with the animation of my outburst.

Rainer was unmoved by my show of anger. Taking another drag on his smoke, he said, "You can't tell me you're not just a little bit interested, Sergeant. I know I'm attractive, to both sexes. I've seen the way you've been looking at me. I've seen that look from lots of men. And I've satisfied many of them, men tired of this war, tired of being scared all the time, just looking for a little affection, a little release from the constant tension they feel. Yes, I'm a faggot, as you put it, I have been for years. But fucking me wouldn't make you one, you're just a normal man with a healthy sexual appetite needing to be satisfied. Nobody need ever know, and, believe me, you really would feel better for it."

I strode over to him, grabbed him by his shirt collar, and hauled his face to within inches of mine. "Now you listen to me, and you listen good, you fucking fairy. You shut up right now, otherwise I swear to God I will shoot you, and to hell with the chance of anyone hearing."

I threw him back to the ground. Rainer just crossed his arms, leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. "Okay then, we wait for nightfall. Then we go, and at least one of us, probably both, gets killed."

I stomped back to the bed.

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