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The first kiss.

In fact, we had been talking for less than three minutes when she placed a hand on my arm.

- "Do you have a room?" she said.

I was instantly hard. I had never met a woman so forward, so honest about what she wanted. And Sarkiki wanted it.

The moment we were inside my room, she was all over me, trying to wedge her tongue down my throat. Her clothes seemed to vanish, and she was tugging at mine before I even realized that she was naked.

She was quite thin, with tiny breasts, but the line of her back and her full buttocks were lovely to look at. Her stomach was flat, and she had trimmed her bush into the shape of a heart.

Sarkiki pushed me back onto my bed, and began licking and slurping at my cock. She tried to get my full length into her mouth - or down her throat. I thought that she was going to choke, but she kept trying.

Then she climbed atop me, and straddled my hips. She placed the tip of my erection between her nether lips, and then sank down upon it. Sarkiki then proceeded to fuck me - something I had never experienced, to this point.

I had drunk several cups of my own beer - I knew that I would not be spilling my seed right away. I let Sarkiki ride me for a while, and then suddenly flipped her onto her back, and began slamming into her from above, hard and fast.

When I tired of that, I lay behind her on the bed, and slid into her, more quietly, more methodically. Sarkiki wanted more than that, tough. She soon had me fucking her from behind, with increasing vigour, until I sprayed my load inside her.

- "Mmm." she said. "Let's do that again."

Sarkiki fucked me twice more before she let me sleep.

I awoke to the most incredible sensation. Sarkiki was under the blanket, licking and sucking on my member. She brought me to full erection, and then mounted me, facing away. This girl truly enjoyed sex. She couldn't seem to get enough of it.

- "Why didn't I meet you sooner?" I asked her.

Sarkiki's face fell. "I was ... I was mourning my brother." she said. "He died just before you - ...." She stopped, suddenly.

- "How did he die? Was he ill? Or was it an accident?"

Her brother's passing was still too fresh, it seemed. Sarkiki would speak no more of him. She cheered up a little when I asked if I could see her again.

- "Of course, silly." she said. "I'm not done with you."


Adrie sent me to deliver a clay jug of his spirits. I wouldn't have drunk the stuff, myself, but some of the mountain people weren't so picky. He gave me directions, which were a trifle confusing. Finally, Adrie grew frustrated, and simply had Elpida lead me there.

- "Why didn't he just send you to deliver it?" I asked her. "Seems like a waste, for both of us to go, when one person could easily -"

- "The jug is only an excuse." she said.

- "Pardon?"

- "You have another admirer." said Elpida. "Should I wait for you, or can you find your own way back?"

Another admirer? I felt a swelling in my trousers, in anticipation. When I had been forced to flee my home, I never imagined that I would find a place where so many women were lining up to sample my wares, so to speak.

- "You go ahead." I told Elpida.

Nothrotita was waiting for me. She took the jug from my hands, and placed it on a rickety wooden table. Then she took me straight to her bed - without a word - and invited me to strip off her clothes.

Nothrotita was the impish one, with blonde hair so pale, it was almost white. She was petite, almost nymph-like, with a shapely body and lovely little breasts. Her bush was blonde, and quite sparse, affording me a spectacular view of her cleft. She lay back, naked, offering me complete access.

Normally, I would have explored her with lips and tongue, but I got the impression that she might not have bathed for some time.

Her bed, for one thing, was far from clean, and gave off a musty, skunky odour. I didn't particularly want my face anywhere near the bottom half of her bed.

Nothrotita did not protest at all when I skipped the appetizers and proceeded directly to the main co

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