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An arranged meeting between two "Friends" goes too far.

She was certainly in for a big night.

"I have to ask you two for a bit of a favour." They just nodded. "Take a friend of ours in the cab back to the pub and we'll see you there."

"Sure. No problems." One of them said. "Is this her?"

I turned to where he was looking and nodded. Julie was full of life and smiled as she approached the two lads.

"Are you two going to escort me back to the hotel?" She said as she patted one of them on the shoulder. "I've always wanted to be an escort lady." She laughed.

At that time a cab pulled into the drive and the five of us walked out into the cool night air.

"By the way I'm Marcus and this is my wife Sharon and this is Julie." I said to them.

"I'm Tim and.." said one "..and I'm Matt." Finished the other.

"Ok Guys I'll see you back at the pub. We'll meet you in the bar."

The doors of the cab shut and with Julie in the back sandwiched between the two lads it left the club.

"They had a fair blue inside." Sharon began. "She was going on about wanting kids and here he was being groped by those two young things from the 21st. She was really getting up him."

"He sounds like a dickhead."

"Here's our cab." She said as it came into the drive.

We climbed into the back seat of the cab and told the driver, a bloke in his 40's, to take us back to the pub. Sharon was sitting behind the driver and she hiked her skirt up so that her pussy was clearly visible. She smiled at me as she turned, at an angle, towards me and ran her right hand down to her slit.

There was general chatter on the taxi's radio and Sharon then popped her right boob out of her dress. I decided to tease the driver and I took her left leg and pulled it up onto my lap. her pussy was wet and glistening in the street lights as we approached the centre of town. The two way radio in the cab came alive with the voice of another driver.

"Code pink from 1102, repeat code pink from 1102."

"Go ahead Fred."

"I have a Code Pink in the back of my cab."

"And what is the nature of the Code Pink 1102?."

"A middle aged caucasian lady being willingly fondled by two young caucasian males." I nudged Sharon and she opened her stoned eyes and I put my finger to my mouth to keep her quiet.

Our cab driver laughed. "You get all the good luck fred."

"That's our friend." Sharon said to the driver.

"She is one horny lady." He said.

"Turn around and you'll see another one." I love my wife. She moved over and pulled her other boob out of her dress. Her dress was pulled up enough to reveal just a little bit of her bush.

The driver checked the road and then looked around as Sharon slid her hands up her thighs towards her honey pot.

"Jesus. H. Christ." He said.

He picked up the Two way and called in. "Come in 1102."

"1102 receiving."

"I have a code pink here as well." He said. "They know your Code Pink apparently."

"We are just arriving at the hotel."

"ETA five minutes. Over."

"The lady wants to meet in the bar."

I nodded.

"That's OK." He said as he accelerated towards the hotel.

"You can both join us if you like." Sharon said. As I said, I love my wife.

He looked like somebody had asked him if he wanted a free fuck. Which is exactly what he had been asked.

"We have an invitation 1102." He said into the 2-way.

"Looks like there will be a shortage of cabs tonight."

Sharon undid her seatbelt and threw herself over me.

I pulled up the back of her dress so that the driver could have a good look at her arse. He wasn't at all shy because he reached around and rubbed her arse as he drove into the main shopping strip.

We fondled each other as we drove down the street and as we pulled into the car park of the hotel the cab driver turned to us.

"I won't charge you for the ride."

"I won't charge you either." Sharon said as quick as a wink.

We piled out of the cab and saw the other cab parked near the entrance.

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