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I begin my new job as a maid for Ms. Miller.

My cunt was dripping wet, I now wanted to put myself on display completely to this horny teenager whoso huge cock standing at 90 degrees to his waist showed the state of his excitement.

Looking at him eye in eye, my shivering fingers fiddled with the hooks of my lacy bra. I saw him freeze for a moment. I proceeded in unhooking the front fastener, and pulled my tits from its prison. As they sprang out, my perk nipples stood out proudly in all its glory. The breeze blowing over my tits gave me a slight goose flesh, firming up further my ample size breast.

George had turned red and his cock got so hard that it was nearly touching his slight tummy. A thin line of pre-cum was forming at the tip at the mushroom shape cock head. Still facing him, with a hand, I wiped my tits slowly, lifted them one by one, and making sure that I was giving him a good show. After my upper body, I peeled off my panties slowly, I kept the conversation going to ensure that his view be on me. As the first strands of my pubis started to appear, he simply could not carry on speaking normally. He was mumbled for a while, his large black eyes nearly popping out of its lobe. He was mesmerized and I was proud of myself.

I knew I was acting as a slut and yet I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I sat on low rock, spread my legs open completely, and moved the towel on my vagina, moving labia and wiping each of my protruding lips softly. I felt pity for him knowing that his balls would be aching as he had been in a state of erection for than 45 minutes. I put on my blouse and skirt in a rush and smiled at him.

I was putting my shoes on when he excused himself saying that he would be back as he had to check on some traps he had left on his previous trip. I waited for him for a while, meanwhile I asked myself if did not make a move... was I getting too old and turning unattractive or what?

It was now ten minutes that he had gone, I decided to follow the same track he took and to my surprising from a big rock from where he could not at all see me, he was masturbating. I saw him from his side; his hands were going to and fro on his massive cock. This was too much for me, I lifted my panty less skirt and stuck my forefinger in my still damp pussy, by the time he started spurting his thick drops of cum, I had 3 fingers deep inside my pussy

I watched intently till the drop of cum oozed out of his still erect cock. I had come as well and so intense too that my legs were trembling, my orgasm must have lasted at 15 solid seconds. I waited for a few more seconds to relax, I then rushed to our picnic place and waited for him to come back. As he came, he was still naked but his penis had turned flaccid again. He put his shorts again and carried walking again. I still wanted to carry on teasing him so I had left 3 out the 5 buttons of my blouses open.

Soon there was a big bulge re-appearing in his loose short, I felt happy being watched and felt very desirable despite my age. I started asking personal questions about him like if he had a girlfriend, etc. I told about our time when despite having gir1fliends we could really fuck around, it was only hugging and kissing and at times fondling each other. He has a gir1friend but he never had sex with her before, looking away from me, he confessed you know " Maam, you know...am still a virgin"

I smile at looked at him and said "will you please stop calling Man, call me Sheila"

I told myself, after all these years wasted (sexually) I should try this lad. Just know whats its like to fuck a different cock. Especially nobody would ever hear about this escapade and it would safe sex as we were both clean and he was a virgin... We reached the beach and asked George where I could buy myself some swimming wear (for now I had a coach).

He took me to a tourist shop and I followed him in.

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