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I started to get under the covers when I heard my sister say.

"Oh no you don't, those underwear have to come off too. I want you to be just like Jim, maybe that will make me feel more comfortable."

"This must be some sort of dream I was having. I still had to be asleep on the couch. This day was just too perfect. I had got a huge promotion along with a big fat raise. Now, the girl that I had sought after the most, when I was a teenager was actually wanting me to sleep nude in the same bed with her."

I pulled her close to me. Her chest smashing against mine. I could smell the sweet smell of fresh washed hair mixed with the perfumed she wore.

She held me back, tightly. She let one arm fall down to her side and I felt it move between my legs. I felt a soft hand start to finger and massage my limp cock.

"Wha, what are you doing," I shockingly said.

"Hold still, hold on, I got to get you stiff."

Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Just when I thought that the day could not possibly get any better, this was happening.

Naturally, within seconds, my member responded to her touch. It's sprang up with a stiffness I had never felt before and the end of it stuck up past my belly button. She maneuvered her way on top of me and pointed my stiffened rod at her female entrance.

The animal in both of us took over. I would ram my pelvis forward in her and she would ram hers back at me. Over and over again. She would kiss me hard on the mouth but not like a sister kisses a brother but, like some sex starved animal, and I did the same to her. All the years of pent up sexual frustration we were both letting out. I just could not take it any longer. I let loose with the biggest surge that has ever come across my body. The orgasm was the most intense I have ever had. I thought I would pass out.

As I lay back from her, panting, she turned her back to me and rammed her ass right up against my crotch. I naturally reached around her and grabbed her by the breasts. She would ram her ass back and when she was retracting, tighten up her cunt muscles and squeeze my limp prick. It responded to her vaginal massage within seconds. When I started to ram back at her she let out a yell.

" OH GAWD, OH MY FUCKING GAWD! Jim, Jim was never this good!"

This kept up for about 10 minutes of me massaging and squeezing her breasts and me ramming into her. She would match my rhythm and cunt suck every single move. Until I could take it no longer. I let loose with another mighty surge that made me pass right out.

We both awoke an hour later and started in again. We chose a different position this time, reverse cowgirl. This really brought out the animal in her. She would bounce up and down on my cock rapidly. Scream dirty words.

"FUCK Me. FUCK Me Jerry. FUCK Me GOOD," she would yell out.

I fucked her, came inside her. We both fell asleep. Later we would wake up and do it all over again. Five times, in all, that night.

In the morning we woke up in the spooning position. Her body was so soft and warm. I did not want to let go of her, ever.

"This girl is just wonderful," I thought to myself.

"OOOOHHHHH Pam, Jim was a God damned fool, for ever letting you go."

She reached back and pushed me away causing my dong, all stiffened with morning wood, to plop out of her, making a popping sound.

She said, jumping out of bed, "We both got things to do. We both have jobs to get to."

I agreed with her. I put on my pants, my socks, my shoes, my shirt. I left the bedroom and started to walk out the door. I was stopped by the sound of her voice.

"Don't you want to stay here and eat? It's no trouble, I'll fix you something," she said.

"She wants a man around. She feels uneasy," I said to myself.

Pam fixed breakfast. We both ate in a hurry. We walked out of the house. We got in our separate cars. We both drove to our separate jobs.

After work, I went straight to my beat up old mobile home. When I got there I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. About an hour before the 6 o'clock news come on I through a TV dinner in the microwave.

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