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Seere's called to help a girl lying near death.

Was I scared? Hell yeah and for very good reason! To add to the mix Lucy chose that time to walk into the coffeehouse. I closed my eyes and didn't see her slide into the booth right behind Abraham.

"You're right to be shaking in your boots Jack. By the way I missed you in London."

"That was you?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah and just so you know the bounty on Her head has doubled so I don't care where you are hiding Her I will find Her and end Her!"

"Abraham if I knew where she was I think I'd have already collected the bounty," I told him with a mix of truth and deceit, my eyes were still closed so technically I didn't know where she was exactly.

"You just might," he admitted sensing that I was telling part of the truth at least. "However Jack, there is an ugly rumor you sealed her away for a century to keep her safe care to comment on that?"

"I bind a lot of demons Abraham," I said with a shrug. "Future clients you know."

"Remember what I said... no dealing in my town Jack."

I nodded, smiled and let out a long low sigh when he turned and left. That was too fucking close to call. I looked at the next shade and she was smiling.

"That's the most excitement I've seen in twenty years Jack." She said.

"Shut up bitch... name?" I cursed and finished the tally of souls.

Lucy waited until I was finished before she slid in next to me.

"Jack," she asked with a look that bordered on wonder and astonishment.


"You saved my life? Why would you do that knowing the risks?" Lucy asked.

"I have my reasons," I told her. "Besides that bounty runs out in twelve years."

"I owe you a debt Jack and I pay my debts," Lucy said with a very serious tone in her lovely voice.

"I'll think of something now we need to collect Moira and get the fuck out of Dodge."

"I concur."

Then she walked into the coffeehouse and all the mental bells went off. She was a creature of pure sensuality and her sexual hunger bordered on the preternatural.

"No Jack!" Lucy whispered harshly in my ear.

But I was locked on and I would harvest this little morsel before we skipped town. At first glance one would think that she was a he for in appearance she bordered on the androgynous. Her hair was cut very short and she had not tits to speak of. But beneath the oil skin duster she wore was a curvaceous ass to die for! Then there were her long athletic legs that screamed dancer or acrobat. Oh I wanted her bad if not for anything but for the simple taking of her life. Moira showed up and set my food and drink in front of me and it took her snapping her fingers in front of my face to get my attention.

"Are you insane Jack," Moira asked. "There is a Magus Detective around."

"I know but look at her she is perfect," I was practically drooling now.

"She could be bait Jack," Lucy advised.

"No I am sure she's at least eighteen."

"He's not thinking straight," Moira hissed.

"What's the earliest you can leave without drawing too much attention," Lucy asked Moira.

"Ten but we are slammed I should stay until midnight."

"Alright meet us at your place after you get off and we leave then." Lucy said.

"Okay and try to keep him on a leash," Moira said shaking her head.

"Hehe... get off... a leash... MMMMMMMMMMMMM," I was moaning now.

"Damn it Jack!" Lucy cursed.

It is rare but it happens to Old Death Dealers like me that we become so attuned to souls that we can become entranced by one of exceeding quality just a thief might fall for a rare jewel. I barely managed to put away my tableau, pen and ink... barely. I watched her and wondered how to approach her, what to say and I drew a complete blank. What the hell was wrong with me? Maybe Lucy and Moira were right maybe I should leave this one alone? Nahhhh!

The Shuffle.

I sat and watched her trying to get an insight into her personality so I wouldn't make a complete ass out of myself.

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