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Man meets couple and friends for intense group sex.

My robe falls open to reveal my naked alabaster body. Jason always tells me that I am in fantastic shape and I must confess to being quite pleased that my breasts, which are neither large or small, are still quite firm with little sagging and my pea-sized nipples always seem to be aroused. As soon as Jason arrives my pussy feels to purr. He comes for a kiss and holds me firmly to his body. My breasts are pressed into his chest. Four hands reach round and each grasps a buttock. Then one of his hands reaches round to massage a nipple then slips down and a finger gently strokes my smooth shaved pubes. I reach round with one hand to stroke his meat. He is quite long but small in circumference. This morning he is already hard. I gently push him away and pass him his box of cleaning things.

I make my breakfast, open the post, watch the news on the TV and generally potter about as Jason dusts polishes and vacuums. Each time our paths cross there is touching! These little couplings are only short but long enough to keep my breasts tingling and my pussy aching for more attention. Jason's cock seems to be permanently erect and he is really eager today. I'm the one who has to end each clinch. After a couple of hours he makes us both a coffee. It is now inspection time. I check everywhere he has cleaned and tell him of my disappointment at his work today. This does not happen every week but he knows he will get a spanking today. I learned all about corporal punishment in my teaching days at a co-educational sixth form college.

I sit on my spanking chair. He drapes himself over my legs with his 'kilt' round his waist. His erect penis is flat to his belly and rubbing against thighs. I tell him to stop this self-stimulation and give him a smart slap on his right cheek but smile to myself at his youthful excitement. His bottom is lovely and firm and I stroke it for a while before continuing with his punishment. Instead of spanking each cheek alternately, today I just concentrate on his right cheek. It is quite red and a contrast to his lovely suntanned left cheek. My hand is beginning to hurt now so I decide to paddle him. As I often do, today I take some photographs of him with some being close-ups of his bottom and erect penis. I have a great photograph of his bottom when I once gave him four cuts of the cane after a hand-spanking and a paddling. Today I make him bend over with his legs open and take my paddle to him. Between each swat, still just on his right buttock, I gently play with his cock and stroke his buttocks; one cool and one hot. He starts to sob and I decide he has had enough punishment so I tell him he can stand up and rub his bottom. I slip his 'kilt' off; I had already taken off my robe. I sit down and he stands in front of me then I stroke his cock quickly and he is soon spurting huge jets of spunk over my breasts.

He wipes the excess cream from his cock with his hands then kneels in front of me and massages my breasts with his cream that had spurted there a few seconds earlier. He licked my breasts and flicked my nipples with his tongue and fingers. It felt heavenly and my nipples shot electric pulses to my pussy. His tongue trailed down to my nether lips; his tongue penetrated into me vagina then his fingers were delving deep into my innermost recesses. Two fingers curled to my G-spot and his tongue lapped upwards to my clitoris. It was swollen and throbbing. I had a few tremors then an enormous climax wracked my whole body. This was enough for me.

I showered and when I returned Jason was lying on my bed gently stroking his long slim firm erection.

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