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" And once again, my throat was getting very dry.

"Laurie asked if we were coming with her. I started to walk towards the house when I heard George say, very calmly, that we would wait outside for her - he wanted to see her in the sunlight. Her face got real red, but she turned and went inside."

Laurie looked up, her whisper carrying across the room. "It was the first time, you know, that I was... you know... a little submissive. It was soooo hot, David."

David looked at me, his face almost unreadable. "Roll me another one, bro. You guys are just unbelievable!"

I talked as I rolled. "We smoked a cigarette, then the front door opened and Laurie walked out onto the porch. From twenty feet away, I could see her shaking. George guided me around to the right side while telling Laurie to move to the left side of the porch front. As she moved to just the right place, the sun, starting to set behind her, made the top nearly transparent - her tits completely outlined, hard nipples clearly visible. I was just about to lose my mind. George said he thought she looked much better that way and told her to come down off the stoop."

I turned to Laurie. "Why don't you show David the difference, baby. Wear it the right way."

My suddenly shy wife looked up, said "Steven, you know it won't look the same... they don't exactly stand straight out like they used to."

David and I laughed. He told her she knows how beautiful we think she is. He said she has the best breasts of any 50-year old he's ever seen...well, alive, anyway. With very little persuasion, Laurie climbed off the bed and went into her dressing area. I heard her turn on the light and a minute later, she stood at a 45-degree angle in the doorway, backlit by the lamp she had switched on. The effect was perfect... two hard cocks pointed at her nipples pushing through the soft cotton top. She stood there, letting us gawk.

"Laurie walked into the small yard," I continued the tale, "looking naked to the group gathering on the porch to the east of us. As she got closer, George said the shorts looked better, too, with nothing but skin showing through the cutouts. He pulled her close and they kissed - out on the lawn. Man, it was so crazy... I mean, we really didn't know these other people... but they knew we were married."

Laurie walked back to the bed and leaned back against the oversized pillow. David reached a hand over to her and pulled her top up a little, and then slid his other hand under the waistband of her shorts.

"George draped his arm around her, his long fingers playing with a hard, pointed nipple. He asked what the dinner plans were. I said we were going to order in a pizza. He moved his hand to Laurie's butt, squeezing a cheek as he hugged her. 'Come on,' he said to her, 'we'll go get it.' He grabbed her hand and walked her to his car. They were gone about thirty minutes. I was waiting in the living room when they came in. They rushed right by me, through the kitchen (George dropped the pizza boxes on the table) and into our bedroom."

Laurie started to unbutton David's shirt, and she continued to undress him as she spoke slowly. "The pizza place was really cold - air conditioning up full blast. We sat at a table up front."

David was tugging his pants and boxers off. Laurie kneeled on the bed and slowly, very slowly, pulled her top up and off. Her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them.

"Every body that came in or out passed right by us."

Her breath was fast and shallow.

"George kept talking about my chest...how everyone was looking at me. I couldn't wait to get home so he could fuck me soooo hard." David's erection was pointing upwards as my wife shed her shorts and straddled his hips.

Laurie took his hardness and rubbed it across her wet, slippery slit. Leaning forward on one hand, she reached down with the other and guided his cock up and into her steaming pussy. "Fuck me, baby>... fuck me hard."

With little encouragement needed, my brother started humping his hard, hot prick into my wife's glorious cunt.

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