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Space travel can be dangerous alone.

"You know that I'm willing to help you with anything you need."

The way he said it sounded like a cheesy pick-up line, but he didn't mean it like that. Did he? His voice sounded strange. His body pushed closer to hers.

"Josh..." she started, but didn't know what to say.

"You know, I've noticed how you seem to pay more attention to me lately," he said.

"I don't know what you mean," she said, worrying that she might have been noticed looking at his crotch.

"You are a very attractive woman, you know."

"Josh, really. I'm much too old for you."

"You are not too old. Plus you look even younger. You are very pretty. And sexy. Any man would be excited..."

"Josh!" she said as she suddenly noticed that his arm had somehow circled her waist, He was facing her now, their lips close. How had that happened?

"It's okay," he said as his lips touched hers.

She didn't kiss back. He kissed her, but she wasn't about to encourage such behavior from this young kid. A friend of her daughter's. The son of her friend. Then she wondered how her hands had gotten themselves wrapped around his neck. What was her tongue doing in his mouth? When had her hips started pushing into his? And his erection - she could feel it. What was going on?

Her hand brushed down over his chest. She thought how well developed his chest was. She had never noticed how rock hard he was. Oh, rock hard. Not just his chest. His erection moved on her stomach. She almost quit noticing his hands squeezing her breasts - What? When did that start? What was happening to her? Her brain had nearly stopped functioning. Her head was spinning.

She was grinding herself against his erection, her main focus. His chest, his tight butt, these felt good. But his erection. She liked him reaching into her bra to pull her breast out, pinching the nipple, but his erection. She noticed when he began sucking on her nipple, but she noticed mostly because his hip pulled away from her. She missed feeling his dick. She reached her hand down to touch it. Press it. Squeeze it. They were both moaning. She knew it was happening but it felt like she was watching someone else. She was a spectator. It wasn't really her. But it sure felt good.

As her blouse came off she was opening up his pants. Oh, shit! As she dropped his pants his erection sprang free. It was a tree trunk. She had been right, never had she seen one this big. Not that she had seen that many, but she did have her share of experience. Except for her husband, all of them before her marriage.

He stepped out of his pants as her blouse hit the floor. They headed toward her bedroom, losing her bra along the way. Their mouths were constantly on skin - breast, chest, shoulder, neck, even lips, but always something. Hands all over their bodies, hers mostly on the wagging shaft sticking out so far in front of this young man's body.

When they reached her bedroom they stopped fooling around and promptly shed any clothes that were left. Heather climbed onto the bed and pulled Josh with her. She would like to feel his cock some more, explore that thing that seemed almost unreal, but there was a more urgent need.

"Fuck me!" she demanded. She had to feel that cock inside her. It had been so long since she had made love it didn't matter what size his cock was. But the fact that it was so big just added to the excitement, though at the same time she wondered if she was so dried up and unused that it might not fit. Kelli's comment about the sluts who couldn't walk flashed through her mind, but it somehow sent a little pulse of excitement through her body.

She pulled him down on top of her as she fell backwards onto the bed.

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