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You meet your online lover for the first time.

e is more the ready and horny like me! Good-bye! I will Cya in an hour baby!"

I set up some candles to give the evening an alluring atmosphere. I then take a shower looking at the clock constantly. Oh fuck why does the hour seem to go slower than molasses when you're anticipating some hot fucking? I put on my lavender nightie and dab my favorite perfume in the right places. I sit on the bed a wringing my hands and wondering if I am doing the right thing.

I tell myself, "Go for it baby, too late to turn back now and you, my dear, need a fucking!"

A knock at the door startles me. I quickly light the candle in the bedroom and dim the lights in the living room. As I walk toward the front door, I hear the sounds of my hot wet pussy! Egads!

I swallow hard then peek to see who is at the door. I slowly open it and utter, "Come in Magic!"

My mind is screaming, "Oh-my-god he is gorgeous, better looking then his picture!"

I close the door and lock it then kiss you softly and say, "Hello."

You pull me into his arms and we kiss as your fingers find my hard nipples and caress them. You utter, "You're trembling honey, you are horny?"

I return your kiss, run my hand down the small of his back, and feel his hot breath on my neck. I feel his cock against me and whisper, "Looks like I am not the only one horny."

We kiss and caress for a while then I lead you to the bedroom. The candlelight adds just the right touch to our fantasy. I pull you close and say, "Let's get comfortable and have some fun."

I remove my gown and your fingers go to my hardened nipples making me quiver more. As you pull your shirt off, I say, "You cannot have fun with these pants on." Then I unzip them and shove them and your shorts to your knees. I wrap my lips around your cock. I stop sucking long enough to tell you that your cock tastes so good and mumble, "Oooooh yummy!"

You run your fingers through my hair and thrust your cock deeper into my mouth and shout, "Oh, suck my cock! I want to feel your lips all the way down to the base of my shaft. Ooooh fuck, that's it, play with my balls too!"

I suck you deep and hard and fondle your heavy cum filled balls. I stop long enough to say, Ooooh I love sucking your cock."

You fuck my mouth and tremble saying, "Oh yes, suck me harder! Ok enough for now. You said in your email that you wanted to straddle me and ride me. But first I want to play with your cunt and tits and make you cum! I lay back and your fingers find my wanting pussy and you yell, "Oh baby you are drenched!"

As you rub my clit, you lean down, suck my nipple into your mouth, and bite it. You suck and bite them as your fingers worked their magic on my cunt. Soon all of your fingers are in my cunt and I am cuming continuously.

I grab your arm and yell, "Oh fuck, are you ready? I told you I was going to drown you when I cum! "

You keep on fucking as my sweet nectar covers your hand and the bed. You then ask, "Are you ready to ride my cock like you said in your last email?"

I kiss you and say, "Time to ride baby!"

You put on a condom and lay flat on the bed. I straddle you and guide your cock into me. I slam my pussy down on you hard, repeatedly. You take my breast in your hands and suck and bite my nipples as you fuck me.

As my arousal heightens your pace increases. My cunt milks your cock hard and I lean back so your cock goes as deep as it can.

I lean back and utter, "Yes," and started cumming again.

You say, "Oh god, ride me, yesssss!"

We ride long and hard for what seems like an hour. All the sudden you stop and say, "Suck your juices off my cock!"

I suck you with the condom still on. You touch my head and said, "Stop, or I will cum to soon! I want to fuck your cunt some more, lay back."

I lay back and spread my legs. You guide your cock into me once more and fuck me like a wild animal in heat! Your reach down and rub my clit hard and start talking dirty.

Saying, "Do you like the way I fuck your hot cunt? I like to ram it hard into your hole.

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