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"Yep." I said. "They got the computer, too." My laptop's bag was lying empty on the desk.

"Oh shit." Melina said. "Well, I'm glad you insisted on bringing your mother along. If she'd been here when they came..."

"Yes," Phyllis said, "it would not have been good for me. What about your computer, son?"

I grinned. "They took the fake computer, the one that has the tracking device." I went into the bathroom and took the top off the toilet's water container. Inside was my computer, wrapped up in waterproof plastic.

"They didn't search hard." Melina said. "We'd have found that in ten seconds flat." She did not need to elaborate on who 'we' was.

"They're amateurs." I said. "They saw the computer on the table and just took it and beat feet out of here."

Unwrapping the laptop, I took the time to download all the data I'd acquired into it and transmit that data via my cellphone hot spot to the TCPD's most classified servers, again under my personal seal and encrypted. I also filled three jump drives with identical data, well, nearly identical data...

As I worked, I asked my mom very quietly "Mom, did Dad have a safe deposit box?"

"Yes, he did." my mother said. "And I cleaned it out and brought the contents with me when I moved to your Town. I later put everything in a safe deposit box in the Federal Credit Union." I knew of that Credit Union; Laura had an account there, also.

"Did Dad have anything like computer drives or discs in there?" I asked.

"I don't know, son." Mom said. "I'll have to check. I didn't really look at what was in all the envelopes. I just put it all in a box and left."

"I'd appreciate it if we can check when we get home." I said. "Okay, that's done, and I'm filthy. Time to take a shower."

"I'll take one with you." Melina offered, which I immediately accepted. We took a hot shower... together. We soaped each other up, making extra efforts around each other's genitals, Melina washing my cock and balls while I hand-scrubbed her breasts, ass and pussy, noting that her pubic bush was just a thin strip "runway". We made out as we frolicked, tongues twining as our hands roamed each other... but no fucking, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, my mother had packed everything. We were not staying around any longer. "Melina, drive my mom home." I said. "As in her Town & County home, not here in Apple Grove."

"I can ride with you, son." Phyllis said, knowing what I was about to say, and trying to stop it.

"No, Mom." I said. "I've got to stay up here just a little bit longer."

"Not alone." Melina said. "It's too dangerous to stay, even for me."

"Don't worry." I said. "All that military S.E.E.R. training I had to go through will finally come in handy.

We left. I saw no police cars watching the hotel nor anywhere along the road as we drove down the highway. I followed Melina's car until we were well out of the Apple Grove area. I then pulled off onto the side of the road and watched as a few cars went by. We were not being followed.

I took a road that led west, taking a long time to circle back up to the west of Apple Grove and its county. In one small town, I found a place to park where I was well hidden from the road, and I made a call from my Police cellphone, asking the recipient for some assistance the next morning. I then turned all my cellphones off and put them in a box that would block any signals to or from them.

Having done that, I drove the car to an even better hiding place, and watched. Sure enough, a half hour later I saw a car come by, and stop right next to where I'd been before. I gasped in shock when I saw who the two men in the car were.

Fortunately I had a regular digital camera with me, not one contained in a traceable cellphone. I used the long-range lens to take snapshots of them. Having not found me, they got into their car and left. For another hour I watched, but saw no sign of them nor anyone else. I settled in for a few hours sleep...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"We have his computer.

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