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A father/son sex story.

Some Frolicon or something, whatever it is, is it supposed to be some big deal. Patience always speaks of it in hushed and awed tones.

I got a key to her place the last time I was in town and let myself in. She wasn't in yet and I packed away my things in her old armoire, got a shower and changed. I made myself at home in her rather large kitchen and started on some dinner. I was half way through making classic paella when I heard the door close and a sigh escape the lips of my little chocolate. From the other room I heard, "Oh Riley" and was set upon by my chocolate honey. She kissed me and tasted of mint. I watched as Patience filled the room with her warmth and love, putting away things and arranging her space just so. She went about and set the table, lit candles and put out bread and herb infused olive oil. She pulled out a bottle of her favorite merlot and opened it. Giggling, she came to me with a glass as I was plating our dinner.

Stealing some sugar as she handing me the glass Patience picked up the plates and set them on her modest little table and turned off the lights. The sun was setting and the orange glow filled the room as the candles danced around us. Just before we sat down to eat, Patience bounced up and out of the kitchen. I heard Miles Davis and John Coltrane classic, "So What" wafting into the kitchen as Patience bounced back in. I got up and wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deep as I swayed her toward the table and sat her down.

She was smiling her sweetest when she lifted her glass to toast the weekend and us and unconventional love. I returned the toast and settled into that paella with zeal. We talked about everything and nothing over that meal. Not making plans past the weekend. I never met a more understanding woman than Patience. She never asked for more of me than I was able or willing to give and she understood that my work would take me out of town for weeks at a time and that was ok with her too. She just wanted to enjoy being with me and I could feel that she really meant it. I love her so much because she lets me be me and is so happy with just that. I often shake my head smiling at the simplicity of that.

This time we would actually make it to the bed room. Well in a normal sized place it would be a bedroom. It was more like a closet really. Just big enough for a full sized bed and had a smaller closet on the side. Patience had the place decorated like a Turkish den, full of a riot of rich, dark, color and pattern, mostly gold, browns, reds and bright blues. The walls of this dark little womb were a rich chocolate which made the space seem even smaller than it was and the ten foot ceiling was brought to a manageable 7 feet by a dark canopy of cloth that let in just enough light from above to make it possible to see into the bathroom and not hurt yourself.

Patience and I went into her tiny little bathroom and showered the day's grime from our bodies. Soap and suds adorned that round, brown form and I kissed every clean inch of her body. She returned the attention and affection with zeal. I felt chubby little hands wrap around my cock just before her full mouth took me. She took every inch of me in her little mouth and I threw back my head and growled my pleasure at her. But there came a point when I almost lost myself in her mouth when I grabbed that hair and pulled her off me. I didn't want to go in her mouth, not tonight. I kissed her like I was trying to crawl inside and to feel her return the kiss in this way made me rush to get her onto her bed.

While still damp we collapsed on the bed and I lay Patience on her back.

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